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In or Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Fashion English Lesson

Date: May 17 2011

Themes: Family, Fashion, Soap Opera

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Since trends can change quickly, you have to pay attention if you want to follow them. Something can be in one day and out the next.

If something is in, it’s cool and popular right now. If it’s out, then it is no longer cool. Sometimes, tight pants are in, but sometimes they are out and looser pants are in. It might be in to play tennis right now, but next year it might be out and softball will be in again.

Some people don’t care if what they are wearing or doing is in or out. Ella is not one of these people. See what trend she is following today.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Marni:  Uh, hi.

Ella:  Welcome. Hello.

Marni:  What’s going on here? Who’s this little guy?

Ella:  Oh, this is my new son. His name is Table. It’s so in to have a kid right now.

Marni:  Wait. You have a son?

Ella:  Yeah. I do. Isn’t he great?

Marni:  Yeah. How do you have a son? When did that happen?

Ella:  Oh, I just adopted him legally through, you know, an agency and now he’s mine.

Marni:  You adopted a child?

Ella:  It’s totally in right now.

Marni:  What do you mean it’s totally in right now?

Ella:  Everyone’s doing it. Angelina, she’s got 4. Sandra Bullock got a cute little kid from the South. Everyone’s doing it so…might as well jump on the bandwagon.

Marni:  You just thought it would be fashionable to adopt a child.

Ella:  Yeah, just a clutch. Unlike your shoes, which are so 2004. Kids, 2011.

Dale:  There’s a kid. I found a kid.

Ella:  Oh, that’s mine. Table! Oh, Table. I think he likes you. Yeah, his name’s Table.

Dale:  We’ll find something for you, Table.

Marni:  So let me ask you this. What are you going to do once it becomes out of fashion to have a child and people worry about overpopulation and they just stop breeding and they stop adopting? What are you going to do then?

Ella:  Well, the agency I went through does have an exchange policy, so I’d probably just get my money back or…

Marni:  What?

Ella:  ...I don’t know, exchange him for a different kid, a smaller one or a bigger one that can take care of itself so as time’s progressing, I could watch it less, as it becomes more out. I figured it out. Don’t worry.

Marni:  What agency did you use? Because these people need to be closed down.

Ella:  A very reputable one that I don’t want to share with you because I don’t want you to be in.


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Marni is surprised to find a kid in the office. Ella says that it’s her kid. His name is Table. She adopted him because it’s in right now to have a kid.

Since Angelina Jolie and other celebrities have adopted children, Ella has decided that it’s in to do so. She likes to wear clothes that are in and be cool, so she needed a kid of her own. She even gave him an unusual name, which also in.

Marni thinks it’s crazy to adopt a kid because it’s in. She asks Ella what she’ll do if kids go out of fashion. She says if kids are ever out, she can exchange hers for one of a different age. Marni thinks this adoption agency sounds terrible, but Ella won’t tell her about it because she doesn’t want her to be in.

What’s in right now where you live? What’s out?



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Palestinian Territory, Occupied

thanks alot

this listen is to teach us how to improve our skills in listening and our accent

04:04 PM May 17 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

but i dont know who this listen will improve my english .so?



03:23 PM May 17 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

thanks for the listen

03:19 PM May 17 2011 |




The way she is speaking here about exchanging the baby and just adopting because it is “in”....it’s just a joke.  This story is just a joke.  And although Sandra adopted a kid and Angelina did 4, I can’t even think of anyone else.  I don’t think it’s in at all.  But again…I understand why everyone would be so upset about this story if it was real, but the actors for englishbaby were making a joke here.  No worries :).

01:36 PM May 17 2011 |




Where I live it’s in to practice some sports near to the beach and everybody is doing it and it’s out to buy a flat people are renting it :)

What about this story…people, this is just a video, nobody do this and Ella is just an actress :)

01:16 PM May 17 2011 |




the baby is cool

12:49 PM May 17 2011 |




If a couple wants to have a child, the best way must be via labour under the marriage . However, there is a medical problem obstacle to pregnancy ( from both side ) , then they can prefer to adoption.

11:34 AM May 17 2011 |


antistaticSuper Member!


You got 5 right and 0 wrong. wooohooooo :))))


11:16 AM May 17 2011 |




What? Seriously? Adopting a child just for “in”? What a bitch!

This summer, I guess long skirt and harem pants are in. Too many styles are out, but things like T-shirt and jeans are always kinda in.

05:15 AM May 17 2011 |



treat kids like some sort of merchandise,its totally not in

05:00 AM May 17 2011 |



Russian Federation

It’s nonsense which I can’t stand. So ridiculous story. The kid isn’t a toy. It’s not right to adopt kids only for fun, because it’s very responsible step. How do you think will this child  feel if she treat to him like a toy?? 

04:52 AM May 17 2011 |


Viet Nam

This movement seems like a fun and i feel bad. All kids deserve to be loved and brought up so carefully Laughing

04:48 AM May 17 2011 |




fashion!crazy!! what is fashion?just for fun without responsibility??

03:59 AM May 17 2011 |




most importantly,take care of him with the bottoom of your heart whether he is adopted or not.

03:56 AM May 17 2011 |




i think to have a child by her own will be bettter,haha

i perfer to give brith to a baby with my future husband  than adopt one

01:44 AM May 17 2011 |

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