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Shopping with Your Significant Other
Shopping with Your Significant Other

Learn the Passive Voice

Date: Apr 16 2012

Themes: Fashion, Romance

Grammar: Passive Voice


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We all want to look good for our significant other. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we want to take our significant other shopping with us. Some people like to try on clothes and get their boyfriend or girlfriend’s opinion before buying them. Unfortunately, not all boyfriends and girlfriends know how to give constructive criticism...or take it. When in doubt, just say, “You look great!”

Hear Jason’s advice to Amy about taking her significant other shopping with her.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Amy:  How am I going to get my boyfriend to come shopping with me this afternoon, Jason? I mean, I really just want his opinion on my new spring clothes. I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to offer his advice and tell me what looks cute.

Jason:  Wow, I don’t know. That is a typical sort of disagreement couples have. How do you tend to react when he gives you his opinion?

Amy:  You know, it’s hard because sometimes I think that guys just don’t get women’s fashion, in a way.

Jason:  Yeah. I know that I don’t, actually.

Amy:  You don’t?

Jason:  Yeah. I think that I sometimes know what I like and don’t like, but I don’t know why, so I don’t know how to fix it.

Amy:  I guess it depends on the person, partly. Like, you have to know what looks good in general, but also, what you like on your girlfriend or what looks good on her.

Jason:  It’s true, but sometimes things take getting used to. I’ve both come around to certain items of clothing and been like, “Oh, I actually do really like that,” and at first I thought it was really weird. And I’ve also been convinced to buy something that I didn’t think would look very good, and then eventually, I am convinced that it does, on me.

Amy:  Really. On you. So you’ll let your girlfriend give you advice on what to wear?

Jason:  Sure. And it’ll be like, “Oh, I think that looks really good.” And I’m like, “Really? OK…” And then, you know, after I’ve worn it a few times, I start to agree.


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Amy asks Jason for advice. She wants her boyfriend to come shopping with her and give her his opinion on some new clothes that she wants to buy for herself. But he doesn’t want to go.

Jason asks Amy how she reacts when her boyfriend does give her his opinion. She admits that sometimes she thinks he just doesn’t understand women’s fashion.

Jason says that he doesn’t really get women’s fashion himself. Sometimes he likes something but doesn’t know why. His girlfriend must understand men’s fashion, though. She gives Jason advice about what to wear sometimes, and he usually ends up liking what she picks out, even if he isn’t so sure about it at first.

Do you like shopping with your significant other? Do you and your boyfriend or girlfriend ever argue over shopping or clothes?



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Anja, thanks for sharing a cool video.

“Look, she never got to the Gap, look… $875”

Yeah, impulsive shopping will end up with a whopping number of $$$ if you don’t curb your enthusiasm and just walk around window shopping, but who can do it? We’re not robots :) Once trapped on one plazza for interminable 4 hours, i just got to a health store. And here the “magic tricks” started working. The music, the tea, a comfortable chair to observe and enjoy the moment. Very attentive saleswoman and at the end easliy—$100 out of you pocket, but you’re happy thinking that you’ve made a deal buying the cutest tea set which was on sale and on top of it all the other cool products. Interesting, the spell is still on :)

10:31 AM Apr 16 2012 |




I like this lesson. and I like to five my advices when my wife buys clothes. I also like to buy her clothes myselfe. and I always can buy the one she likes. I am proud of my talented skill. hahaha

08:43 AM Apr 16 2012 |

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I think only two reasons could explain guys enjoy shopping.

1 the guy work for the fashion bussiness 2 he is a gay

I am working for the fashion so I cannot say I like shopping,I admit I don’t feel upset when shopping.

however,I believe every man like shopping with hottie.That’s wonderful to take a look at what she is trying on and give your nonsense advice.

08:26 AM Apr 16 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Are there any females here who do NOT like to shop?

I certainly defy the stereotype. I have never enjoyed going to malls or browsing through clothing stores.

Shopping online is another story, though; I enjoy shopping from home. No crowds! No screaming babies! And less chance of wayward germs exploiting my immune system!

(Although, I will put up with screaming babies and germs if we’re talking about book shopping. Now, that I can do for hours and hours. I love the smell of bookstores. I could easily drop lots of extra money there if I had it!)

06:50 AM Apr 16 2012 |



It depend on the person some can choose cloth for his partner and some can’t.

About me I can’t choose for my wife even when she ask me to do . I have tried but no way.Undecided

05:39 AM Apr 16 2012 |

1 person likes this




To me, i don’t prefer that at all because men don’t understand women fashion and they don’t care about it unless my partner would be a fashion designerLaughing

04:43 AM Apr 16 2012 |

1 person likes this




I am doing a survey  about this subject and definitely  the poll shows that men overall dont´t like  going to the outlets with their  significant other .  At most, i would fake a smile and pretend that everything is ok but  inwardly  thinking … when are  we leaving , does she really need so many outfits. ???   heheheheheSealed


12:46 AM Apr 16 2012 |




I agree with Butaffly, completely! Going shopping with my husband and expecting him to give constructive criticism on what looks good on me, is a utopia! lol

It would be a better idea to take along a good friend

12:18 AM Apr 16 2012 |




Buttafly lol you just mentioned the right word, it’s training for the olympics! Good that girl/woman still has some mercy to stop at the food court. Otherwise, it’s going to be a non-stop shopping marathon! Tongue out

08:57 AM Apr 15 2012 |

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I go shopping only by myself otherwise nothing is going to land in my basket. “You spend too much, it doesn’t fit you, why does it take that so long? We’ll meet in  15 minutes…” :))) and it’s endless. That’s my significant other. Laughing

But with my son who’s into fashion…  a teenager… I enjoy going shopping, sometimes. He has a keen eye what’s good and what’s not and if something wrong… he just chirps” you look funny” and I quickly put it back. And I never show what i bought as I have a tendency to buy a size smaller clothes. So it’s in a wardrobe waiting for the better time.

Tongue out

02:47 AM Apr 15 2012 |




In fact, shopping with a girl makes you feel headache!  Tongue out
She will try on so many clothes, at the end she will buy only one or two of them, after she will start to look for different clothes but this time just to try on not to buy. < ( this is only for the clothes part don’t forget the other part which is the shoes)Smile

However, I think it’s a good idea to go shopping with a girl for anyone who wants to do some exercise and have some fun at the same time Wink

04:00 PM Apr 14 2012 |

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