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Learn the Past Progressive Tense

Date: May 04 2012

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Have you ever gotten a creepy feeling you couldn’t identify, or heard noises you couldn’t explain? It was probably nothing. But it could have been a ghost.

Lots of people have reported having encounters with ghosts. Some ghost stories are scary, but not all ghosts are angry or mean. Some, it seems, just want to make a connection with the world of the living.

Sometimes an encounter with a ghost can even be comforting. A message from a dead loved one can make you feel less alone. It’s nice to imagine that your ancestors have your back, even from beyond the grave. Hear Jason and Amy talk about ghosts.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Amy:  Somebody recently told me a really detailed and terrifying story about this apartment that she lived in being haunted.

Jason:  Woah.

Amy:  She told me this story, and it was so scary to me. But at the same time, I was a little jealous. She actually had an undeniable experience of ghosts. I mean, that would be kind of cool, in a way.

Jason:  So what sort of haunting are we talking about here?

Amy:  Really scary stuff, like she would wake up in the night and she would hear a woman crying. And it sounded like it was coming from the end of her bed.

Jason:  Woah.

Amy:  She would hear, like, stomping around, banging sounds. She never actually saw a ghost, but she heard all these spooky, inexplicable sounds.

Jason:  Yeah, that’s a lot more than just getting some chills or something, you know?

Amy:  Definitely. Have you ever had an experience with a ghost?

Jason:  Yeah, I think so. I’ve never felt haunted, really, I guess. But I guess you could say I’ve felt like I communicated with a dead family member before, something like that.

Amy:  Was there some sort of evidence, or was it just a feeling you had?

Jason:  Yeah, just a feeling I had, just a sort of…almost like thoughts that came from somewhere else it seemed, like as if someone was talking in my brain.

Amy:  Woah.

Jason:  Well, I tell you what. I’ll find a sheet, and I’ll come over to your house in the middle of the night, and I’ll give you a good scaring.


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Amy recently heard a scary story about a haunted apartment. The girl living in the apartment heard lots of strange and spooky noises that couldn’t be explained. She even heard a woman crying and it sounded like it was coming from the end of the girl’s bed.

Even though the story scared Amy, she was also a little jealous. She thinks it would be cool to have some kind of experience with a ghost, because then you would know for certain that ghosts exist.

Jason thinks that ghosts do exist, at least in some form. He has had strange experiences like feeling as though a dead relative was sending him messages. Jason tells Amy he will come over to her house in a white sheet so she can feel like she has had an experience with a ghost, too.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had an experience with a ghost?



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I like ghost stories !!

01:53 PM May 05 2012 |




I wanna say i believe in ghost.Even though i had no experience with ghost ,But something happened on my relatives .That was so scary

In the early times,We put the dead people in the coffin drive it to the graveyard then bury it.One day ,There was a coffin fired when passed through my grandma’s house.Nobody know the reason.In our place that was a sign for the bad thing.It is said that the ghost in the coffin will take someone’s life from this family.After three month my aunt killed herself.Until now when some my relatives mentioned that ,they all felt strange and a little bit scaried.

01:43 PM May 05 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Really Ryo!!! |O|

12:40 PM May 05 2012 |




I believe ghost! “If you believe in God you must believe in the Devil (ghost)” and I think it’s cool when you have an ancestor wherever you go, I dont think if I have one :/

Well, I just wanna tell my story when I got a scary picture from my friend’s phone. It was like 3 years ago, me and my friends were going to a new street (kinda far from our house) to take some pictures for our film cover, and when we back home, my fried took pic of herself by her phone and she got 2 unknown people in her pic, she were wearing a glasses and the 2 unknown people were near the computer and my friend was on her bed, the 2 unknown people were in her glasses like reflection image, yeah something like that. First we thought it was just 1 unknown person and actually it was 2! mom and child, then my friend called her aunt and her aunt said yes it was 2 unknown people, they followed us from that new street. And lucky my friend told this to her aunt immediately, if it’s not she can get a high fever etc :/

All I can see, she has a long hair ad a long clothes but I dont really now the child, I mean the child wasnt really clear :/

Every countries have their own ghost style, I mean they can be everything we believe! If we believe them an A, they can be an A

so yeah thats one of my scary thing happened on me

11:04 AM May 05 2012 |




another ghost joke.

where do baby ghosts go during the day?

A:  Dayscare centers.       silly me. lol

10:00 AM May 05 2012 |



well, it can happen to any one of us ,but it is depend on the situation of the person.i think it is hard to believe in ghosts inspit of documentary presented on TV.

09:57 AM May 05 2012 |

1 person likes this

kane charles


i am  not sure about whether there  have ghost in the real world but sometimes there will be many phenomina we can not explain…

05:59 AM May 05 2012 |

Orikty *

Orikty *


well first sorry 4 my english it’s bad… well in my case I had an experience with a ghost and was scary… I just saw it and was amazing cause it was like a woman flying but I was very very sacared… for that I believe in this kind of things!

05:07 AM May 05 2012 |

1 person likes this



I believe what I want to believe, like ghosts. Even though i never had an experience but its always happend people around me. Surprised

04:23 AM May 05 2012 |



interesting objet and so emotional °!

12:25 AM May 05 2012 |

cheer manal


when i was a kid i heard different freaky stories of ghosts it was alleged to be real. i became all ears and  i really enjoyed them very much. i used to watch my sister playing uija board with her friends it was kind of mesterious and fascinating for me at that time we were not familiar with its danger. but when it was time to go to bed or to go to the bathroom haha then i was just a little coward. i had to beg my sister to come with me because i could by no means go alone.

11:17 PM May 04 2012 |

1 person likes this





11:06 PM May 04 2012 |



Ghosts are demons, the evil spirits of fallen angels. They can appear as if they are souls of loved ones who died. Therefore it is in my opinion very dangerous to communicate with ghosts. I don’t wish to see, hear or meet one.

07:47 PM May 04 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

ooow i love them

uyou know??they are our futhure

and a advise dont believe to Summoning the Spirit

that’s a relation with elf and this is Satanism

07:10 PM May 04 2012 |


United Kingdom

I love ghosts

04:50 PM May 04 2012 |

1 person likes this




Ok, this is probably irrelevant to the main topic a little bit but the last thing I fear is a floating human being. the following is a true account, by the way. Here goes…  : )

I remember one night at my grandparents;  I was tucked in bed with my grandfather besides me. “ Are you reading?” he asked , “ No” I replied. “Why is that damn table lamp on then?!” he barked at me, I did not answer, but I didn’t have to. “Are you afraid of the dark” he asked, with a little air of mockery. “I’m not afraid, I just like to be aware of my surroundings” I said, trying to lie my way out of this uncomfortable situation. “So basically, what you’re saying is that you’re afraid of whatever evil being that’s in that closet” he joked, pointing at the closet. “Well…” I began to say before he cut me off and roared “Boy, turn that lamp off, now! Or I’ll beat you up” . He and I both know he was only joking; he would have never beaten his first grand kid. So I just chuckled at his warning, but did as he had told me and reluctantly turned the lamp off,…oh! Right before I did, I looked at the closet, and thought to myself “that is one freaky-looking closet”. If I was scared before, now I was frightened, we were in total darkness, I couldn’t see a thing. I made an attempt to stir up a hopefully long conversation with him by asking him about some political matters, my grandfather loved to rave about how he hated politician, but that night he wasn’t in the mood for a debate. “Let an old man have some sleep” he said with a lazy tone. I was still afraid and felt awake at the worst possible time, in a pitch dark room, at night… late at night, ‘voyeur time’ for ghosts and evil entities. I felt as stiff as plank on the bed, numbed with fear. Then s a light shone in the room, and I felt better, and I felt asleep almost instantly after.

That light that shone in the room wasn’t the typical light. That light was the words my grandfather told me.

“Look! I know you’re probably wetting your pants right now with fear, but you need to man up!. If you should fear of anything right now, it should not be silly ghosts, right now you should worry about a possible psycho or thief that might break into our home and hurt your grandmother or myself , now go to sleep but keep your ears open” he said.

“But, why not leave the lights on, so that nobody will attempt to break into the house?” I asked.

“I can find my way around my house in total dark with my eyes closed, and I can pinpoint exactly where in my house a source of noise is coming from. So I always have the upper hand on any intruder when my house is fully dark.” He said very calmly.

My grandfather is always one to intrigue me with his cleverness, but that night was one of his best performances. Since then, I find it hard to fall asleep when even a tiny LED light is on. I feel just like my grandfather, that I have a slight advantage over any intruder, when it’s dark. I also drew a lesson from that night, that there’s a slight difference between worrying and fearing. When you’re worried you can put up a more effective fight against what you fear, but when you’re afraid you tend to run away from what you fear. I’m not a quitter.

What are ghosts? I don’t know, but I’m worried about who/whatever dwells and harasses, or haunts others under the cover of night; I’m not afraid just worried they might catch me sleeping, and hurt me. If ghosts do exist, will I be afraid? I wouldn’t know for sure, unless I had met a real bad and tricky one . You heard that Bloody- Mary?

I like ghost stories, they go well with pop corn or chips Smile


Dominican Republic

ghosts doesnt exist, they are unreal…...

03:45 PM May 04 2012 |

follow  me

follow me


it is said that if you can see the ghost or communicate with the ghost directly ,maybe you have left the factual word and stay with the ghost in the same word that we  know little about it.maybe there is an eye behind you when you read this message.please calm down

03:17 PM May 04 2012 |





Sorry, I thought it was a fabricated urban legend tale. As I child whenever a story gave me the creeps, I always try to find something funny about it to feel better. But I think, “the crying boy” wasn’t one of those stories.

03:05 PM May 04 2012 |




 Snoopy, it’s just a picture of the unhappy child and by some of the unexplanable circumstances it inflicts mistfortune. That means the child was  hurt and something happened that we will never know. Or may be it’s the spirit of the artist… who knows. It’s not a joke to me actually.

02:53 PM May 04 2012 |

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