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Being Shy
Being Shy

Learn Gerunds and Infinitives

Date: Apr 30 2012

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Shyness can be misleading. A shy person might seem unfriendly. In class, teachers sometimes think that the shy students have nothing to say. But even though outgoing people spend more time in the spotlight than shy people, that doesn’t mean shy people aren’t just as interesting and fun. It might just take some time before a shy person can feel comfortable and come out of her shell.

Jason is not shy at all. Amy used to be shy, but she has learned to be more outgoing. Hear them discuss the pros and cons of being shy.



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Amy:  Are you shy at all, Jason?

Jason:  No.

Amy:  So you’ll just go up to anyone and start a conversation.

Jason:  Pretty much. I know I’m not shy, because I’ve been trying to give people advice about things at times, and I’ll say, “Why don’t you just call that person up and say this?” And they’ll go, “Oh my gosh, I could never do that.”

Amy:  Right.

Jason:  Are you shy?

Amy:  I don’t think I’m shy anymore, most of the time, but when I was a kid, I was really shy. And I kind of had to force myself to get over my shyness.

Jason:  Wow. How did you do that?

Amy:  I think just by doing the kinds of things that you’re talking about, like just forcing myself to do something that would maybe make me uncomfortable, and then just seeing, like, it’s not that bad. Like, you get through it, and it’s fine, and you can kind of fake it ‘til you make it, you know?

Jason:  Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, shyness for the most part is just fear, I guess, and it’s not really fear of anything worth being afraid of, so if you can just force yourself to do it anyway…

Amy:  I think so, and I think when you see what you can kind of gain sometimes by not being shy, then that can kind of help you overcome it if you want to. But there are advantages to being shy too, and to holding back a little bit and waiting until you kind of get to know somebody better before really coming all the way out of your shell.

Jason:  That’s true, especially in our age of social networking and everyone sort of being a performer and a brand. Someone who’s shy can come off as more genuine.

Amy:  Yeah.


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Jason says he is not shy at all. He isn’t afraid to do things or say things that other people are too shy to do. Sometimes he even surprises people by how outgoing he is.

Unlike Jason, Amy was shy when she was younger. She had to force herself to be more outgoing by doing things that made her uncomfortable, like talking to people she didn’t know.

Even though she is happy that she isn’t as shy anymore, Amy thinks that there are advantages to being shy. Jason agrees that shy people sometimes seem more genuine and serious.

Are you shy? Do you know any shy people? Do you think it is better to be shy or outgoing?



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yup am as muslim satisfy be shying person.coz of shy human could get silent attraction by others…........

03:54 AM Apr 30 2012 |





i am not shy person ever , i am outgoing i don`t see the sy persons are coward but u know sometimes not everytimes they look like without self-confident and that`s when they go far and be behind spotlight …..

but i belive the real shy person this is thing genetic with them , they born to be shy person

01:42 AM Apr 30 2012 |




Oh, I see, poor guy. Help him, say it’s ok, if he’s not liked on the first date. It’s normal. Otherwise, all the women would marry the same guy.

01:03 AM Apr 30 2012 |




hehe , he is not a pro, he is faking to be interested  in taking pics.    

01:01 AM Apr 30 2012 |




Julito, honestly, I’ve never seen shy photographers :)

12:59 AM Apr 30 2012 |




I have known of a guy  who was or is very shy  ,specially when he is among women , and   see what   kind of shield  he has to protect him  and hide his insecurities, when in parties,  he is always moving around hidden behind a digital camera taking pictures    , this way he avoids to have  to socialice  with  the guests.Cry

12:52 AM Apr 30 2012 |




What I think about shyness. It’s genetic. I’m shy by nature and can see a shy person from the distance. I recognize them :)) by some of the traits that i have. They, the traits, can be different though, to less or more degree. It’s how a person controls himself. If you control yourself than, yes, an element of shyness is present in your personality. Shyness, got to agree, is one of the disabilities, because first of all a person himself is suffering from that. When you don’t release your feelings and depend on the opinion of the surrounding world, it’s sort of unhappy situation of your well being. Lack of freedom… How it can be improved - practice! To be exposed more on public, even if you blush or sweat, it’s normal - let it happen. I’ve seen not shy people at all also blushing, so it’s not the end of the world. Shy people are very sensitive to the slightest mistake they make. In this case, no one is perfect. Shy people expect the worst of the situation and panic if something goes not on plan or not normal. And very shy people are always laughing. It’s their protective behaviour. And if they’re in a company of friends, oh, my hold them tight—they’re so relaxed and free, you’d better hold them. They just go banannas. Such opposites… Well, that’s how it is to be shy. :)))))

12:36 AM Apr 30 2012 |

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