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Learn the First Conditional

Date: Feb 06 2012

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: First Conditional


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If you work hard, you could succeed. But wouldn’t it be easier just to enter a contest? Of course, people who enter contests can’t all be winners. But that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Some contests involve a quiz or physical competition, and require knowledge or talent. Others just require luck. But as Jason is beginning to learn, many contests come with a catch. Hear him explain to Marni why he just can’t stop entering contests.



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Jason:  I’ve become obsessed with entering contests.

Marni:  Really?

Jason:  Yeah. I think if I just enter enough, I’ll eventually win.

Marni:  ‘Cause the odds are sort of in your favor, the more you enter, the more likely you are to win.

Jason:  Right. But some contests these days make the odds really complicated. Like you can enter every day, and then sometimes I’ll enter for myself and people in my family, so it becomes this really big chore to go on this website every day, you know. But that grand prize, it’s just so sweet sometimes. You just look at that picture of that cruise ship, and you’re like, “Yes, I want that for free.”

Marni:  So, OK, I think you answered my question. It was gonna be, “Where do you enter contests?” It sounds like primarily via the internet.

Jason:  Yeah. I guess you could mail things in, I just don’t know where you find those.

Marni:  Yeah, that seems to be waning, although I recently kept seeing all these ads for the Publisher’s Clearing House, and I don’t really know how that works…

Jason:  Oh, I entered that! It’s online.

Marni:  It’s online. OK, so you just enter in. But you know, you just see people, these very normal looking people, winning millions of dollars, and you have to wonder, why is that not me?

Jason:  Exactly. But the problem is, it’s kind of a scam, ‘cause contests a lot of times will start sending you junk mail, or add you to some email list. So you kind of have to be fighting off all this stuff if you’re in the habit of entering contests.

Marni:  Yeah. Well, I…good luck, you know.

Jason:  Fingers crossed.

Marni:  Yeah.


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Jason has been entering a lot of contests recently. He enters most of them online. He thinks that if he keeps entering contests, eventually he’ll have to win.

Marni understands Jason’s interest in entering contests. She says that normal people have won lots of money in contests. So it seems like she or Jason should have a chance of winning, too.

One problem that Jason has found with contests is that after entering them, they often send you junk mail or emails that you don’t want. But if you win, it will be worth it!

Have you ever entered a contest? Have you won any contests?



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Jason is right , most of the contest are pure bullshit or scam if you like  putting it  that way.In Argentina  we have on television  several of them. I knew the answer  and the prize was enticing, so  using my cellphone  I dialed up the number  and a female voice got the call and  asked me a stupid question ,congratulated me  and instead of putting me through to the programme to answer the question, told me that the line was occupied and should try again.The call cost me one dollar , thousands of viewers  are calling each night , and at one dollar each -do the math !   I was a sucker.

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