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Hot Weather
Hot Weather

Learn Modal Verbs

Date: Jul 29 2011

Themes: Weather

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Summer is here, and in most places that means hot weather is here too. And that can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether or not you’re a fan of the heat.

Many people find hot weather uncomfortable. It can make you sweaty, especially if it’s not just hot but also muggy. But hot weather also means fun summer activities, like going to the beach, cooling off with some ice cream, or just relaxing in the shade. Find out how Marni and Amy feel about the heat.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Ugh, I am so hot. I just cannot cool off.

Amy:  Really? I feel great. I feel like it’s finally warm enough for me, like it’s finally starting to get hot. I love the heat.

Marni:  Really? I just…it’s so muggy. I just feel like my clothes are sticking to me. I’m so uncomfortable.

Amy:  Yeah, but there are so many fun ways to cool off. I mean, we could go get ice cream. We could go for a swim. You know, we could just sit in the shade and drink iced tea. Heat is the best.

Marni:  Wow, I just, I don’t feel that way. I mean, those are great ways to beat the heat, I agree. But I prefer to be cold, I like cold weather, because you can always put on more layers to warm up. But when it’s hot out, you just can’t take off any more layers.

Amy:  That’s true, but I think sometimes it’s so cold that it doesn’t matter how many layers you put on, you’re just still cold. And besides, then you have on all those bulky, uncomfortable sweaters. I would rather just put on a sundress and drink a lot of water. What’s the big deal?

Marni:  Well, I think we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree.

Amy:  Want to go get ice cream?

Marni:  OK.


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Marni hates hot weather. It makes her feel uncomfortable. When it’s muggy, she feels sweaty and her clothes stick to her. She prefers the cold to the heat, because when it’s cold, you can put on more clothes to warm up.

Amy disagrees. She loves the heat. She says there are lots of fun ways to cool down when it’s hot outside, like going swimming or eating ice cream. She hates the cold, and she doesn’t like to put on lots of layers when it is cold outside.

Do you like hot weather, or do you prefer the cold? What is your favorite way to cool down when it’s hot outside?



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Sarah Morad

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i love the hot weather we can eat icecream

09:51 PM Jul 31 2011 |




I think the most beautiful season in the spring because of the seasons thatthe most obvious of romance and love, started, enjoy the most beautifulseason that hasKiss

07:43 PM Jul 31 2011 |




i enjoy summer because it’s my holiday

but i prefer cold weather rather than hot

07:36 PM Jul 31 2011 |

1 person likes this




The most beautiful harbinger of warm weather of summer, winter, going onalert, the beginning of a whole new life, new loves is the harbinger of the birth, everything that is beautiful, loves the summer sun all starts with the

06:48 PM Jul 31 2011 |




hot weather is very nice, but not because the humidity is killing all the beauty of a moist warm air, hot air, people are very uncomfortable humidity.

06:43 PM Jul 31 2011 |




Since I am living in a tropical country, I am used to having a hot weather. But growing up with that kind of weather made me long for a cold one almost all the time especially rainy days.

05:50 PM Jul 31 2011 |



hello !  i like hot weather than cold weather .

02:30 PM Jul 31 2011 |




I perfer cold weather to hot weather~

01:06 PM Jul 31 2011 |

Talk Now

Talk Now


i am agree with amy , I love the heat

summer means activity life , i don’t feel discomfort from hot weather , it’s summer and it’s normal to be hot .

01:01 PM Jul 31 2011 |




Of course I prefer the cold weather because the summer here in jordan is so hot , I cant stand it,, we can’t get out 4 in the morning we stay indoor till the evning comes …. 4 me , To cool down I always take a daily shower and I try to use water in everything to keep my body cold …

11:33 AM Jul 31 2011 |

Rich Chen


I cannot endure the burning hot weather !!!Cry

11:17 AM Jul 31 2011 |



i love hot weather but i just can’t take it when it is so hot so i must find out how to cool myself off

10:39 AM Jul 31 2011 |

mary abdu

Saudi Arabia

I hate hot weather but I used to it in Saudi arabia it is hot , in summer we travel to cooler places but most of the time I beat the heat by staying at home,taking shower  and eating icecream.

09:33 AM Jul 31 2011 |




Nice story!

09:29 AM Jul 31 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it`s amazing!

some friends here who has a hot climate in her/his own country dosn`t like th eheat! and some people who don`t have heat like it!

it shows humans always don`t want their situation ! it`s also normal  in other issues! Surprised

09:20 AM Jul 31 2011 |




I like summer cause I can wear the beautiful and cool clothes ,such as skirts. 

07:40 AM Jul 31 2011 |

♥ Øcean PuLse ♥


Winter is my best season .. I don`t like Summer cuz i cant control my mood upon the tempreture degree . However nowadays the weather here is too Cool and better than any summer ..

07:13 AM Jul 31 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I hate summer . the muggy weather makes my nervousYell

07:01 AM Jul 31 2011 |




realy summer is the best season because you can enjoy with your family or friends

to go to the beach and play different games …

also the sun is benefit for our health especially for bone ..

hot is the bestWink

04:39 AM Jul 31 2011 |



i dont like summer .because its too hot.i cant bear it ,and i had to stay at home.

but i like winter very much becaose it make me soft.:)

03:59 AM Jul 31 2011 |

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