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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Date: Sep 23 2011

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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After spending ten years with someone, it’s normal to get attached. Yes, even if that person is a fictional character.

The first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001. Now the last film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two, is finally here. It’s time for audiences to say goodbye to their favorite wizard.

But some might not be ready to let go of Harry Potter just yet. Hear Devan and Mason discuss the final film.

第一部哈利波特系列电影在 2001 年上映。现在该系列最后一部电影《哈利·波特与死亡圣器(下)》终于上映了。如今,已经到了观众对他们最喜欢的巫师说再见的时候了。


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Mason:  Are you living a less fulfilling life now that you know there’s no more Harry Potter to look forward to?

Devan:  Yes. But I’m also…I went and saw the last film recently, and I haven’t read all the books. I stopped after the fifth book. But I’ve been watching the movies still.

Mason:  Yeah.

Devan:  And so I came in genuinely not knowing what to expect. And I don’t want to give anything away for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but I have to say, I was a little let down. I was a little disappointed.

Mason:  Oh yeah? Do you think there’s any way that after you’ve been on a journey like that for so long, can you ever be happy with the way that ends?

Devan:  With a series that builds up like that, you’re going to lose some steam, especially because things got so epic around the fourth or fifth film. That was kind of the peak, I felt. From there it’s kind of about wrapping it up, tying it together, bringing it to a conclusion. But I guess I was just expecting one last really riveting storyline, and it felt more like they kinda like rushed to conclude it.

Mason:  That’s interesting. I mean, I thought that I liked that it became a very kind of personal, emotional story towards the end. But definitely it’s not the epic conclusion. Even so, I mean, I find it’s really hard to not feel a sense of disappointment. There’s just so many things you want once you’ve had a relationship with something like that for so long that you’re just glad that they gave you something.

Devan:  That’s true.

Mason:  That’s what fan fiction is for.

Devan:  That’s right.

Mason:  You just get on the internet, Harry Potter is still going.

Devan:  I think I’m gonna rewrite the story to end the way I want it to.


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Devan and Mason both recently saw the final Harry Potter movie. Devan hadn’t read the final book, so she didn’t know what to expect from the film. She was a little disappointed. She expected the end to be more dramatic, and she thought it spent too much time wrapping things up.

Mason disagrees. He enjoyed the last film. He liked how personal it was. He also thinks it’s natural to feel disappointed when something you love comes to an end.

Have you ever been disappointed by the way something ended? What did you think about the final Harry Potter movie?

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I can’t explain how much I love harry potter. It has taught me soooooo much. And it helped with depression. So here I go!
Joanne Rowling taught us to believe in having a good time even if its not real
Harry potter taught us that we have to fulfill our destiny
Ron taught us that even if your not the sharpest knife in the drawer your smart in your own way
Hermione taught us that its not so bad being smart
Draco taught us its your friends or die
Crabbe and Goyle taught us just stuff yourselves and it’ll be OK
Tom Marvolo Riddle taught us to keep secrets in a chamber
Pansy taught us wove dracipoo!
Seamus taught us its fun to blow up stuff
Nevile taught us that its hard to stand up to your enemies but much more harder to stand up to your friends
Dean taught us its possible to be a wizard and grow up with a muggle
Fred and George taught us to be funny even in hard times
Ginny taught us to stand strong and love harry potter
Cho taught us to express our emotions
Luna taught us to stand out from the “in” crowd
Cedric taught us even in competition Hufflepuffs play fair
Sirius taught us to have a little risk in life
Lily taught us to stand up to bullys
James taught us that to stick with family no matter what
Remus taught us well he taught us best in D.A.D.A
Peter taught us to be a snitch to Voldemort
Tonks taught us that it can be fun to change our appearance as long as we stay the same inside
Severus taught us to love forever and always
Filius taught us u can be strong even if your small
Minerva taught us its good to “boom”every once in a while
Pomona taught us its fun to garden
Godric taught us to have determination,courage,and strength of heart
Helga taught us to have loyalty,honesty,and dedication
Rowena taught us to have intelligence and wisdom
Salazar taught us to have power
Fudge taught us to believe in Rita Skeeter
Rita taught us that karma will always get you back
Voldemort taught us evil will ALWAYS be defeated.

Harry potter has taught us so many things its a shame its ended but when u grow up promises me youll pass harry potter on to your children what ever happens just remember harry potter it lifts people up so pass this on to everyone u know try to get people to like harry potter whatever it takes just try Source(s): My love for harry potter

06:15 PM Jul 22 2014 |




I like Harry Potter, it’s  wonderful ,but the movie plot a little scary.

12:09 PM Jun 21 2014 |



Russian Federation

I love Harry Potter, and I never was disappointed in any part. Of course it’s sad when something that was a part of your life ends, but nevertheless we can watch it again and again. Harry Potter is the kind of movies that never bores you.

And, by the way, I was rewatching this movie the day before yesterday :)

02:25 PM May 29 2014 |




not my style also not a good movie.

08:38 PM Apr 16 2014 |



Harry Potter the best )))))

07:34 PM Apr 16 2014 |




i love harry potter too >_<

05:34 AM May 20 2013 |




I have already been kind of sad with the end of soap opera, a serie and a movie too. I think it is normal when you spend most part of your life watching them because they starting being part of your life as friends!

I have never watched or read Hrry Potter. I prefer the Twilight Saga!

01:37 PM Jan 05 2013 |




i don’t like very much Harry potter, it isen’t very good movieUndecided

12:22 PM Sep 27 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like Harry Poter,it’s magical movie,funny and sad i like all the movies of Harry PoterSmile

09:39 AM Sep 17 2012 |



United States

i love harry potter!

08:50 PM Jun 21 2012 |




i love movies of harry potterLaughing

10:59 AM Mar 23 2012 |




Great movie i love it…;D

11:45 PM Mar 22 2012 |




I love all actors in this movie. Especially Emma Watson. :)

01:14 PM Dec 06 2011 |



well, I think that part of all the wonderful stories about Harry Potter is the most interesting

08:26 AM Dec 03 2011 |




Laughingi like all movie but harry potter and the deathly hallows…one who i see evry day before i sleeping

06:44 PM Sep 28 2011 |



I watched Harry potter and the deathly hallows. But according to media Harry pottre wil not make any movie.

10:58 AM Sep 27 2011 |




It’s a shame, I’ve never seen the deathly hallows part one and two :( I’m not a big fan of this saga. I’ve never even read its book, but I love Daniel and Emma.

10:55 AM Sep 27 2011 |



I watched it. But according to media Harry potter will not make any movie.

10:53 AM Sep 27 2011 |





05:10 AM Sep 26 2011 |




i like this movie so much i saw all the parts unless the last part but my cousin told me what happened 

09:24 PM Sep 25 2011 |

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