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The Adjustment Bureau
The Adjustment Bureau

The zero conditional

Date: Apr 06 2011

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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We all like to think we have some control over what happens to us. But sometimes people come into our life or events take place that feel like they were just meant to be.

The new movie The Adjustment Bureau plays with ideas of fate and free will. In the film, a mysterious group of men controls the world’s destiny. But one man, played by Matt Damon, upsets their plans when he decides he wants a different future from the one they’ve planned for him.

Find out what Amy and Ella think about fate, love, and The Adjustment Bureau.


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Amy:  I saw a really interesting movie this weekend.

Ella:  Oh really. What was it?

Amy:  It’s called Adjustment Bureau, and there’s this group of men who basically determine everybody’s fate.

Ella:  OK.

Amy:  And so, it just sort of raises some interesting questions about like, is there such a thing as fate? Do we actually have any control over what happens to us?

Ella:  That seems like a lot of interesting topics they bring up, because sometimes you just feel so out of control with everything going on in your life, and you wonder if you have the free will to change or make a change.

Amy:  Do you believe in fate? Like, do you feel like anything has ever happened to you that was just meant to be?

Ella:  I don’t know if I believe in fate, but there’s definitely like situations…like, for example, I’m dating someone, and everything just seems kind of crazy right now, but I just have this feeling that it’s kind of like meant to be. But then it’s like, with the free will I can change that situation at any point.

Amy:  That’s true. It does seem like that’s something that people feel a lot with love, like, “I was meant to be with this person.” But then, if you end up breaking up, you immediately change your tune.


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Amy recently saw The Adjustment Bureau. It made her think about whether or not she believes in fate.

Ella isn’t sure if she believes in fate. She is in a relationship right now that feels like it was meant to be. But she says she could still use her free will at any time to end the relationship.

When people fall in love they often feel like it was meant to be. But as Amy says, they might not feel the same if they break up.

Do you believe in fate? Has anything ever happened to you that seemed like it was meant to be?



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Yes, I believe in fate, I think everybody has writenn their fate, i don't think some things be only coincidence, then  it would be so many coincidences.   


01:57 AM Apr 06 2011 |

jerry bourne


i adore Matt Damon!!!love Jason Bourne!!!

12:54 AM Apr 06 2011 |

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