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Girls' Night Out
Girls' Night Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Modal Verbs

Date: Jul 19 2011

Themes: Friend, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Devan, Marni and Ella all work together and are friends. After discussing their professional success and the glass ceiling, they decided to have a girls’ night out. It’s just going to be three women out having fun with no men. Who cares if the guys feel left out?

The girls all have their party dresses on and are ready walk into the club. But someone forgot something important. See if this girls’ night out can get in the bar.


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Ella:  Oh my gosh, I am so excited for our girls’ night out! This is awesome!

Marni:  Yeah. Isn’t it so much more fun with just the girls?

Devan:  Definitely!

Ella:  You know, I love just hanging out with just the girls. Talking, chit-chatting, having some cocktails, going to the club...This is amazing.

Devan:  Cocktails! Oh my God, I forgot my ID. I can’t get into this club without my ID. I can’t order drinks without my ID. What am I gonna do?

Jason:  I’m so glad I found you. You left this at home.

Devan:  My ID! Thank you!

Marni:  Wow, what an incredible boyfriend.

Jason:  I was worried you wouldn’t be able to have a fun girls’ night out.

Devan:  Honey, you’re really sweaty. Did you run all the way here?

Jason:  Yeah, I thought it was important to get you your ID, you know?

Marni:  My God. Jason, that is so sweet of you.

Devan:  Thanks, sweetie.

Jason:  You’re welcome. Call me when you’re done, and I’ll come get you and when you get home we can have a snack and snuggle.

Devan:  Yeah! OK, I love you. Oh, honey? Can you fold my laundry tonight? I don’t want them to get wrinkly.

Jason:  You got it.

Devan:  Thank you! Love you!

Jason:  Love you more.

Devan:  Love you more!

Marni:  Wow…

Ella:  I can’t believe that! I mean, I could never get Jeff to get off of the couch and then hand me something, let alone run across the city and give me my ID.

Devan:  I know. He’s pretty perfect. I’m actually kind of hoping he’s going to ask me to marry him.

Marni:  Oh my gosh! Devan, that is huge! So have you talked about it?

Ella:  I mean, have you gone ring shopping or anything?

Devan:  Whoa, whoa, we’re not that far yet. I just…you know, I’m fantasizing right now.

Ella:  You gotta plant the seed. You’ve got to plant that seed.

Marni:  You should really get him thinking about it.

Devan:  Really?

Ella:  Yeah. Totally.

Devan:  I’ll start thinking about that, but for tonight, let’s just go have a fun girls’ night, OK?

Marni:  Yes. I mean, who knows how many more of these we’re going to have, right? You could be a married woman soon.

Devan:  OK, let’s go.

Ella:  OK.


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Devan, Marni and Ella are all dressed up and ready to party. They’re excited that it will just be the three of them that night. They’re having a girls’ night out with no men around. But Devan forgot her ID! They won’t let her into the bar without it.

Just then, Devan’s boyfriend, Jason, runs up and gives her the ID. He is sweaty because he ran a long way to get it to her. He wanted to make sure she had a fun girls’ night out.

Devan’s friends are impressed. They think Jason is a good boyfriend. Ella says her boyfriend would never do something like that. Devan says she hopes Jason will ask her to marry him.

Ella says that Devan needs to plant the seed with Jason. She needs to hint that she wants to get married. But Devan doesn’t want to worry about that right now. She just wants to have a fun girls’ night out.
Have you (or your wife or girlfriend) ever been on a girls’ night out? Where do you like to go with your friends?



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LittLe PrinCess

Saudi Arabia

i have been on girls’ night out many times. girls’ night out is really amazing and makes girls thinking in positively way. beach at night is the most place i prefer to have a girls’ night out. 

07:35 AM Jul 21 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

nice topic.

03:57 PM Jul 20 2011 |




What a nice and sweet boyfriend Jason is. Devan is so lucky to have him. Girls’ night out is so much fun and I love that. I love going out with my girl friends, chit chatting and dancing and then laughing when something is funny. It totally makes me feel good and takes all the negative thoughts away.

02:21 PM Jul 20 2011 |




Normally, I chitchat or eating with my co-worker on middle day, Sometime we’re sing, dance, drink when our specially day example birthday, resign coworker, lonely day hehehehehe LOL

11:52 AM Jul 20 2011 |





10:25 PM Jul 19 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

oh Jason I hope all men around the world just kind like you !

but surely I won’t ask him to fold my laundry ! lol 

I really like hanging out with my friends

sadly we can’t always go together .. for some reasons … 

10:24 PM Jul 19 2011 |



its cool to get out on girls night out ..in our country girls only get out on night on wedding parites but mostly we get out on the afternoon ..

09:15 PM Jul 19 2011 |





07:55 PM Jul 19 2011 |



Denan submit her boyfriend so well, obviously it’s females generation now.

02:44 PM Jul 19 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

in the light of above , i notced that girls so eager to get married ,,

02:20 PM Jul 19 2011 |

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