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Past Progressive Tense

Date: May 18 2011

Themes: Party, Romance, School

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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At this time of year, teenagers all over the US are thinking about one thing—prom.

Prom is a formal dance that marks the end of an era for seniors in high school. Before they graduate and go off to college, they have one last big party to celebrate. The girls wear formal gowns and the guys rent tuxedos and buy corsages for their dates. Large groups of friends often ride together in a limousine, but nobody wants to go to prom without a date!

Just in time for this year’s prom, Disney is releasing a movie about the big night. Find out if Ella and Amy plan to relive their high school experiences by watching Prom.

每年的这个时候,全美的青少年都在想着同一件事 — 班级舞会。


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Amy:  Doesn’t that new Disney movie about prom look fun?

Ella:  It does. Prom seems so long ago, you know, but it might be fun to relive all that experience again. Plus it’s Disney so they’ll make it fantastic.

Amy:  Yeah, it really just puts you back there in high school, you know, all the anxiety and everything that you have around prom, like are you going to get asked out, or are you going to have to go stag to prom or something. I mean, I bet you had a great prom experience, what’s your prom story?

Ella:  It was good. I went with a lot of friends and my high school sweetheart at the time. I remember the funnest part was getting ready. And the big part of prom is like that perfect dress. And I remember when I was searching for that dress, I wanted a dress that I could wear over and over again. And when I look back at it now, I totally can! So I’m still proud of my wardrobe selections.

Amy:  Most girls go with a big, puffy, crazy evening gown that’s just embarrassing.

Ella:  Yeah, that’s not my style.

Amy:  Did you and your friends like rent a limo and have a big party afterward, like a big after-party?

Ella:  No, we didn’t do any of that because we were broke high school students. But it was good for what it was, you know, because you’re 17…Our prom was outdoors, so it was really neat.

Amy:  Under the stars.

Ella:  Yep.

Amy:  So romantic.


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Amy wants to see the new movie Prom. It’s about…what else? Prom.

Ella has happy memories of her prom experience. She went with a big group of friends and her date was her high school sweetheart. Her prom was held outside, under the stars.

Most girls wear fancy formal dresses to their prom. Often they are long dresses that the girls never wear again. But Ella wanted something more practical for her prom. She still loves the dress she wore to prom!

What do teens in your country do to celebrate the end of their high school experience?



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mmmmmmmm in the country where I study, there are schools for boys and schools for girls … soo, there is no girls in my school … and this is really shit :DD

anyway , this is my last year … so, my friends and me decided to make a big party for our teachers and the master of the school to thank them for every thing they have done for us, i think it will be good :))

01:34 PM May 18 2011 |




In my country we use to make a trip during one week. When I finished my high school we gone to France… It was amazing, I loved it :)


12:47 PM May 18 2011 |




Oh! Prom party…In my country is don’t to celebrate the end of high school. But We’re just to celebrate by group friend. So sad I don’t have excitement of experience in life. 



09:42 AM May 18 2011 |

eme soul

eme soul

United Arab Emirates

In my country teens make a big celebrate ,and they were tradition clothes .

09:01 AM May 18 2011 |



The movie seems good,I will try to download it~

08:39 AM May 18 2011 |


Viet Nam

It is no celebrate at the end of teens’ high school in my country. Instead of celebration, all of the teens are anxiety about very importants two examinations. One is for their highschool graduation and second is for their colleged or university. That two important examinations own their mind.

High school pupil work very hard instead of have fun. But when they pass the two examinations, the students relase to fun, do crazy, party….instead of work hard to study.

It is reversed from other country, I think.

But one think that Ella and Amy did not mention at the porm that many girls to lose their viriginity. I don’t think that is the good ideal.

08:16 AM May 18 2011 |




in my countr,there isnt a prom tradition. But some friends go to place that will enjoy. that’s it.  

06:50 AM May 18 2011 |



We have the same tradition of the Prom in Poland but it’s called different. The correct word is “Bal maturalny” or “Studniowka”. The Prom – “Studniowka” is organised a hundred days before the final high school exam. Something like SAT/ACT in US. A big part of it is a dance performed /depending on the size of the party-room/ by all or dedicated/selected group of students and dance performance is called “Polonez”.

Example : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4tUEL3DDRw


06:29 AM May 18 2011 |



Russian Federation

As for my country, teens have a school-leaving party. Usually they organize a concert for their teachers and other students. 

Generally girls wear beautiful and long gowns. Boys wear formal suits. 

Some school-leavers rent a limo and have an afterparty.

06:07 AM May 18 2011 |




Probably just a good sleep, because they have to work really hard for the final tests in high school. lol~

We don’t have prom tradition here.

05:01 AM May 18 2011 |






the best memories ever-school prom) 

03:53 AM May 18 2011 |




in my experience ,when we graduated from high school,we just contacted our best friends together went to ktv celebrate ! that’s it .  i like the American style of celebration.i like prom! especially the dresses they wear.that is awesome !

02:20 AM May 18 2011 |



In my country, the people don’t celebrate the end of high school, but the end of college. It’s a formal party.

01:49 AM May 18 2011 |

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