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Celebrity Divorce
Celebrity Divorce

Learn the Past Progressive Tense

Date: Feb 21 2012

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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In the US, about 40% of marriages end in the divorce. That’s a lot. But it seems like divorce is even more common among celebrities. Nearly every time you pick up a tabloid, there’s a headline about a couple splitting up on its cover. Whether it’s because of their busy careers, the pressures of fame, or the temptation of being constantly surrounded by other attractive people, it sometimes seems like famous people just can’t manage to stay married. Hear Marni and Mason talk about celebrity divorce.

在美国,约有 40% 的婚姻以离婚告终。这个比例非常大。但似乎名人圈中离婚更为普遍。几乎每次当你拿起小报时,就会在封面上看到某对夫妻分道扬镳的标题。无论是因为忙于事业、名声压力或不断被其他性感人士诱惑,似乎名人有时很难掌控婚姻。听听马尼和梅森讲述名人离婚。


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Marni:  Mason, I was looking at this tabloid, and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are on the cover, and they’re soon to be divorced.

Mason:  I didn’t peg them for a divorced couple. Like, there were definitely plenty that I’m like, yeah, that’s not gonna last. But I thought they had something going.

Marni:  It seems like there’s been a rash of celebrity divorces recently, and specifically J Lo, I think, has had her fair share of relationships, but I won’t go there. You know, does it seem like celebrities in general just can’t make a marriage last? Is it harder on them because they’re celebrities?

Mason:  I always assume so, just because I think marriage is hard work for pretty much everybody. I don’t know, you may think I’m not romantic saying that, but I generally believe that acknowledging that it’s not all fluffy rainbows and unicorns, you’ll probably have a better success rate. But celebrities don’t necessarily have to commit to one person, and do things that are hard.

Marni:  OK. Sure, you know, and some people have to stay in marriages because they sort of feel like they have no choice, if you’re not rich and famous. But it could be just because they’re celebrities, the nature of that is that we’re hearing about them. You know, perhaps it’s just indicative of divorce rates in general in the United States.

Mason:  It’s just like there’s a philosophical shift that’s happened in our lifetimes and our parents’ lifetimes around, like, personal happiness and self-fulfillment rather than, like, self-sacrifice and commitment and sticking together. Yeah, people care about different stuff.

Marni:  Yeah, absolutely. And celebrities, you know…who more than celebrities are into pleasing themselves and their own personal happiness.


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Marni and Mason are surprised to learn of yet another celebrity divorce. Marni says it seems like celebrities just can’t manage to stay married. But she wonders if marriage in general is becoming too difficult for people. Maybe it just seems like celebrities get divorced more than average people because their divorces are always on the covers of tabloids.

Mason says that divorce has become more common in general. People are less willing to do the hard work it takes to maintain a committed relationship. They’re more interested in their personal happiness than sacrificing themselves for others. Marni agrees, but she thinks celebrities might be even more self-centered than the average person.

Why do you think divorce has become more common recently? Do you think it’s harder for celebrities to stay married than average people? Why?



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Mebal Lee

Mebal Lee


but I generally believe that acknowledging that it’s not all fluffy rainbows and unicorns, you’ll probably have a better success rate.  what fluffy rainbows and unicorns mean in this sentense?

03:34 AM Feb 21 2012 |




“Like, there were definitely plenty that I’m like, yeah, that’s not gonna last”

-> I dont understand this part. :(

And for this topic, I wont have any comments :-)

02:21 AM Feb 21 2012 |

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The Last Joke


In fact ,every unhappy family has its own unique reason for being unhappy.

So , a couple who decides to end a marriage and go for a divorce. They have their unique reasons for discord.

I mean :There are many different and complex causes and reasons for divorce : let me tell you some of them :

Financial problems Infidelity -Abandonment -Alcohol addiction-Substance Abuse , 

Mental Illness  Inability to manage or resolve conflict personality differences

Differences in personal and career goals  Interference from parents or in laws.

 the last thing :

in  some countries, i think the freedom is given higher stress !!! 

11:41 PM Feb 20 2012 |

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