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IELTS Speaking Part 2 - Tourism

IELTS Speaking Part 2 - Tourism

Date: Jan 06 2012

Topic: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge

Author: RichardPH


IELTS Speaking Part 2


Topic - tourism


If you ever have to give a short speech in English this lesson will help you get through it.


In part 2 of the IELTS speaking test – also known as ‘the long turn’ you are asked to speak for about 2 minutes on a topic that asks you to describe something or someone.


Students find this part of the test difficult – so would native speakers because:


  • 2 minutes is a long time to speak
  • The part 2 task requires a one way formal technique


Let’s take a look at my example. It’s around 250 words which is normal for 2 minutes of speech – some useful vocabulary and techniques are highlighted.


Describing an interesting place that you have visited


I once visited Morocco. I was on my way to Australia and for some reason myself and my girlfriend at the time decided to take a detour and visit. It was a while ago now but the place from the whole trip that still stands out most in my mind is the stay in Marrakech. There are few places I have been where it feels like you have just crossed into another world or time. Of course there was a lot of touristy stuff and you got pestered by people trying to sell you things but as we sat in a café by the market, with our mint teas, the day turned to night, the colours, sounds and smells of the place took over and you got the feeling of a unique atmosphere.

 At the time we really weren’t getting on but because the place felt so different and new to both of us we managed to put things aside and just enjoy the noise, the buzz of the place. During the day after the long trip we were kind of stressed out but now in the heat of the night it was just about trying to soak in each moment before we had to leave. It was fun being together there because sharing it made it more real.

 The morning after we had to leave, and we had to go back to the real world. We broke up soon after and she kept the camera. Now if I want to see Marrakech I have to google it.



Just because the technique is formal does not mean that you can’t use informal words and phrases in your description – it helps to engage the examiner who is probably bored..


Stands out to be prominent, of interest,

Touristy stuffNative speakers often add a y to nouns when they are describing things of a kind. Art-y stuff – We can make new adjectives from nouns like this.

The buzza lively atmosphere

Stressed out - to be really uncomfortable or irritable with a situation, person, or thing.

Broke upto split up, to separate from your partner

Google it – a new verb to search for something using google.




I once visited Morocco  - Keep it simple a clear opening statement that lets the listener know you understood the question and have identified an example

feels likenotice rather than describing the details of the place I’m talking about my feelings there – this is much easier unless you have a great memory!

you got the feelingas well as speaking from a very personal viewpoint (it’s easy that way) I’m also including the listener in my story – easy trick to create interest

We broke up soon after and she kept the cameraAgain this has nothing to do with the place but it works to provide a revealing end to my story it’s an anecdote.





  • In part two try and tell a story
  • Speak from a personal view point
  • Make the listener interested in your story with good vocabulary and technique.
  • Don’t waste time trying to remember details


Topic ideas (this section will be updated with more resources):


5 great things about London



Describe an interesting place that you have visited


You should say:

  • Were it was
  • What you did there
  • And why you found it interesting



To keep in touch and work with me on more lessons - like:



Speak soon!




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Hello Dear Richard.

Thanks for sharing this sample test. Here is a piece of advice that i want to give to others who are going to take part in IELTS test.

Answer the question and change your accent of speaking according to the interviewer. As i have given the test, my evaluator was an old man from south. I spoken English in pure Western touch…like British People use to speak..i also make use of some slangs and spoken too fast…so he gave me just 5.5..(as compared to 7 in other modules) So speak slowly and make your voice audible. If you know about the background of the person who is sitting in front of you then try to speak in the way that you think he likes to be heard.

That is just i think..i don’t know if i am right or wrong.

06:37 AM Aug 22 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi rona

me too!

01:27 AM Jul 26 2013 |




11:14 PM Jan 28 2013 |




11:13 PM Jan 28 2013 |




It still difficult to me  to create my sentences by english understanding not by mother language. :(

03:07 AM Jan 27 2013 |

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