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Which one is right : thank you, thankyou or thank-you?

Which one is right : thank you, thankyou or thank-you?

Date: Nov 02 2011

Topic: Writing

Author: kokoboko


If you look out for this phrase, you will see it`s  written in all manner of ways. It would be useful to know which is right and wrong and why.

Thank you

This is the verb ‘to thank’ with a direct object ‘you’.

 You know that they  are two separate words.Iif you use the full sentence which is hidden underneath – ‘I thank you.’

From this comes the shortened version which we hear daily – ‘thank you’. It is always two words.


  • Thank you for coming today to this talk on written communications.
  • Thank you for your letter of 23 June 2004.


This is the noun ‘a thankyou’.


  • He gave a great big thankyou to all concerned.


This is also the spelling for the adjective, describing something (a noun) to follow.


  • He gave a thankyou card to his mother.
  • The thankyou speech was most moving.


So, why do we see ‘thank-you’ written?

Some dictionaries are still using the ‘thank-you’ form, while others show the more inevitable ‘thankyou’ form for the noun.

So, `Thank-you`is a hyphenated compound noun as if you say `A thank-you`

Another interesting fact about spelling the word `TODAY`

I’ll bet you don`t know that another word has different spelling.

It started as open (1) ‘to day’ – from Middle English times and Old English before that ‘to + dœge’ meaning ‘on this day’.

After this, it became hyphenated (2) ‘to-day’, which was used for several hundred years and can be seen in writings and manuscripts of the time.

Nowadays, it is the closed spelling (3) ‘today’ which we use – and most people would never know any different!

Have a pleasant time while reading  the lesson!

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