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Scream 4
Scream 4

Simple Past Tense

Date: May 11 2011

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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In the 1990s, the Scream series defined the horror flick for a generation. The three original Scream movies were a huge success. Not only were they frightening, they were also funny. They used tongue-in-cheek humor to poke fun of horror movie conventions.

Now Scream 4 has come out. But will it be as successful as the first Scream movies? Find out what Amy and Jason think.


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Amy:  I remember the original Scream. That movie was kind of a big deal. It was one of those horror movies that kind of defined a genre when we were a little bit younger.

Jason:  It still is a big deal to me. Like I watched it in preparation for watching Scream 4.

Amy:  Oh really?

Jason:  And it’s still funny. The tongue-in-cheek humor…It’s both scary and funny, which is a real accomplishment.

Amy:  It is. So what is the new Scream all about? Does it have the same combination fo scariness and humor that the first one did?

Jason:  It tries to, but it doesn’t pull it off quite as well. I’ve heard that they’re rebooting the whole series, that there’s going to be a new trilogy. But I gather that since this one didn’t go over quite as well as they’d hoped that might actually be cancelled. So it remains to be seen.

Amy:  Oh, that’s too bad. I just bought a Ghostface on eBay.

Jason:  Nice.

Amy:  I don’t know what I’ll do with it now.

Jason:  I don’t think it ever goes out of style. The original Scream is a classic, no matter what happens with sequels from now on.

Amy:  Alright, good.


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Amy and Jason are both fans of the original Scream movie. Jason recently rewatched it in order to get ready for Scream 4, which just came out. He loves the original films’ combination of funny and scary elements.

But Jason says the new Scream, Scream 4, isn’t as good as the original trilogy. In fact, the filmmakers had planned on making three new Scream movies, but since the first one has gotten poor reviews, they might change their minds.

What other movies are both scary and funny? What is your favorite horror flick?



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Russian Federation

that is the dumbest quatrology. ever.

01:58 PM May 11 2011 |




when i was younger,i would like to think of others’ idea,listen to other’s stories,and believe it to be a funny thing..but now,even the same movie,i can find lots of things that are different and new,deeply indside the world and reflaction of the real society…

01:03 PM May 11 2011 |




i love horror films … bs i didn't watch scream 4 yet …. i'll watch if after i finish my exams :D 

12:59 PM May 11 2011 |




I watched the Scream trilogy series when I was a little bit younger and I liked it, today I don’t would watch again this kind of movie because I think this kind of humor tiresome and bore.

12:52 PM May 11 2011 |

Awur kual


i like to watch scream movies it’s very interesting

09:05 AM May 11 2011 |



I like to watch scary movie.but i had never watchted scream4 movie.may be if i watchted it and could like by me.

08:51 AM May 11 2011 |



The original Scream is really a classic, it remembers my teenage years, it was so funny. I’ll try to check the new Scream 4 out. :)

03:36 AM May 11 2011 |



Scream 4 is one of  a series of scary and funny movies . The movie use tongue-in-cheek ways to poke fun of the convention horror flick.

But the scream 4 are not pulling off the original trilogy, which is quite a big deal in the scary movie.

I do not like scary movie at all.

01:05 AM May 10 2011 |

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