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How to Speak like a Native Speaker

How to Speak like a Native Speaker

Date: Apr 10 2011

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


My students dream of speaking fluent English.  They always stop and ask me how they can learn the same kind of English that native English speakers do.  

I've spent years working closely with students and paying attention to what really works and what doesn't.  I think I can finally answer this question.  Some of these ideas you may have heard before.  Maybe some are new.  I hope you think about each tip carefully because they really work.

1.  You need to make English learning fun.  Humans are big dreamers and big quitters.  Think about how many plans and dreams you have had in your life that never happened.  I don't want you to feel bad.  You are not alone.  We are all like this.  I have had hundreds of plans and goals that I never completed.  If learning to speak English is boring then you will quit.  You might be able to keep going for a couple of days or even weeks, but sooner or later you will think of some excuse to quit.  

2.  The question now is how to make it fun?   It's a lot easier to say "make it fun" than to actually make it fun.  I understand that learning can be quite boring.  It's a challenge to make it interesting.  Here is the secret.  Don't study English.  Use English to study something else.  I'm sure you like certain English TV shows or movies.  I have created a way to actually learn from these.  I explain over 1500 slang meanings and funny stuff that you would never learn in school.  All of this stuff is important and useful.  That's the only reason I teach it.  Learning English is not about learning a lot of words, it's about learning the "right" words.  8 year old kids speak English fluently with a very small vocabulary.  They know how to use what they know. Watching movies and TV isn't the same as studying.  You need to have explanations or your level will stay where it is.  Your listening will get a bit better, but then it will plateau.  (I guess you might not even know the word "plateau")  Maybe you can guess it but do you use it?  I will make you use words like this.  If your level "plateaus" it means that it stops getting better.  It just stays the same.  Most people have this problem.  There is a "sticking point" and most English learners never get past it.

3.  Copy your favorite voice.  If you have pronunciation problems, which you probably do, then choose some native speaker and copy them.  You will probably need to listen to about 25 hours of them speaking and then you will be able to speak like them.  It is not quite natural.  It will help if you record yourself speaking and listen to it.  You might be shy to do this in the beginning, but after you get used to it, I am sure it will be no problem.  You can compare your own pronunciation with the pronunciation of the native speaker.  Most people don't do this part and their pronunciation never improves.  They learn some bad habit and it just stays there.  People can understand them but they know the accent is strong.  If you do this last step, I'm sure that people will think you were born in an English speaking country.  It's so amazing and I've seen it with thousands of my own students.  It only takes about 60-90 days to totally change your accent and voice for all English words.  It's really cool actually.

Here is day one of my free spoken English course.  

Here is my program for how to speak English fluently.  There are a lot of free PDF ebooks and other stuff I think you might like.

Thanks for reading this lesson.  I hope to see your comments and "likes".  It keeps me trying hard to help people.Smile 


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Riddle for you

Russian Federation

Thanks a lot) The information is very ueful)

05:43 PM Apr 11 2011 |


Hong Kong

yup, '' Use English to study something else'' i like it

04:50 PM Apr 11 2011 |

David Dantas


Great advices.. thank you.. I really appreciate that…

08:20 PM Apr 10 2011 |

egyptian eyes


thanks so much,i like ur topic tons

07:00 PM Apr 10 2011 |

Vina Novalina


Sometimes i just think that theory is easy than practice, hmm but  if you think you can, you can. And if you think you cant, then maybe you're right! dont say you cant if you haven't at least tried and now i have to move then hehehe btw thanks for this tips.

05:56 PM Apr 10 2011 |

mimi 5


it's very interesting thank u so much for ur advices

05:43 PM Apr 10 2011 |



He Andy!

I thought you got tired of giving us the lessons and you quit,but there you are!:)nice to see you back!

btw.i've heard a lot about Seoul.

04:44 PM Apr 10 2011 |




It was great.  I love Seoul.  I've been there about 5 times.  The food is amazing and there are a lot of nice looking girls all over the south part of the city.  It's a really charming place too.  I like all the cafe's and hilly landscape there.  Really beautiful place.<!-Session data->

10:52 AM Apr 10 2011 |



South Korea

Hey cool.  How was your trip in Korea?  I'm from Seoul.<!-Session data->

10:49 AM Apr 10 2011 |




Hey, thanks guys,

I was in Korea on a trip.  I'm back now. Cool

10:33 AM Apr 10 2011 |



South Korea

Really useful advice Andy.  Your lessons are really the best and most thoughtful.  I missed your advice.  I hope to see more of your lessons againCool<!-Session data->

09:09 AM Apr 10 2011 |

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