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Romantic Places
Romantic Places

Learn About Comparatives and Superlatives

Date: Oct 21 2011

Themes: Romance, Travel

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Sometimes, love needs a little help. When you want to share a romantic time with someone, it’s important to find the right setting.
But what are the most romantic places? Cities have beautiful lights, romantic restaurants and cozy bars. But the beach has moonlight and the sound of the waves. Then again, in the mountains you can find some breathtaking views.

Mason recently went on his honeymoon. Hear him tell Devan about the romantic places he visited with his wife.



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Devan:  So where did you go for your honeymoon, Mason?

Mason:  We went to Europe. We were in London for a bit, and then we went to Croatia because we wanted a place that was a little more off the beaten path.

Devan:  Was it romantic?

Mason:  It was romantic because it was my honeymoon. I don’t know that they’re the most romantic places I’ve been.

Devan:  You wouldn’t say that Croatia, like, set the mood?

Mason:  Well, I definitely, when I think of romantic places, I think of the beach, you know, I like more rural, coastal kinda places rather than big cities. So it had some of that going for it.

Devan:  So you think that an island getaway is more romantic?

Mason:  Totally. And I think part of that is that, like, my ideas of romance in the city are really expensive. It’s like going out to really fancy dinners or fancy events, versus, you go to the beach, and it’s just gorgeous. You know?

Devan:  Yeah. You have a great view of the sunset and the ocean, so that makes sense.

Mason:  Yeah, I mean what are your romantic places?

Devan:  Well, I don’t have a boyfriend, so I don’t really know anything about romance.


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For his honeymoon, Mason went to London and Croatia. He says it was a romantic trip. He and his wife found Croatia romantic because of the beaches.

Mason thinks that the beach is more romantic than the city. He says that romance in the city is too expensive. Going to fancy restaurants or events costs a lot of money. But cuddling on the beach is free.

Devan agrees that the beach is romantic, because you can watch the sunset and see the beautiful ocean views.

What kind of places do you think are the most romantic? What is the most romantic city in the world?



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it is just the place when u meet th one firs time

12:05 PM Oct 22 2011 |

Anthony Yuan


This beautiful photo is come from Bali island, I think the most romance place is Bali island!

11:01 AM Oct 22 2011 |

Naresh Ranout


I like  this lesson very much .No doubt it was very interesting ,very simple and heart touching. 

08:56 AM Oct 22 2011 |




the most beautiful moment was when i sit with him without speaking, just appreciate the warmth in life~~

07:45 AM Oct 22 2011 |

awesome mina


I think the most beautiful and romantic places are mountains and beaches.people can spend some times there aswell but unfortunatly there are not many romantic places in Afghanistan.no bar,no romantic restaurant and no beach.i am bored  in Kabul…tired of life!

05:26 AM Oct 22 2011 |



i think the most beatiful moment is when i look at her face and touch her nose  and kiss her ears.  the most gorgeous place is where we walk hand in hand.

04:55 AM Oct 22 2011 |

1 person likes this




it’s good to mention the lawns lying on them and staring the stars.the happiness is with the right person ever we dream of..and it goes on all lifelong…but for such places first of all you should be a romantic one to make and find romantic places

01:16 AM Oct 22 2011 |



the beaches are the most romantic places when you are with the person whom you love. Cuddling on the beach to see the sunset is just amazing.

In autumn, Vancouver glows with autumn colours. Holding hands with your partern to take a walk in the park to see the glow of autumn leaves is romantic.

10:04 PM Oct 21 2011 |



Russian Federation

To my mind, it might be the forest. When you are sitting with your friend in front of the bonfire and your braines are free from any daily problems, it’s the best way to spend some time together.

06:54 PM Oct 21 2011 |

1 person likes this




Wherever you could find some cozy place it would be great and easy to set the mood and passing romantic time with your lover and for sure in the heart of nature places like beach ,river path would be awesome .

06:24 PM Oct 21 2011 |

1 person likes this


Saudi Arabia

wwwwwwwwwwwwww like maylazia not see any nice view

05:07 PM Oct 21 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I really like to spend my honeymoon in some country specifically europe but europe  has a lot places  extraordinary but i know i cant to achieve it if i have a lot of money I dream  i dont know if my wife will be sad if i cant take her to the honeymoon i guess she will be frustrated if i will have a good circumstances i will go to spend my honeymoon there

i think there are a lot from people prefer stay in thier country more than go to spend thier money in europe we like money

I aspire some day in the future to achieve my dream in travels over the world i look at got on new culture and my ambition is to recognize  about others countries i mean about culture and costums and traditional

to all bride and groom congratulations to yours anywhere in the world enjoy in yours time together be happy

03:51 PM Oct 21 2011 |



4 me just walking along the beach and listen music

thats when i meet my second part

03:06 PM Oct 21 2011 |



i think the concept of romance depends on everyone, because it doesl´t matter the place or the mony, but the person and the things that you enjoy doing together

02:38 PM Oct 21 2011 |


Dominican Republic

Omg, Devan don’t have a boyfriend?

She really look so nice and beautiful

12:50 PM Oct 21 2011 |

tanyach1Super Member!


I love Prague. It’s very romantic city. It has some magic charm…

12:08 PM Oct 21 2011 |

1 person likes this




the most romantic place is where you feel yourself happy and restfull in. If you are with someone who are most important people for your life anywhere will be a romantic place.

12:07 PM Oct 21 2011 |

1 person likes this




Beachies and mountains can be good places to be with our true love! with a good wine and a good talk make it better!!

12:01 PM Oct 21 2011 |



Viet Nam


12:01 PM Oct 21 2011 |




Hainan’s Sanya in China is a beautiful place. i hope i will be able t to work there. so i must learn good English and Russian.

10:35 AM Oct 21 2011 |

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