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First Conditional

Date: Jul 15 2011

Themes: News

Grammar: First Conditional


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There are so many different ways to get your news these days. There are more traditional sources like newspapers or the radio. Then there’s the nightly news report on TV, and dozens of cable news networks that tell you what’s happening in the world 24/7. And don’t forget the Internet. From websites to blogs to your friends’ Facebook walls, the web has given us even more ways to stay informed...or not. Find out how Amy and Jason get their news.



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Jason:  Do you follow the news?

Amy:  You know, I don’t follow it very deliberately, but I like to listen to the news on the radio when I’m driving, and so I keep up with it pretty well.

Jason:  That’s good. I think radio news is usually fairly condensed. It’s not like…like my parents watch the 11 o’clock news, you know?

Amy:  I can’t stand that.

Jason:  And there’s always these fluff pieces that are just so annoying.

Amy:  Yeah, I hate the fluff. And I’m not really that interested in local news, and the news that’s on the TV is more often just about what’s happening in your city, and to me that’s not as interesting or important as what’s happening in the country or the world.

Jason:  I mean, in some ways it’s more important, though, right? Because it’s right at your fingertips, you could go interact with it if you wanted to.

Amy:  But more often it’s that’s kind of news that just seems it’s either all about, you know, violent crimes or something, or it’s fluffy stories that seem really insignificant. I want to know what’s happening in politics and that kind of thing.

Jason:  More and more I’ve been getting my news from really just sort of social sources like, you know, if my friends post an article on Facebook, I’ll see it. Otherwise I’m probably not going to go look at that newspaper’s website.

Amy:  Well, especially now that some news websites are trying to get you to pay, like the New York Times, you can only view a certain number of stories for free now.

Jason:  That’s true. And so usually I just view the one or two that my friends posted that day!


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Jason asks Amy if she keeps up with the news. Amy says she isn’t very deliberate about it, but she does keep up with it pretty well by listening to the news on the radio while she’s driving.

Amy prefers to get her news from the radio rather than the TV. She doesn’t like watching the nightly news because she thinks it’s mostly local news and fluffy stories that aren’t very important.

Jason doesn’t like to hear about fluffy stories, either. But he thinks local news is important, because it happens close to you and you might even be able to affect it. Jason usually gets his news from his friends, like when they post news stories on their Facebook accounts.

Where do you get your news? Do you try to keep up with the news? Are you more interested in local, national, or world news?



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i alwayes use the internet to get news because i think its more easier by the way thank u for your nice lesson.._

04:50 PM Jul 15 2011 |


Russian Federation

in general i get my news from my father and internet, sometimes from TV, but i dislike news which broadcast russians channels cause the only thing which they can show us is corruption. 

04:44 PM Jul 15 2011 |

Classy Girl

Saudi Arabia

I get may news from many difrrent ways such as : Blackberry,Facebook,Twitter,News paper,TV,internet .

Iam intreest in the both but more in local.

04:25 PM Jul 15 2011 |

Mehmet Gulsen


I usually get my news from internet. Yes I try to keep up with the news. I am more interested in national and wold news.

04:14 PM Jul 15 2011 |





04:10 PM Jul 15 2011 |





04:10 PM Jul 15 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i listen to the news channel like cnn, press tvCool

02:16 PM Jul 15 2011 |




Yes! I like keeping up the news by several ways! I think it’s very importart to know all of the things that is happening in politics and other matters! but on the other hand i realize that not all real and importart informations are publized! what i want to say is till where we can trust it?Undecided

11:55 AM Jul 15 2011 |

sabz ali khan


this is what i keep up myself with the english knowledge with ebaby.s

11:42 AM Jul 15 2011 |



I get my news from the radio. No, I never try to keep up with the news. I’m more interested in world news, but not in politics.


11:36 AM Jul 15 2011 |




I get my news by watching the news daily and I always follow the more significant news which relates to my country but If there are a big deal 4 a national news , ya I watch it ;)

10:31 AM Jul 15 2011 |


Viet Nam

i read news on internet almost everyday,especially in the office when i get free time,i really want to keep up latest news to know more about what is happening around me,not only in my country but also in other countries…thanks for internet in any cause

09:17 AM Jul 15 2011 |



yes,that’s right that we can get more information from kinds of ways. to be honest, my english is not good enough to communicate with native english speakers face to face. that can make me feel nervous.i really want to know how can i improve my oral and written english ? read english news everyday or listening english everyday ?

09:00 AM Jul 15 2011 |




Since I am very informed,I always keep up with the news by Internet.That is really a good resource,I can get what I want,even from the local to the national.

07:12 AM Jul 15 2011 |




I always get news by watching TV,I like watching news.It’s very useful and helpful.

06:07 AM Jul 15 2011 |




it is good to read this news..i watch news everyday

05:34 AM Jul 15 2011 |




I subscribed one or two news websites, so I read it by RSS. I’m not interested in interesting news… not interested in politics news.

05:26 AM Jul 15 2011 |




Every night I’m watching local and national news on TV and when I have free time in the morning I always watch news on CNN and BBC. When it comes to intertainment, internet is the best way to get news.

05:20 AM Jul 15 2011 |



I receive the news mainly from website ,and everymorning I listen to radio to know the local news. when I go outside,I normally see the local news program from TV set ,I feel i know the city from the news.I like it !

04:31 AM Jul 15 2011 |




  •  l like get the news by internet, I usually keep up with the news every day and Im more interested in national and world news because i think that is very important to have a knowledge about the things that happen in your country and in the same way in the world. 

03:41 AM Jul 15 2011 |

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