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saddle with

saddle with

Date: Aug 25 2011


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“A lot of actors are saddled with insecurities, and I’m no exception.”

- Captain America star Chris Evans. (Us Weekly)

—《美国队长》主演克里斯·埃文斯 (Chris Evans)。(《美国周刊》)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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burden somebody; give someone something they might not want

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Before you can ride a horse, you have to put a saddle on it. But a horse that has never been ridden on won’t appreciate having a saddle on its back. It will be a burden that the horse won’t like.

In the same way, when you saddle someone with something, you place an unwanted burden on them. Someone who is saddled with something is weighed down by a responsibility or concern that he wishes he didn’t have to bear.

Chris Evans says that actors are saddled with a lot of insecurities. They might seem like they have perfect lives because they are wealthy, attractive, and famous. But they have their own burdens to bear, just like anybody else.

Chris is the star of the new comic book movie Captain America. He plays a superhero who fights the Nazis in World War II. If you think about it, superheroes are saddled with a lot, too. They might not always want to have the responsibility of saving the world. They might feel like they are saddled with powers that make it impossible for them to live a normal life. But without superheroes and actors, we’d all be saddled with more boring lives.

What are you saddled with right now?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I can’t believe my mom saddled me with watching my brother this weekend.”

“Carla is saddled with a lot of responsibility as a single parent.”

“I don’t want to saddle you with a bunch of chores, but we really need to clean the house and take care of the garden today.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

smilymu well i think its mean burdened or encumbered .. ^^
by smilymu
Bojana to give someone a big responsibility
by Bojana
saddled with:tied to something we don't like doing
by raquel@galicer.com
burdened with
by Bitten by an Arab bug
arezae He is stuck with insecurities.
by arezae

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i am saddled with debt burden these days…because i’ve bought a house recently…i am trying to put up with this i have to cut back on lots of expenses…...

11:35 AM Aug 25 2011 |




I’m saddled with my education

10:49 AM Aug 25 2011 |

Jhon Smith

Jhon Smith


well I am now saddled with a lot of English classes …. OHHHH!! But I like when someone saddle me with some responsibilities but if it is too much I start to hate  it being saddled with  by someone.

10:29 AM Aug 25 2011 |




To be given something which is hard to do,carry or manage

10:17 AM Aug 25 2011 |



I don’t speck English,My English is every bad.So hope your help me.Tanks!

07:38 AM Aug 25 2011 |




I`m saddled whith insecurities about my english, and search everyone to eliminate it

06:10 AM Aug 25 2011 |




I’m saddled with bad fanacil condition, I want to buy a house, but it needs a big amount of money, it’s difficult for me !

04:38 AM Aug 25 2011 |



Dominican Republic

I am saddle with the universities and all my responsabilities!

04:07 AM Aug 25 2011 |




I am saddled with the coming graduation.

02:52 AM Aug 25 2011 |




i am saddled with the actual life,my future, my marriage and so on.

01:51 AM Aug 25 2011 |

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