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My Week with Marilyn
My Week with Marilyn


Date: Dec 26 2011

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Adjectives


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The beauty mark. The platinum blonde hair. The voluptuous curves. Fifty years ago, Marilyn Monroe was the beauty icon. Now, the new film My Week with Marilyn tells one of the lesser-known stories from her famous life. In the film, a young assistant on one of her movies helps her escape her stressful life in Hollywood for one week, during a trip through the English countryside. Hear Dale and Amy talk about the film and our changing ideas about beauty.

美丽的象征。淡金色头发。妖娆的曲线。50年前,玛丽莲·梦露 (Marilyn Monroe) 是美丽的化身。现在,新片《我与梦露的一周 》 (My Week with Marilyn) 向人们讲述了她名人生活中不为人知的故事。电影中,她的一位年轻片场助理帮助她摆脱好莱坞的压力,在英国乡村度过一周。听听德尔和艾米谈论这部电影以及我们现在的审美变化。


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Amy:  I just saw that movie My Week with Marilyn, Dale, have you heard anything about it?

Dale:  Not yet. Tell me more about it.

Amy:  Well, you know, it’s a true story. And it is about this young guy who’s working as an assistant on a movie that Laurence Olivier, the famous British actor, made with Marilyn Monroe.

Dale:  So the story is about Marilyn Monroe, the beautiful idol from the ‘50s and ‘60s, I believe.

Amy:  Exactly, yeah. So you think that Marilyn Monroe was a total bombshell?

Dale:  Oh, she was a total knockout. She was, to me, the ideal woman.

Amy:  She definitely was the number one iconic beauty of her time. But it just made me think a little bit about how our ideas about what’s beautiful have changed a little bit in the last 50 years. Like she was very voluptuous, curvy.

Dale:  And she was natural. She was very natural.

Amy:  Yeah, no plastic surgery, right?

Dale:  Compared to right now, you don’t know if people have done Botox or have done any kind of plastic surgery.

Amy:  It’s just kind of interesting, you know, like throughout time I guess our standards of beauty are always changing, but it seems like these days, like you said, plastic surgery is so common. It’s like everybody in Hollywood, it seems like, is just perfect looking and so skinny. So, it was pretty refreshing to see this movie, and to be reminded of her.


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Amy recently saw My Week with Marilyn, and she explains to Dale what the movie is about. Dale thinks Marilyn Monroe was very beautiful. She was an iconic beauty during her time, and many people still think of her as a total knockout.

Although Dale still thinks Marilyn Monroe was a bombshell, Amy says that our ideas about what is beautiful have changed since she was alive. Marilyn Monroe was curvy, whereas many women today think they have to be very skinny in order to be seen as beautiful. She also was a natural beauty. She didn’t have any plastic surgery.

Do you think Marilyn Monroe was a bombshell? What features or characteristics do you think makes somebody beautiful?



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lazy girl 2011


She was totally a bombshell,I think.

01:18 PM Dec 26 2011 |

Mohamad Jesus Sidharta


I like she was gorgeous, sexy nd naughty. I admire almost evrything from her

12:47 PM Dec 26 2011 |

1 person likes this



I like her figure. She is very beautiful and sexy. Especially, I like her role in the     film Some Like It Hot.

12:02 PM Dec 26 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes I think she was beautiful

and bombshell

08:21 AM Dec 26 2011 |




The “pattern” of the beauty has been changed since the time of Marilyn Monroe of course. But the true beauty is the beauty for all times!!! I think Marilyn Monroe was very attractive and sexy in her life and she is still beautiful in our eyes even now, when we look at her in the movies or when we look at her photos. I like the appearance of Marilyn Monroe so much. She is an icon of beauty of blond woman. The icon of beauty of the black-hair woman for me is Aishwarya Rai,of course. Her beauty is magical  one for me. Her beauty is natural and indescribable!!! It is a pleasure for all of us to look at the beautiful people wth their natural beauty. I hope you will agree with me.

06:13 AM Dec 26 2011 |

ma qianqian


Yes,She is beauty

05:57 AM Dec 26 2011 |




I think that Marilyn Monroe was and still is a beauty icon. In her times  the word botox, photoshop ,silicon implants, were non-existent , I remember very well her films  , her beauty and charisma is rarely found  today among the  Hollywood´s actresses . Who hasn´t seen  her films :The Seven Year itch or Some Like It Hot.  Thanks Marilyn  ,you will be in my heart  as long as I live. 

11:34 AM Dec 23 2011 |

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