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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
大侦探福尔摩斯 2:诡影游戏

Learn about Adjectives

Date: Feb 15 2012

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Adjectives


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The character of Sherlock Holmes has been around since the 1800s. But audiences don’t seem to get tired of him. What is it about the maniacal sleuth that keeps people coming back for more?

The latest Sherlock Holmes movie is A Game of Shadows, with Robert Downey, Jr. playing the famous detective. Marni and Mason both recently saw it. Find out if they detected any brilliance in the film.

夏洛克·福尔摩斯是 19 世纪的人物角色。但观众似乎并不对他生厌。这个疯狂侦探的哪种特质如此吸引观众?
最新的大侦探福尔摩斯电影是《诡影游戏》,由小罗伯特·唐尼 (Robert Downey, Jr) 出演这位著名的侦探。马尼和梅森最近都看过这部电影。看看他们是否在电影中发现了什么光彩之处。


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Mason:  So Marni, did you get around to seeing any of the blockbusters?

Marni:  I went and saw Sherlock Holmes as a matter of fact.

Mason:  Oh really.

Marni:  Did you like it?

Mason:  I thought it was OK. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one, and this one kind of, I think, was in the same realm. It was like, I enjoyed watching it.

Marni:  Sure. It’s entertaining, but it didn’t blow your mind.

Mason:  Yeah, but I won’t see it again.

Marni:  OK. I like to see this character…I like that he’s had this resurgence. And I think it’s an interesting take. You know, they sort of have this modern flair even though it’s still set in the late 1800s in London. And it’s kind of an interesting mix of this…he’s still sort of that crazy, maniacal genius, but he’s also really tough.

Mason:  Yeah. I mean, I did really like what they do with the cinematography in the sequences that he’s, like, thinking through all of his moves, and it’s all happening in his head.

Marni:  You know, it’s interesting, because not only has this film come about, but there’s also a new BBC series about Sherlock Holmes, and it’s set in modern day London, same characters, and Sherlock Holmes is just a complete sociopath. He’s just really horrible, and yet still that genius. It’s an interesting take on that as well. I’m just fascinated that this character that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in the late 1800s has had this whole resurgence again.

Mason:  Everything old is new again.

Marni:  Exactly.


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Marni and Mason both recently saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. But they have different opinions about it. Mason thought it was entertaining, but not excellent. Marni, on the other hand, really enjoyed it.

Marni says that she liked how Sherlock Holmes in this film is both a genius and very tough. She thinks the character of Sherlock Holmes is fascinating and likes how much interest there has been in him lately. She thinks it’s interesting that the character is still so popular, even though he was created over 100 years ago.

Do you think Sherlock Holmes is an interesting character? Who are some of your favorite characters from books or movies? How would you describe them?



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I watched this movie and its awsome. I like the whole character of Sherlock holmes and the movie was great. Robert Downey Jr. is such a great actor the character of Sherlock holmes really fits to him. would love to watched Part 3. :)

05:29 AM Feb 15 2012 |




Oh, my! Finally Sherlock Holmes on Ebaby… I’ve been looking forward to it, as a matter of fact :) 

I went to see this movie twice, it’s just perfect! By far, this one is better than the first movie. There’re more action, fun, visual effects, and the plot is smarter, it’s gripping! I do understand that most of Sherlock Holmes fans aren’t happy with the course the movies are taking, but I’m totally cool with that. In my opinion, they kinda reinvented the characters but in a way that they didn’t lose their “essence”. Actually I prefer this version of Sherlock a little bit, ‘coz in the books he’s so serious and full of himself, and in the film he’s more“humanized”

But my favorite character from a book is, for sure, Arsène Lupin. Have anyone here already heard of him? If you haven’t, google it and you won’t be sorry :)

01:38 AM Feb 15 2012 |

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