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Picky Eaters
Picky Eaters

Gerunds and Infinitives

Date: Aug 22 2011

Themes: Food

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Food brings people together like nothing else. It’s something we all have in common, since everybody has to eat. And sharing a meal is a natural way to spend time with others, whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, a big family feast, or a low-key potluck with friends.

But picky eaters make it difficult to bond over a meal. We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to food, and not everyone is an adventurous eater. But picky eaters often have trouble finding anything they like on a menu, and they usually don’t enjoy trying new things. Find out if Amy and Jason are picky eaters.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Want to go grab some lunch?

Amy:  Sure, yeah, where do you want to go?

Jason:  There’s a Thai place that I want to try.

Amy:  Oh, Thai, I don’t know. I don’t really like spicy food.

Jason:  Oh, OK. How about sandwiches? There’s this good sandwich place that I heard about.

Amy:  OK, yeah. That could be good. Do you think that they have, like, some bread that doesn’t use regular flour? ‘Cause I’m kind of trying to stay away from that. And I don’t really like mayonnaise either, and they put mayonnaise on sandwiches a lot. But I’m sure I can find something.

Jason:  Um, I have no idea what kind of…if they have special bread or if they don’t use mayonnaise. It sounds like you’re a pretty picky eater.

Amy:  Well, I like stuff that I make for myself. But to be honest, it is hard when I go out to eat to find things that, you know, that I like. I mean, I just…I don’t know, there are a lot of things that really just don’t appeal to me, like mushrooms, onions, anything spicy…

Jason:  What’s so bad about those things?

Amy:  I guess I like kinda plain foods. I don’t like anything with too much flavor.

Jason:  Wow.

Amy:  Well, what about you? I mean, you just eat everything?

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  There’s nothing you don’t like?

Jason:  Yeah, I mean, I ate sheep intestine in Turkey and bugs in China. Put it in front of me, and I will eat it.


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Jason and Amy want to go to a restaurant for lunch. But they can’t agree on anywhere to eat, because Amy doesn’t like any of Jason’s suggestions. She is a picky eater.

Amy says that she prefers making food for herself to going out, because she often has a hard time finding anything she likes on a menu. There are many foods she doesn’t like. She especially doesn’t like spicy foods or anything with a strong flavor. She prefers plain foods.

Jason is the opposite of Amy. He’ll eat anything, even strange foods, like bugs. He enjoys trying new things.

Are you a picky eater, or do you like to try new things? What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? What foods do you dislike?



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I think I am a picky eater. My mum is always mad at me when she`s cooking a dinner and I don`t want to eat it.

04:25 PM Aug 22 2011 |




It’s an amazing experience to try new dishes and visit new restaurants specially dishes from different countries which will usually say alot about other’s culture

I could be picky eater only if there are dishes contain intastines or something disgusting

04:08 PM Aug 22 2011 |




The country’s food is fine

However, some exotic dishes taste more difficult

 to eat. Honestly Ihave a bit of China’s rejection of pig’s blood cake  XD

01:34 PM Aug 22 2011 |




I’m not a picky eater, I like to eat well and try new dishes. There are only several things that don’t appeal to me. They are sea products in all their varieties, cheese and some exotic food. And happily, there are not many picky eaters among my friends, so it’s always fun to go out, discover a new restaurant and flavors.

01:31 PM Aug 22 2011 |




what is the picky_? ı  dont know picky…:/Frown

01:18 PM Aug 22 2011 |




Depends on the age of the baby. If he/she is indeed still a baby, I wouldn’t push anything. Food is new for a baby, it’s an exploring stage. You may put some banana in front of a 9 month old and he may smash it, play with it, get it every where but his mouth, and that’s ok. He’s not just learning about food, he’s also learning motor skills. So introduce some new foods, let him have at it, but don’t force it. As long as he is still getting his formula/breast milk, he will be fine. It’s a learning process for the both of you. My youngest didn’t start solids until he was 10 months old.Sealed

12:33 PM Aug 22 2011 |



I1m not a pick eater..  well I like to try news foods, its a good experience

12:32 PM Aug 22 2011 |




I m definitely not a picky eater, and I dont understand how people can be like that…I understand if someone doesnt like some kind of flavours but I guess some of them just decided, for example like my sis not to eat parsley or sth not because it doesnt taste them; if you tell them it sth like that in the dish they wouldnt touch it! but if they dont know about it, there is usually no problem, all dish is eaten and they even ask for makeweight

its really absurd for me… mayby its kind of phobia, fear of new eperiences? trauma from the past, or just stupid whim? anyway its annoying… I dont get it…

11:40 AM Aug 22 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

actually i,m not a picky eater ..i was in most of countries around the world and tried kind of foods in there..lilke to try & teast foods .. Wink

10:04 AM Aug 22 2011 |




i am kinda like being picky eater but when i am hungry, I will break you in half and eat your soul from the inside….. Trust me

08:53 AM Aug 22 2011 |



Russian Federation

Actually I am not a picky eater. I eat almost everything! Also I find it`s interesting to try new things! 

07:29 AM Aug 22 2011 |

blue way

blue way


I picky eater ,but  I dont like it because I cant tast diffirent food

05:51 AM Aug 22 2011 |

Anthony Yuan


I really like to try some new food that I never eaten, I really like spicy food.

05:00 AM Aug 22 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I am a picky eater :S ,, sometimes I like to eat new things ,,,,,don’t like spicy food and I don’t like setting on a table full of food .. // :P

I also prefer to cook for my self than to go to the restaurant and pick a meal :S .

how the plate looks is very important 4 me …

04:43 AM Aug 22 2011 |




Iam not picky eater , I like many kinds of food . 

02:35 AM Aug 22 2011 |

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