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New in Town
New in Town

Learn the Present Perfect Progressive

Date: Dec 09 2011

Themes: Friend, Travel

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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In the US, it’s pretty common to move to another city, or even another state, for school or a job opportunity. Some move just for a change of pace, or the chance to start over.

Moving to a new place can be exciting. But it can also be scary. When you’re new in town and you don’t know anybody, you might feel lonely. You might have to work hard to fit in and find new friends.

Devan would like to move to New York City. But, as she explains to Jeff, she isn’t sure she wants to be the new girl in town.



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Devan:  I’ve been thinking about moving a lot lately. But the one part that makes me really hesitate and not really want to do it is I hate being the new person in town, you know? It’s so much work to have to start over and have to get to know people all over again. I always feel like such an outsider.

Jeff:  I haven’t really moved to a completely new place where I was totally on my own. When I moved here I already had a bunch of friends up here. So I haven’t really had that experience.

Devan:  So you didn’t have to work to try to fit in with a new crowd or anything? You already had a crowd established when you moved here?

Jeff:  Pretty much, yeah. A lot of close friends from where I grew up.

Devan:  That’s convenient. I guess there is something to be said about that, though. That is really nice. You know, if you lived somewhere and you didn’t really like the way your life was going, you’d get this fresh start where you can be any person you want to be. You can leave behind the drama from the past, and you get a whole new crowd if you’re tired of the same scene that you’ve been in for a long time. So that’s one positive aspect to moving, I think.

Jeff:  I think it has its advantages, and once you do get settled in, it’s kind of a good change.


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Devan has been thinking about moving to a new city. But she doesn’t like being new in town. She thinks it’s hard to fit in and get to know people when you move.

Jeff has never moved to a new place where he didn’t know anybody. When he moved in the past, he already had friends in the new place to help him get used to it.

Even though Devan doesn’t like being the new person in town, she also thinks that starting over in a different place sounds exciting. She thinks it would be fun to have a fresh start.

Have you ever been the new person in town? How did you make friends and fit in? Would you ever move to a totally new place where you didn’t know anyone?



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Rita zheng

United States

When i came American first day; I might feel lonely and scary;  Because I need to get to know everything about this country, people; place;language and custom.

The beginning,it’s very hard to fit in. But; give me a good chance to start over my life.

04:40 PM Dec 09 2011 |

2 people like this




There is an old saying: A rolling stone gathers no moss .

03:41 PM Dec 09 2011 |




i may hate moving ,although i havent moved to anonther place.

03:09 PM Dec 09 2011 |

1 person likes this

sousou mohammad



01:10 PM Dec 09 2011 |



There are many positive aspects to moving,one of these is to meet different people from past ,take chang of pace.But for many fo us  ,it is a hard work.I prefer to travell.

01:05 PM Dec 09 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

actually I have always been suh an introvert person and now that I got engaged to a lovely guy I just like to spend my time with him .I don’t care to have no friend so I guess I can live everywhere and in any country ,no different, as far as others do not insult me and just respect me and my way of life

12:39 PM Dec 09 2011 |



i think moving to new town is  a pretty much exciting and interesting, for me i have never been out of my  country nor my city but me and my husband have some plan in the works to move abroad and i hope that it will work out for us, best wishes for us Smile

09:11 AM Dec 09 2011 |

1 person likes this



Russian Federation

At the age of 12 I moved to a new town in which I was born but at the age of 3 I moved woth my mom to another city because of divorce of my parents=( Mut I was keen on returning  to my native place. And now I  know a lot of people here, because I did football and boxing. I am settled here in Moscow region Balashiha town. But sometime the idea of moving to another city comes to me, when I am tired I think it  will do me good to change place in order to refresh my life, though the most part pf my life everything is good here for me.

07:27 AM Dec 09 2011 |




I wanna have that experience though, but it’s really hard for me to try new foods, I just love love love Indonesian foods.

07:13 AM Dec 09 2011 |




I had no experience , but I can imagine how we gonna fit in with everyone around you, new life, new friends, new neighbour, I think it’s quite the same with new student, when they move to the new school, they need to get to know new friends and teachers, education systems,new invironment, I think they need a little while to get use to it, but it is pretty challenging and exciting.

07:11 AM Dec 09 2011 |

1 person likes this


selvgaliSuper Member!


No , but I will, that’s why I’m studying English. 

05:52 AM Dec 09 2011 |

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I had an expericence to move to the completely new country and city to start new life there. Yes, it is not easy to cope with at first, but I did it!!! I have found a good people, my friends, colleagues and the most important thing I have built my family in the new city (country). So, I”m happy to get this callenge my life has brought to me 11 years ago. Smile

05:07 AM Dec 09 2011 |

1 person likes this

Soulmate Ann


sometimes i like coming to a new place,where anybody is unknown,there i think i can be a person i want to be,not the role i played before.i think life is just like films,u should change to atc more roles,then u know what life it is.

03:06 AM Dec 09 2011 |




for me,i was new here last year cause i have to study here,not me only but my classmate,roommate also.but now i have many friends here and we take care of each other.that is fascinating and i love to though i am new in town 

02:11 AM Dec 09 2011 |

hamod ramdan

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

how can i improve english skills …??!!
so please somebody help me

01:21 AM Dec 09 2011 |




For different reasons  having to move to another city  implies  a bold decision ,maybe  a job offer ,a divorce , affordable  apartments  or rent, whatever it might be the reason, you know  that  a change of pace  is the best solution  to the present situation. As far as Devan is concerned , I hope that she is not serious about going to New York , please stay in Portland  , if you go, we will miss you a lot.   

11:50 AM Dec 08 2011 |

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