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pass with flying colors

pass with flying colors

Date: Feb 09 2012

Themes: School


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“My therapist told me I passed with flying colors, but we’ll see how things go.”

- Actress Amanda Seyfried, talking about her mental health. (Glamour)

- 女演员阿曼达·塞弗里德 (Amanda Seyfried) 正在谈论她的精神健康状况。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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do extremely well; easily pass or succeed

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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When you take a test, it’s most important to pass, rather than fail. But if you can pass with flying colors, that’s even better.

The expression pass with flying colors used to be a sailing term. When one ship passed another, it would fly its flag, or colors, in order to identify itself. Only a pirate ship wouldn’t pass with flying colors.

These days, pass with flying colors is more often used to talk about the results of an exam. If you get an A+ on a test, you can say you passed with flying colors.

The actress Amanda Seyfried says that her therapist told her she passed with flying colors. She probably didn’t take an actual test, though. She just showed that she is psychologically healthy…or at least not crazy. And that’s a good thing. Nobody wants to get an “F” from their therapist. Not even pirates.

Have you ever passed a test with flying colors? What can you do to make sure you pass with flying colors?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Maggie studied hard for her biology test and passed with flying colors.”

“If I don’t pass my math final with flying colors, I might fail the course.”

“I asked my professor how I was doing in her class, and she said I would pass with flying colors if I kept up the good work.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

anges491 it means to do something with distinction, very well, with a very high grade.
by anges491
Quynh Mai to pass successfully
by Quynh Mai
It means that you pass something with great success.
by candycandice
dearpesar to pass an examination with a very high score or to complete a difficult activity very successfully
by dearpesar

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I was not a brilliant student in school and the University. But I was not at the “back row” as well :)  To pass with flying colors was the rare event for me, but it happened anyway.

With blood and sweat, with hard labour students and I gained the education at our University  . We had not even any chance to up our eyes from textbooks. We had not even any chance to look  out of window to dream during the lections :))))) Days and nights we prepared the long and complicated written works, verbal preparations, not saying about the crazy time during the session of exams.

University, University…….I miss you, University. ;) You took away million nervous cells – they were the payment for the diploma I have got now.  

05:02 PM Feb 09 2012 |




don’t mention it buddy Mexi : )

but you’ve also invited me to follow your footsteps, you’ve taught me that  the thirst for a higher education not only means a better chance to land a lucrative job, but also it’s an advantage you’ll have over thousands of other jobseekers.

so I return the favor and want to thank you


04:28 PM Feb 09 2012 |

Mexican Curious


Thanks Snoopy… 

04:20 PM Feb 09 2012 |




 Mex. You need to aim for flying grades, because in your case you have to stand out from the rest.

it’s hard enough to land a job when you’re the average joe, I would encourage you  to keep pushing towards your goal,


04:14 PM Feb 09 2012 |




I need pass with flying colors in my next english exam, ‘till now, this hadn’t happen :(

04:10 PM Feb 09 2012 |

1 person likes this

Mexican Curious


I can understand what you are talking… Since i was 17 years old, almost to finish highschool, i had to work. I finished university while working, it tooks me 6 years…

I usually don’t like to presume, but i was the “valedictorian” of generation… That is why i said that passing subjects with flying colors is not a warranty to get a better job, or to earn more money…

Now, i must continue with a master degree… Having a career is not enough, at least in México so much people do it. universities are “free”, Goverment subsidizes them, then a lot of people have a career… Just in my little City Hermosillo, we have more than 12 Universities, and good ones…

Masters degrees are expensive, that is gonna be difficult, i have a daughter to feed, and she wants a little brother… So, i need money!!!

04:07 PM Feb 09 2012 |



Kropeczka, you have changed the subject to pizzas.. Probably you also like eating like me:)))

I guess most of people like pizza, right. My favourite one is also with cheese. 

Is pizza a fast food?? Probably..

04:02 PM Feb 09 2012 |




        ”A little taste of failure fuels an appetite for success”   have you heard that before?, if not, read my story…

   At school I wasn’t studious; I was always the “last-minute” guy. Let me explain. I didn’t always pay attention in class, and it was always a hassle for me to keep up with the loads of homework I was given, sometimes I’ll do them a couple of hours before they’re due, sometimes I’d just copy the answers from my peers. I always crammed before my tests; I never participated in study groups or review sessions either. Miraculously, I always had acceptable scores for my tests, and I never cheated. I had a knack to pick up stuff easily but I wasn’t pushing myself too hard, acing my exams never was my goal. As a result, I was a notch above the average student, never failed one class during high school.

     But life had its plan for me, a lesson to teach me, a test I didn’t see coming, a pop quiz. Circumstances had caused me to be on my own sooner than I wanted, it was tough but it was meant to be. But it also meant that if I wanted to better my financial crisis, I needed a higher education and such luxury came with a price tag, and I had to pay out of my own pockets, so I surprised myself and finally attended a public university, with no support whatsoever. I attended the late courses because I had to work in the morning. Late classes meant that I was surrounded by adults, people who were relatively way smarter and their participation during the classes and spontaneous understanding of stuff baffled me. So the instructor was very rapid during his lectures, the delivery of the notions were done very quickly, this was nothing like what I was used to, I realized  this new environment was more challenging. One evening the instructor announced that we were going to have our first exam tomorrow, my jaw dropped and I looked around, none of my peers seemed to be bothered by that. I was certain I was going to flunk that test, but then I remembered the special gift I had, “I’ll just cram hours before the test, and I’ll be fine, it always worked, I’ll be fine”. Wrong! I failed that test. When the instructor announced to the class how well they’ve done on the first test, I knew this praise wasn’t directed at me, and when I was handed my results a nice 40% greeted me. This meant, my second test and final one for this class was going to be a high-stake test and I needed a 100% on it, to pass this course altogether.

     This was an uphill battle on a stormy weather to me, how could I possibly ace this upcoming high-stake test? So for the first time I found myself preparing in advance for an exam. the  textbook was as thick as the dictionary I had with me, looking up all those sophisticated terms, I’d spend hours trying to make sense out of all the jargons I was reading, I had the textbook up to my nose everywhere, on the bus, at work, while eating. My goal wasn’t to ace the final exam, but to do better next year when I retake that class. So that day came when we were given the final exam. I looked at the sheet, to my surprise, all the questions seemed very easy, and to make my task even easier, the instructor included a bonus question, that one was a little tough. I answered all questions but the bonus, the extra credit the cherry on the icing. I was confident about my answers, but that bonus was very tempting, so I gave it a try, then I turned in my sheet to the instructor, I was the first student that did so. I thought I did good that day , I was expecting a 80%  or at the most a 90% as grade for that exam, I felt proud because I realized how easy this class is going to be next year. I was wrong again. When the teacher handed the result sheets to us, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had a 100%.I turned the sheet over and also got the answer for the bonus question right,   + 10%. I passed this exam with flying colors, and consequently passed this course also. What a relief it was to me, now I didn’t have to retake the class, my hard-earned money will go towards a higher class next year.

    This first year in College was an eye opener for me. I realized that more was expect from me, I was in a phase in life where giving my average wasn’t good enough, I had to try my best for all classes because the stakes were higher. The new challenges I was facing were so demanding, that even by giving them my best shots weren’t enough for me to ace any other test, but I was still a notch above the average students. The lesson life taught me was to always do my best, whatever challenges I now face I always aim for a flying color grade, because If I fail to make that grade , I’ll be fine, I’ll be above average.

“Aim for the stars, because even if you miss, you’ll land on the moon” a famous saying

: )

03:43 PM Feb 09 2012 |




Can I change the subject of this conversation? Do you know that today is pizza’s day? What kind of pizza do you like? I love the one with double cheese :) and hot pizza. Do you concider pizzas a fast food?

01:53 PM Feb 09 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I hope someday if we can passing our occupation .

Usually We use pass when you want talk about the examination or test at school .

The main thing we should passing in our lives , when we need create some methoed .

Have a nice time .

12:10 PM Feb 09 2012 |




In my profession,I apply ” test” in pupils making an “physical evaluation” in determined time,exactly to mesure physical results…If my pupil is successful I think “I was successful too” ‘cause I reached out the goal ;)

11:56 AM Feb 09 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh, this tem of my university i pass with flying colors….i almost backward all my books..study hard has some trouble but as now i see the score and sequence i think it has value…....

why playing and fail when u could study and pass???

11:22 AM Feb 09 2012 |



i hope i can pass my english exam with flying colors


10:44 AM Feb 09 2012 |



Dear Buttafly, seems you don’t have any exams to worry about, that’s wonderful. But I think exams are not only things to pass with flying colors.

Life includes many surprises, many situation..So good luck to you too..Hope you always pass with flying colors.

09:49 AM Feb 09 2012 |




I hope  to pass with so much ( lol)  flying colors my next english test …

08:40 AM Feb 09 2012 |




Since I got into school, I have been passing but not with flying colors… I have been getting enough marks in my subjects….I can’t say that I passed with flying colors….

08:07 AM Feb 09 2012 |

1 person likes this

abdull qader


I have never passed any test with flying colors   im lazy    hahahhahahahahhahah

07:30 AM Feb 09 2012 |


United States

I am a PIRATE! booosh!

06:44 AM Feb 09 2012 |

lynn lam

lynn lam


i wish i can pass with flying colors at Ielts test。

06:08 AM Feb 09 2012 |



I guess you are right Creus, I am not the only person in this situation:)

05:13 AM Feb 09 2012 |

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