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Listening to Music in Public
Listening to Music in Public

Learn the Second Conditional

Date: Jan 25 2012

Themes: Music

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Have you ever been stuck on a bus with someone blaring bad music from his cell phone? If so, you understand why listening to music in public can be so annoying.

Unfortunately, it’s now easier than ever for people to play their music wherever they go. From iPods to cell phones that can now store your entire music library, there are lots of ways to become a traveling one-man band. Hear Mason try to convince Jeff that if you’re going to listen to music in public, you should at least use some headphones.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jeff:  Dude, I…My parents won’t buy me a car, and these bus rides are boring. So I want to play my music on the bus, and some old lady yells at me.

Mason:  Well, did you use headphones?

Jeff:  Nah, man.

Mason:  But, you know, the polite thing to do would be to be respectful that maybe other people don’t want to listen to that music at that particular time.

Jeff:  I listen to good music.

Mason:  Sure, but, you know, again, I think some headphones, where you could enjoy your music…I happen to love Gene Krupa’s big band. Maybe you’re not a big fan of Gene Krupa’s big band. So if I were to just start playing Gene Krupa big band on the bus very loudly out of my cell phone, where I’m sure it does not sound all that good, coming from those little speakers, would you wish that I was listening to that privately?

Jeff:  Man, you’re old. Do you even have a cell phone that plays music?

Mason:  Well, it makes sounds when someone calls me. So yes. That means it plays music, right?

Jeff:  I guess.


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Jeff likes to listen to music when he rides the bus. But he was recently yelled at by another passenger. He thinks he should be able to play his music in public as much as he wants.

Mason suggests that Jeff use headphones when listening to music in public. That way, he can enjoy his music, but he will not bother anyone else. Mason points out that Jeff might not enjoy listening to other people’s music, either.

Do you like to listen to music on your iPod or cell phone when you’re in public? Do you use headphones? Does it annoy you when other people listen to their music in public?



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 I have had  to take a train to get to my brother´s house  and all the way through had to put up with the  music  coming from  the full blast speaker  of a passenger  cellphone.I am not picky but that was fastidious. Some people are like that , unawareness,  selfishness, lack of education ,who knows what it  might be the reason  to do that.

05:09 PM Jan 24 2012 |

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