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Celebrating Graduations
Celebrating Graduations

Learn Passive Voice

Date: Mar 21 2012

Themes: School

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Graduations are an important rite of passage. But some graduation celebrations can feel a little over the top, especially when the guest of honor is only graduating from elementary school or middle school. These graduations aren’t as important as college graduation or even high school graduation. Yet that often doesn’t stop parents from sending out graduation announcements and throwing their child a party. Schools have special graduation ceremonies too, where each graduating student receives a diploma and wears a cap and gown. Hear Marni and Mason talk about graduations.



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Mason:  A friend of mine has a little brother who just had a middle school graduation party. It wasn’t just a party, the whole ceremony. The school put this on.

Marni:  Really? They still do that for middle school?

Mason:  Still? I didn’t know they did that ever. I think it’s ridiculous.

Marni:  I seem to recall there being some pomp and circumstance at some point at that age. There’s sort of like an eighth grade promotion, like, OK, you’re going to high school now. But it’s not a big to-do.

Mason:  Right. That’s appropriate. But then, like, graduating high school, that’s OK. Graduating college, that’s a big deal.

Marni:  That’s a big deal. You know, my cousin just graduated from college. She lives in Florida. I was invited. Of course, I couldn’t attend, because I can’t fly all the way across the country to watch her walk across the stage. I’m very happy for her, but you know, it’s not something that…I feel like it’s more of a personal accomplishment.

Mason:  I always feel like the whole thing’s kind of ridiculous. Like no one knows what the cap and gown’s for, and the mortar…isn’t that what it’s called? The hat?

Marni:  Yeah, and you move the tassel to one side.

Mason:  It’s really a ceremony that’s lost, I think, a lot of its meaning.

Marni:  It is a rite of passage, in some respects, and I think it is worthy of celebrating. But the middle school thing is pretty fascinating. Next we’re going to be like…what?

Mason:  Kindergarten graduation!

Marni:  Well, we’ll see.

Mason:  There is a big industry in baby cap and gowns, ‘cause you have to buy a new one every year. They grow like weeds.

Marni:  Ooh. Actually, maybe we should get in on this.


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Mason tells Marni about his friend’s little brother, who just had a big graduation party and ceremony for graduating from middle school. Mason thinks it’s silly that a big deal is being made out of graduating from middle school.

Nearly everybody graduates from middle school, so it isn’t a big accomplishment, like graduating from college. According to Mason, even graduating from high school isn’t that special.

Marni says that graduations are a rite of passage. She thinks that they are very important on a personal level. But maybe there doesn’t need to be as much pomp and circumstance as typically goes with them.

Which graduations are celebrated in your country? What kind of celebrations do you usually have for graduations?



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GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

in my country, most people clebrate after high school and college. some would like to do their own party for their children whatever they accomplish. it could be for an important stage or for something might seem worthless.

08:42 PM Mar 26 2012 |

The Last Joke


Friends :

So far from ebaby’s question , in the day of Celebrating Graduation in ebaby , it will not matter how many friends we had in ebaby , which nickname or photo we used in ebaby ,,,but our world maybe will be better because we had great teachers in ebaby !!!

Friends :

In that day of Celebrating Graduation in ebaby , i can no other answer make ,,but , thanks , thanks & thanks a lot for ebaby’s teachers !!

04:40 AM Mar 25 2012 |

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Algerian children start school around the age of 6.They spend 5 years at priamary school, 4 years at middle school, 3 years at high school and from 3 to 8 years at university. there’s a graduation after each level but the most important and the most celebrated is high school graduation when you succeed at baccalaureate exam. many people hold parties, where family, friends and neighbours are invited. the guest of honours receives gifts and money.
It’s also very common for university graduates to get a light meal inside the university just after viva. the jury members, family, friends and all those who attended the viva gather in a room full of pastry home-made cookies and drinks. the graduate makes a small speech and then everybody eat and drink and they take photographs to make the day unforgettable.
However, there are people who also celebrate college graduation by holding a party at home few days after graduation. and more and more people also celebrate middle school graduation and even primary school graduation, but it still very rare especially for the last one.

07:53 AM Mar 24 2012 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


in my country nowadays they even celebrate Kindergarten graduation Laughing and it’s a big deal for children becoz they really enjoy it and they take pics & I dnt think it’s ridiculous still it makes some other ppl happy

09:17 PM Mar 22 2012 |

cheer manal


In my country it´s mostly high school graduation that is celebrated,it´s a big deal for graduates to arrange pomp and circumstance ,it´s their special day, as they overcome a difficult phase through their educational life, even their parents share the delight and they are kind of proud of their son/daughter´s achievement.

01:42 PM Mar 22 2012 |

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Sure, Julito! The whole package! :) The tickets are on sale! Laughing

09:14 PM Mar 21 2012 |

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Butta and Ola,  no graduation is complete  without a ball room. Wink

08:39 PM Mar 21 2012 |



Our graduation from school at the age of about 18 is called the ‘Abitur’. This years exams have just started. You need a good Abitur to get into university and become for example a doctor or psychologist. Luckily I have 3 more years to go but I’m already a little scared to be honest.

But not everybody does Abitur. There are three different types of school in Germany: Hauptschule (Which would be something like main school in English which is for the people that don’t care too much about education and aren’t that clever. No offense!) Here you do a Hauptschulabschluss at the age of 16 and then start working.

Then there’s Realschule which is probably where most people go. It’s slightly more challenging than Hauptschule and you do a Realschulabschluss at the age of 16. You can then work for example as an occupational therapist.

Then there’s the Gymnasium which is where I go and which is where you take the aforementioned exams called Abitur (short: Abi).

I don’t really know how the Abitur is celebrated because I don’t know anyone who has passed theirs yet but I guess it’s quite a big thing seeing as it’s the only truly important exam german students ever take. (not like for example in the UK where one has GCSE’s and A-levels) I know that people are awarded for their academic achievements in a ceremony at the end. For example the student with the best Abitur or someone who excelled at French is awarded with a membership at some special academic institution or gets a certain amount of cash. I guess I will see what it’s like in a few years time… :)

07:43 PM Mar 21 2012 |




Buttafly, yes, honestly, I think I deserve already some of that attire. I used to write only a couple of sentences… now I’m comfortable with adding more inf. It would be fun if everyone on his profile picture would wear cap and gown. The newcomer would pop in and say—Oh my, what is it, some kind of cointinuing education department. “I want that, I want that” and he/she would enrol quickly.


06:13 PM Mar 21 2012 |




Well, I think it’s a rite of passage when it leads you to the next important step in your life, like the high school graduation after which you can go to college or University and start thinking about your future profession picking up major carefully (an important step).

Generally, here every graduation starting from preschool and up to high school is pomp and circumstance. It also depends on the school though. If it’s a private school, it’s even more grand ( you can see the 3 year old wearing cap and gown). Parents take it very seriously, seeing it as an achievement of their loved ones. Plus, before every graduation, a preschool student undergoes a pretty much long preparation and numerous rehearsals for the big concert that will be honored by TV guys and an article in the newspaper. It’s a good ad for the school, pride for parents that their child is participating and is ready for the next “academic” level.

Well, and it might also contribute to support the kid’s self esteem when all this rite of passage is blown out or propotion. And might even encourage the kid to study more…

But not that ritual as Julito descibed. That one is very unusual. The only benefit of it— a good mask for hair Embarassed

I like the last Marni’s words as for being involved in all this graduation process. Can imagine all EB profiles in cap and gown :)

03:37 PM Mar 21 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in my country ,it depends on,if you want to celebrating garduation or not.

03:33 PM Mar 21 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

celebrating graduation from school is not important for me but from college I think it is so important especially if the field you study is diffcult or rare. I always imagine my self wearing cap and gown, carring the certificate ,walking on the red carpet and all the audince clap to me .I am studying ,an international and a second language in all over the world and I wish all these happen to me .Thats my dream. supplicate to me .This is my point of view.In my country the school’s member celebrate at the end of every stage. and I do not like that so much .I have a question about” move the tassel to one side.” I do not understand it but I think its related to the custom in that country .If there is anyone know it please tell me .I like to know anything about culture in all over th wourld .Thank you.

03:26 PM Mar 21 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually this lesson pain me , make me feel disappointment Really , when I was waiting my graduation after finished my education suddenly everything become weird , happened some bad circumstances in my country , We had the uprising against the occupation I can’t watch my graduation Really I feel a big sorrow .

In my opinion doesn’t have anything like  the graduation when your familly see you on the stage , when you recieve  your graduation certificate , when you take some pictures  with your guests with your teachers , Really this atmosphere the most moments beautiful during our lives .

I holder on the administration and economic science certificate , my specialization is bank works and bookkeeping at the companies .

I hope if I can’t see my graduation when I was studying at the university I hope someday When I decided to complete my high education to celebrate with my family my friends  everyone who loves me respect me .

I recommend all youth over the world must to care of the study we didn’t have anything without the culture if you became a rich man you should know the study is the more important in your lives .

We have some ritual in my country we invite our family we exchange the gifts we are dance , we make a big party .

Finally to all students who are waiting their graduation my congratulation to you .

03:02 PM Mar 21 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

I am waiting for my graduation  moment  from college. It is a rite of passage in my life. I have 16 years of studying and I think it is enough . I want to be a great English teacher. 

01:09 PM Mar 21 2012 |




Anja, promise me please that you will be still a member of English, baby! waiting for my detailed report.  

I’m washing my face with the tears of laugh  :) :) :)

You lifted my mood up. :)

I swear ,I promise I will give you detailed description of what I felt in case I will take a bite of this experience by next century.Laughing

11:56 AM Mar 21 2012 |




Anja, there is no doubt that “we live in an amazing, amazing world”.

I will definitely “go and feel it”  but  luckily in my next life. ;)

I’m sincerely happy for you and for all  people who have managed to see the world!!! Life should be like that!Smile

11:22 AM Mar 21 2012 |




1st of September is the beginning of the new academic year in my country.

This day is special for those who  is going to sit at the school desk at first time ( 6-7 years old)

It’s a true celebration for the kids on that day. The big celebratory meeting with director of school, teachers and other pupils of school  always holds.

The meeting takes place on the square near the school. There are lots of solemn speeches for the youngest pupils, lots of flowers, balloons, songs and dances.

After the meeting near the school children go into their classrooms to meet their first teacher. There are lots of flowers  for the teacher and special speeches as well. The first lesson in  their life starts. 

Next celebration pupils have when they finish school (17-18 years old).  After the formal and solemn ceremony of the delivery of   diploma  from the director of school to the each graduate personally the big party with food, alcohol, songs and dances arranges by pupils with some help from their parents.

 If you are lucky to be a student of  the University you will have two parties then.

Many school graduates dream to enter the University for the sake of to be at these parties  ( it’s a joke of course )

First party students of University have when they successfully finish the examination session on the stage of 2.5 years of the study. The name of the party is “Equator”. In other words it is a half-way to the finishing of the University.  The whole course of study is 5 years.  Party is organized by students. They have fun all night long with music, food and spirits of course.

Second party is the most important and unforgettable. ;)

University-graduates are invited to the big concert hall for the  congratulations and for the reward with diploma personally. The ceremony is similar to the delivery of awards during the International  festival of cinema ( I’m joking, though the part of true is still present in my words)

Students wear elegant clothes at that day. They all look like Hollywood stars. Their eyes shine like  stars too, because the burden of the study is behind and new independent life is opening the door for them.

After the reward, holding their diplomas in their hands they start the greatest  party in their lives.Laughing

07:58 AM Mar 21 2012 |




mostly, college graduation, it’s an important event to celebrate, but i think the most important event we should celebrate is getting a real job which we enjoy doing it. I mean any graduation isn’t a big deal in our lives as long as many people graduate every year, but the real success should be after that.

07:36 AM Mar 21 2012 |




I had no party,no pomp and gown when I graduated from middle school, We held a performance acted by students, and family will prepare a dinner to celebrate.when we graduated from high school, we always get together with several friends, stay at my home or friend’s home. or shopping, and do what we like to do ,don’t think anything except play.

06:45 AM Mar 21 2012 |




here we do not have pomp and circumstances,not that huge event.But I do think university graduation is a big deal,which is worth celebrating.We choose to have a big meal with best of friends,perhaps going to KTV to enjoy ourselves.Plus,meal after meal,KTV after KTV,we realize we are at the edge of graduating.

03:16 AM Mar 21 2012 |

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