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Girl Talk - Out of the Blue

Girl Talk - Out of the Blue English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Apr 11 2011

Themes: Music

Grammar: Past Perfect Progressive


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After working on the new Girl Talk album for two years, late one night Gregg Gillis posted it on the Internet and went to bed. When he woke up, his website was broken because too many people wanted to download the album.

His music had become very popular for the unique way it mixes together hundreds of songs. But it was more popular than Gregg realized. It’s amazing it was so popular so quickly because he didn’t even tell anyone the album was coming out. It came out of the blue. When something comes out of the blue, it means you don’t expect it.

We met up with Gregg before a recent Girl Talk concert to talk about how he released his latest album, All Day.

在最近一场 Girl Talk 音乐会前我们见到了格雷格,询问他如何发行最新专辑《All Day》

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Jason:  Alright, welcome to English, baby! I am Jason here with Gregg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk. How are you today?

Gregg:  Good. How are you?

Jason:  I’m good. Your newest album, All Day, kind of came out of the blue. Can you tell us about how you released that album?

Gregg:  Yeah, it was the sort of thing where I had been working on it for two years, but I wanted it to be a surprise to the fans, so I didn’t tell anyone about the release date and I pretty much just waited until I was done and feeling comfortable with the album, and then I just put it out there. We just uploaded it to the Internet without really telling anybody.

Jason:  So you wanted it to be a surprise?

Gregg:  Yeah, I didn’t really tell anyone, and I thought that would generate excitement. No lead-in, no advertising, no pushing it upon anybody. It would just exist, and I thought the fans would be excited by that.

Jason:  That’s pretty much the definition of “out of the blue,” like no warning. Where do you think that phrase comes from?

Gregg:  Does it come from…I don’t know, maybe “out of the blue” could reference the weather or something, like that rain came out of the blue.

Jason:  Yeah, yeah.

Gregg:  I wasn’t expecting it to rain today.

Jason:  Gotcha. When you’re creating your music, the ways that the songs are going to fit together, does that just come to you out of the blue, or is that something that’s like a problem that you think through?

Gregg:  I would say that it’s the opposite of “out of the blue.” Because I would say, for a lot of musicians, I think “out of the blue” would be it being intuitive, something that just comes to you, just an idea that just pops in your head. Whereas, I think when I’m making music, it’s more of a process, more of a scientific sort of thing, something that’s meticulous, and worked over, and all the details are laid out. It doesn’t pop in my head. It slowly is worked up over time.

Jason:  Sweet, man, can I get you to high five and say, “English, baby!”?

Gregg:  English, baby!

Jason:  Sweet!


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Gregg says he wanted his new album to be a surprise. He wanted it to come out of the blue, so he didn’t tell anyone that he planned to release it.

Imagine the sky is clear and blue and then suddenly, it starts raining. That’s what it’s like when something comes out of the blue. You don’t see it coming at all.

For some people, music comes out of the blue. They will be playing an instrument and then suddenly have an idea for a song. They didn’t think about it. It just happened. Gregg is the opposite. When he is making music, he thinks about it carefully and plans every detail. For him, inspiration does not come out of the blue.

Do you like surprises?

See part two of this interview: Sample. Listen to Jason and Ella talk about Girl Talk on our blog. Download Girl Talk’s latest album for free here.



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*butterfly wings*

Saudi Arabia

I am a big fan of happy and pleasant suprises and I guess no body likes unpleasant suprises. Birthday party or even a present from a loving person which comes out of the blue is something that’s really make your day.

01:28 PM Mar 10 2023 |



A wonderful website about learning English, you have posted very brief lessons which are helpful in learning English.

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08:16 AM Dec 23 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

we have some expression eith blue . such as i feel blue. it means that i am upset and unhappy. now very eager to learn another expression with blue. come out of blue.

to be surprised is a kind of favorite for me .hearing the news of marriage of friends , passing different exams,.....

10:02 AM Jun 14 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes surprise is nice espically if someone who is unique for you do it

I couldnt download this because of my location … this was kind of ironic

anyway … I like surprise :)

04:58 PM Sep 19 2014 |



oh yes I do. Even though I don’t like the part when I’m so surprised that I become speechless. And when the suprise is for me and everyone is looking at me, I hate it when the spot light is on me. So, what I really love about suprises is the extreme joy that follows it. They always make my day. 

04:34 PM Apr 13 2013 |




I know Girl talk, i recommend you a dvd about girl talk and remix, a Remix Manifesto…fucking copyrights.

anyway, i like surprises, when things are not planned are better for me… 

06:52 PM Nov 03 2012 |




Aha i like do something in the plan but you know there are not always exit

10:43 AM May 13 2011 |

anahid goddess

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Every day of life is surprises.Sunrise  – meet old friend – spring - blossom …....... if there isnt surprises in life everybody will be depress .I  like it thats way I like art. I think that create a  impress is surprises . :) 

10:09 PM Apr 13 2011 |

1 person likes this



I love suprises. Of course, the pleasant surprises.

11:47 PM Apr 11 2011 |



Viet Nam

Surprises would add more colors, reduct the boredom for life;)

thus, i think sometimes we need some things which come out the blue.

As a tone suddenly pops up in the musician's head and starts for a great song, you could follow the ideas that appear in your head even they seem to be so crazy. Don't consider so much. Just do it and wait 4 the result (or consequence) :))


04:48 PM Apr 11 2011 |

1 person likes this




Surprise. . .

03:14 PM Apr 11 2011 |




I like surprises because they are like releasing lots of joy inside your veins. A surprise could make your day by creating joyful moments to your ordinary life. It is like ecstasy. If just make you to hold your breath, pop up your eyes and generate impulsive reactions. Even when your are the subjective for surprise it really moves you. You feel how others feel about you and pay attention to you and shows how lucky your are with having such invaluable friends. Ya, I like surprises!   

09:47 AM Apr 11 2011 |



Tanzania, United Republic Of

I like suprises because it makes me to be so creatives to handle with some matter!

09:03 AM Apr 11 2011 |




Basically I don't like suprises, lol~

I thought this kind of "mix" requires a lot of talent, the feeling should come out of blue, but this guy made it by working hard.

05:12 AM Apr 11 2011 |

Ali Imran

Ali Imran


You cannot anticipate that the audience will buy what you've made when it comes out of the blue because many of them won't even know about it.

03:36 AM Apr 11 2011 |

Rachel study


You need hundreds hundreds times of trial,success,failure..then get something out of blue….That's mean success needs hard working.

02:35 AM Apr 11 2011 |

1 person likes this



United States

Yes, I do like surprises. It's wonderful especially if it out of blue, something unexpected. surprise would be more exciting if it laid out for you.


KEEP in YOUR MIND that I only like nice surprises.

02:29 AM Apr 11 2011 |




actually i like surprises but the good surprises i mean cause i see there are bad and good surprise , you know when you face bad surprise you shock and the good also you shock but totally different betwen them i like the good one it make me feel the best feelings ever like if someone bring to you something you like it , this make you the happiest one on the earth

finaly thanx to english baby

02:28 AM Apr 11 2011 |

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