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Giving Gifts
Giving Gifts

Learn the Unreal Past Tense

Date: Aug 19 2011

Themes: Friend

Grammar: The Unreal Past


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“It’s the thought that counts.” That’s what we say when someone gives us a gift that we don’t want or that doesn’t suit us. It’s a nice way of saying, “I appreciate you, even though I don’t really appreciate this gift.”

But how much does the thought really count? It can’t count as much as an awesome present would count, right?

It depends on who you talk to. Some people think presents aren’t very important, or get stressed out trying to pick out gifts for their friends. But others believe that giving gifts shows how much you care. They look for presents that are special and personal, and they might get hurt if their friends don’t do the same. Hear Amy and Ella talk about giving gifts.



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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  Are you a good gift giver, Ella?

Ella:  Actually, I think I’m a very gifted gift giver.

Amy:  Really?

Ella:  Yes. I wish it was Christmas all the time so I could buy presents for people. It’s so fun.

Amy:  But how do you know, like, what they would like or, you know, what they need? I get so stressed out about buying presents, I…I don’t know, how do you do it?

Ella:  I do a lot of inside joke presents, things that make people laugh. Or I just go for the expensive things that are like “Oh yeah, I could use those.” I feel like earrings always work out for a girl.

Amy:  I just feel like some people really value gift giving, and to me it’s just not that important. If you want to give me a gift that’s great, but I’m not going to feel bad if you don’t give me a gift. So I sometimes get into trouble because not everyone has that casual attitude toward gift giving that I do.

Ella:  Yeah. I like to give gifts but for me personally, I’d rather have someone give me a trip or take me somewhere.

Amy:  Totally. Yeah, you know, you can never go wrong with a great dinner, right? A great fancy dinner or something?

Ella:  Exactly.

Amy:  Well, I’m gonna remember all of your tips, because I have an important friend’s birthday coming up, and I don’t want to disappoint her.


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Ella loves to buy people gifts. She likes to give her friends expensive gifts, or gifts that make them laugh. She thinks that earrings are usually a good gift for a girl.

Amy has a more difficult time finding gifts for people. It’s hard for her to find gifts she knows her friends will like, and she often worries about disappointing people with her gifts.

Gifts aren’t very important to Amy. She says she doesn’t feel hurt when others don’t give her gifts. Ella agrees. She would rather go out to a nice dinner or take a trip with someone than receive a big gift.

Do you like giving gifts? Do you find it easy or hard to find gifts your friends will like? What is the best gift you have ever received?



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lamphoune Thongdala

Viet Nam

i don’t like giving gifts but i like to receive gifts from others.i’m kidding

in fact i like buying gift for my patents,brother,friend on important occasion like new years ,on their birth day.i like buying clothes for them.and they like buying clothes or book for me on my bithday

02:21 PM Aug 20 2011 |

Talk Now

Talk Now


Gift-giving is one of the good manners that maintains and strengthens relations between the giver and the recipient. exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing love to one another ,

i like giving gifts , for me it’s easy to find gifts , i always know what my freinds like ,, if i don’t i will ask them ,

gifts are differ from person to another depend on age , sex and job for the recipient . 

i have recieved too many great gifts in my life , all of them are best because it made me happy .

12:40 PM Aug 20 2011 |




Well finding gift is not hard to me :)) Generally girls like dress, jewelry or a party in a lux clup :) Lets talk about boys :) You must buy them what they need :)) This is the way that makes them happy :P And i am beliving my taste and all of my friends like my gifts too. ( i certainly can catch sight from my friend who dont like my gift  ;) )

My best gift :)) Absolutely my piano came from my dad. I cant forget that birthday :) 



12:27 PM Aug 20 2011 |

ramandeep nar


hello friends

11:53 AM Aug 20 2011 |



It’s your intention that counts…not how expensive is your gift…and it’s easier give a gift for a friend that u know a lot than a stranger

11:10 AM Aug 20 2011 |




Yeah, It doesn’t metter what kind of gift you give to someone, for me it’s important the person who gives the gift. it’s a manner for showing the care and love for that person. I get excited when i’m prepairing a gift for someone, or waiting a gift from someone. 

10:40 AM Aug 20 2011 |



I like so much to giving gifts…it makes me happy

10:06 AM Aug 20 2011 |




giving gifts for someone who I know well is usualy great pleasure, because I know what that person needs now or what he or she enjoy the most;

but picking up presents for people who arent close to me is a real torture, I hate going from shop to shop dont know exactly what I`m looking for…

08:23 AM Aug 20 2011 |

Nga Nguyen

Nga Nguyen

Viet Nam

I like to be a receiver. It’s so happy!!!

07:09 AM Aug 20 2011 |




Giving gift is a very good way to make my friends happy.I like it ! 

07:03 AM Aug 20 2011 |




i like to give gifts. especcialy to invent some unusually ways to get it. 

03:21 AM Aug 20 2011 |



Well, I think giving gifts is a way of care and love. If u love and care abt somebody u will think abt present him\her anything just to show that u think abt him\her.

According to me, yes I like to giving presesnts to ppl I care and I find It’s easy. The best gift I have recived is a jey necklace from my friend.

03:03 AM Aug 20 2011 |




hello frnds

02:35 AM Aug 20 2011 |




Well,I like making gifts by myself,or I will buy a special notebook for my friends on their birthdays. I like useful and meaningful gifts. To me,a “Happy Birthday!” is enough when it’s my birthday.

In China,I don’t really enjoy Christmas. Exactly,I enjoy sending my wishes in everyday life. I love this world,wether I can recieve gifts or not!

01:20 AM Aug 20 2011 |




I prefer not receive gifts than receive some sh*t from my friends!!!! there’s specially one friend who do that >_<” she’s the worst pffff

11:50 PM Aug 19 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

good evening to all ahead some times the gifts between lovers to express about real love and pure feeling it.s very attractive emotional but actually in ourlives any gift between others maybe to reflect about of the benefits and a special interest and often specifically in the govermental sector to express about bribe or corrupation for me i like to gift my lover the most important thing in my life i will present my heart for her i guess she will be very happy

11:08 PM Aug 19 2011 |




roses are the best persent I ‘ve had by my lover

I like giving gifts and having gifts ,it shows how much the others know your personality and remembering your birthday date

10:30 PM Aug 19 2011 |


United States

I like giving gifts to my friends ,parents and all those who is near to my heart.If i dont have sufficient money then i try to find some cheaper stuff to gift or use my coupon to find the best for my friends and family.Can somebody tell me if someone loves you then should we expect any gift from her/him . if yes then what kind of gift we can expect from her/him.Or if we are giving then what we should give ?

08:32 PM Aug 19 2011 |

Big baby

Big baby

Russian Federation

Thank you TANYACH1 for your explanation. 

07:07 PM Aug 19 2011 |




giving a gifts it’s  really very  nice  way  to  exress our feel  to the people  whom we care  ,, i think  it’s  not diffecult to find gift for those we know them well and  very close  to us ,because we know that  they like ans dislike ,,and also  you can give any thing ,it’s not depend on  how precious it’s ,but on the person  who  give you  the gift , because whatever it’s  but it means that  you care ,remember ,cosidering ,value me , and offcourse it will make sense .

if you want give gift to girls i think better to  select the thing  that she  can really  use  like  rings ,,,,,,,,

but  for boys i think you don’t have  to worry about it because they really don’t care  much as girls 

04:17 PM Aug 19 2011 |

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