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Public Art
Public Art

Learn Phrasal Verbs

Date: Aug 26 2011

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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When the Eiffel Tower was first built, many Parisians hated it and called it an eyesore. Today, it is a famous symbol of Paris and one of the most beloved monuments in the world.

Public art such as monuments, statues, and murals are meant to make a city more beautiful. But it can be controversial if the public considers it ugly or strange. Sometimes public art is used as propaganda, to glorify unpopular leaders. Yet, like the Eiffel Tower, a piece of public art that is hated at first may become a cherished symbol over time. Hear Amy and Jason talk about the public art in their city.



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Amy:  Oh my gosh, have you seen the new mural that they’re putting up like right outside the office?

Jason:  No, there’s a new mural?

Amy:  Of course there’s a new mural! I mean, it seems like in this city they just love to put up some more public art, you know? Almost every day I feel like I see a new statue or mural or something.

Jason:  Would you prefer blank walls throughout the city?

Amy:  Not necessarily, but I just think a lot of public art is kind of bad. It’s just not that good, and it seems like they put it up to try to make the city look better, but it’s like, sometimes a house that is covered in lots of statues or something, lots of furniture that’s, like, ugly furniture or decoration, it would just look better without any decoration at all. And I feel that sometimes it’s the same for a city. Like less is more.

Jason:  I guess I can see that. I guess I just like colors, like I like for there to be interesting colors on walls that aren’t advertisements.

Amy:  Well, that’s true. I mean, I like public art if it’s good art, but I just think…

Jason:  And statues! Like historical figures. It’s always fun to have an old statue of the town founder and things like that, you know?

Amy:  Well, that’s true, but sometimes they erect statues of figures who later become really unpopular or do really horrible things, like…

Jason:  Well, then you can put funny hats on them!


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Amy has just seen a new mural, and she doesn’t like it. She feels annoyed by how much public art there is in her city. Although she appreciates the idea of art for everyone to enjoy, she thinks a lot of public art is bad. She thinks it is better to have no art than bad art.

Jason disagrees. He likes public art because it adds color to a city. He says that public art is nicer to look at than advertisements. He also likes statues of historical figures.

Amy points out that sometimes, statues are built of unpopular leaders. But Jason thinks it is interesting to learn about the history of a place through its public art.

Is there a lot of public art where you live? Do you like public art, or do you think that it can sometimes make a city uglier instead of more beautiful?



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It’s a good way to learn the history and culture of a city or a country through the public art.

12:59 PM Aug 26 2011 |



i love puplic art but in suitable place cause i hate commotion

07:56 AM Aug 26 2011 |




I like public art,  its gives more pleasurable and vibrance to our city.


06:38 AM Aug 26 2011 |

snowy wu

snowy wu


  The Public Art is just like a person. we should judge him/her at the frist time. we should give a chance to show theirselves.

  Maybe it will show its glorious feature.

04:30 AM Aug 26 2011 |

Elena Tricheva

Russian Federation

I like public art if it is beautiful and not alot…

04:09 AM Aug 26 2011 |




I think that public art makes a city look unique and individual. I live in Ust-Kamenogorsk in Kazakhstan. During the Soviet times it was a Russian city. I mean that Russian culture was prevailed mostly. Now when Kazakhstan has declared independence there appears a lot of monuments of Kazakh leaders and heroes, and charachters from Russian and Kazakh fairy-tales. It makes our city so unlikeable to other cities of Kazakhstan.Laughing You can enjoy here some examples…

01:28 AM Aug 26 2011 |




I lke public art .

12:25 AM Aug 26 2011 |

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