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Count and Non-Count Nouns

Date: Jun 03 2011

Themes: Food, Health

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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There are lots of ways to get your day started in the morning. You can take a refreshing shower, eat a healthy breakfast, or even go for a quick run. Or, you could do what many Americans do, and pump your body full of caffeine.

The favorite way for Americans to get their caffeine is by drinking big cups of coffee. But that isn’t the only way to get your daily pick-me-up. Tea, soda, and espresso drinks all help satisfy the caffeine-addict’s craving, too.

But not everybody loves caffeine. Some people don’t like the way it makes them feel, or don’t need it in order to be perky and alert. Mason is addicted to caffeine. Hear him talk about his addiction with Marni, who says caffeine isn’t for her.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  I’m slowin’ down, Marni. Slowin’ down. It’s been a long day.

Marni:  You need a little pick-me-up?

Mason:  Yeah, I think, time for my third cup of coffee.

Marni:  Really? What about just like a shot of espresso instead, that’ll give you more of a perk.

Mason:  Well, technically, a cup of coffee has more caffeine than a shot of espresso.

Marni:  Really? That’s interesting. I guess I wouldn’t really know because I don’t do the caffeine.

Mason:  Really?

Marni:  I know. I’m one of those rare people that just kind of avoids it.

Mason:  How do you live like that?

Marni:  I try to eat really healthy, and I try to get my energy from more natural sources like B vitamins and, you know, lots of leafy greens, that kind of thing.

Mason:  I gotta be honest with you, when I get out of bed in the morning I need that pick-me-up. And it’s also kind of a ritual, like I make my French press, grind the beans. It’s not only the caffeine, but it’s the process that gets me ready for the day.

Marni:  Sure, and I think coffee is a really social drink. But I find when I drink it I just get way too wired and jittery. I just, I don’t like that feeling. It’s not worth it for me.


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Mason is feeling tired and wants a cup of coffee. He has already had coffee earlier today but he needs more so he can stay energized and awake.

Marni suggests that Mason try a shot of espresso, but he prefers to drink coffee. Marni, on the other hand, doesn’t like to have any caffeine at all. She tries to get her energy from other, natural sources because she doesn’t like the way caffeine makes her feel.

Are you addicted to caffeine? What is your favorite drink with caffeine?



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reiny kwan

reiny kwan


I should drink a cup coffee in the morning as my breakfast

05:01 AM Jun 03 2011 |




Ya, maybe China get used to green tea. I’d rather choose tea to begin with the whole day—and actually, after I wake up, I will drink a cup of water,I think that’s quite better;0

04:57 AM Jun 03 2011 |




I do agree with Marni. A better habit makes a better life. Some exercise, sleeping earilier, eating healthily, that all will be good.

04:49 AM Jun 03 2011 |

Nga Nguyen

Nga Nguyen

Viet Nam

Cafeine is my energy for starting my new day. I love …l…O…V…E…it.


04:31 AM Jun 03 2011 |




I Like instant coffee but I like tea better.. 

03:47 AM Jun 03 2011 |




I’m totally with Marni. If you live a healthy life, eat green, sleep early and get up early, your body doesn’t need any caffine and you feel perky.

I would prefer green tea than coffee, it’s not about the caffine, I just like its flavor, more culture thing I guess. I believe too much coffee gives me insomnia, my body just doesn’t like it.

02:59 AM Jun 03 2011 |





01:30 AM Jun 03 2011 |

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