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Natural Foods
Natural Foods

Learn about Comparatives and Superlatives

Date: May 21 2012

Themes: Food, Health

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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We all know it’s important to take care of our bodies and eat wholesome foods. But that doesn’t mean we always do it. Fast food and other types of processed foods are quick and convenient. They’re also often cheaper than buying fresh meats and vegetables to cook for yourself. But if you make the effort to eat more natural foods, your body will probably thank you. Hear Devan try to convince Jeff to go natural with his diet.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  Jeff, why are you eating that garbage again? You’re always eating this processed food full of sugar. Don’t you think it’s time to go organic?

Jeff:  I’d like to, but I just don’t have the time, and I don’t really have that much money. I can get a lot of tasty, salty food for cheap and fast.

Devan:  I’ve heard that argument a lot, that people don’t eat natural foods because they’re more expensive. But don’t you think that if there was anything you were gonna spend money on, it should be what you put in your body? It’s much more wholesome.

Jeff:  My time is the most important thing to me. I’m always on the run. So whatever’s fastest is where I’m going.

Devan:  Do you like the way natural food tastes?

Jeff:  Yeah, sometimes. It’s alright. But, you know, a lot of times it’s bland. Why, when did you become Miss Wholesome?

Devan:  When I realized that feeling good is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


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Devan criticizes Jeff for eating unwholesome food. She says he always eats fast food and other processed foods. She thinks he should try to eat healthier, more natural foods.

Jeff says that he doesn’t have time to eat natural foods. He prefers food that is cheap and fast. He is always on the run, so fast food is more convenient for him. He also thinks natural foods are bland sometimes.

Do you like eating natural foods, or do you prefer food that is fast, cheap, or convenient?



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Russian Federation

I prefer natural food. 

Vegatables, fruits, seafood and sometimes meat. But our life’s tempo becomes faster and faster nowadays and now and then I allow myself to treat with some fast food like pizza or sushi, but still I like to cook these dishes myself if I have time. When I cook it myself, I always know all the ingredients and try to make it more wholesome than fast food bought in a store.

Also I adore chocolate. Not so addicted, but the same time I love it and in order not to do any harm to my health, trying to eat it not much ;)

You know, permanet restriction is not very good, I think. Everything has its limits, for sure. And if you take a glass of cola and a hamburger once a month, there will be no any harm to your health if your usual way of meals is balanced and vitaminazed. Smile




Talking about natural food I must confess I don’t attend the places where they provide with fast food. I never attended such places even in my student times.

I rather prefer to stay hungry like a beast than to go there ( I’m not kidding now). It was never problem for me to cope with hunger. :)

The most natural, useful and tasty vegetables and fruits are the vegetables and fruits that are growing in my garden. At least I know how and where they grew.

So, my garden is my favourite place to attend. I give it all my care and love to get the most healthy and pure meal aftwerwards.

Of course, garden can’t give you everything. I go to the supermarket as you all do but I never buy the half-finished products. Smile




Actually, i like to eat the natural food very much not just because of my health, but i like it’s taste as well, i like all kinds of vegetables and fruits it’s so tasty for me i think i’m so lucky for that, of course sometimes i eat sweet food but i can’t eat a lot a little piece is enough for me, i don’t like salty food as well i prefer a little amount of salt, so i think we can enjoy eating  food without eating much sweet, salty and unwholesome food all the time.

07:36 AM May 21 2012 |




Natural food is not so expensive than the fast food as like what u think,natural food make ur body more healthy which can save much money for treating ur unhealth body .more and more pressure on working or fast food result  people in hypoimmunity having more disease than before.so i think the natural lifestype is more better for u

06:25 AM May 21 2012 |

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Natural food  is more important in our  health. But  sometimes we dont  prefer it naturally and we prefer its tasties. This my mind. In Republic of Azerbaijan have  very taste  Foods 

05:57 AM May 21 2012 |



I think I have eaten much unhealthy food.I won’t go organic until I have learned cooking.I must learn cooking !!

05:41 AM May 21 2012 |

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The Last Joke


When it comes to food, I would much rather have a natural Foods (something cooked at home)  than at a restaurant. Fast food is useful in an emergency or during  of laziness but home cooking is best.

Anyway :
A natural Foods (Home-cooked food) can be just as cheap as fast food – and much better for you. 

When you are at restaurant to eat just Choose healthier fast food to eat  !


Syrian Arab Republic

During my years of studying, I found that many of the diseases are due to lack of physical activity and eating unhealthy food.

03:05 AM May 21 2012 |



I like natural foods. It’s very healty and also tasty if it’s really organic. So I do not agree with Jeff. Natural foods are not land. 

All fruits and vegetable are not natural anymore so their tastes are not natural and good too. But taste of an organic food is awesome. 

Unfortunately everyone is on the run in this age and they chose fast foods because of that. Me too. I sometimes chose fast food although I don’t like them. I chose fast food to save my time and money. But I know it’s always more important to save my healt.



Viet Nam

types of fast foods are quick and very conventient . howerver, I  rarely use them I like to cook and even sometimes, I don’t have more time to prepare a meal, I try to cook a simple meal for me everyday I like to enjoy my dishes and serve my family. I like feeling when members in  my family prepare foods together. sometimes, I am very busy I cannot come back my home I go eat out . there are many kind of foods sometimes, I still feel that that they are dilicious. anyway, better i think we should eat natural food . fast food should be used in some special times 

02:28 AM May 21 2012 |



I like eating fast food,maybe it more convenient.

01:06 AM May 21 2012 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

well i am wholesome  girl. Kissprefear to eat natural food ,but somtime i like to change and eat some fast food like others,scince once mounth wont effect my body,,

i dont agree with Jeff whn he said that natural foo bland ,you can mix some natural food togther to test very convenient to the degree u love it..

for example,Salad Mixtur,with olive,and diffrent kinds of vegitables ,nuts,and cheken parpecio sclices it wont cost u muct with vitamens and brottens

 for fastfood resturant i advice all people to chose clean resturan and be sur they dont tourturing animals befor killing them,it must be on the right healthy way

thank you

12:29 AM May 21 2012 |



Natureal foods , I like it , good.

12:14 AM May 21 2012 |


joelle007Super Member!



I try to eat fresh vegetables or fruit.and I ate a lot vegetables eveyday I  love that.when I going to supermarket I tried to buy the vegegetables and fruit from where I live.And the winter or sumer I don t eat the same vegatables or fruit.

I cooked with the natural vegetables ok it is more expensive but more nice more tasty.it is depent what we want in the plate.

for me eat it is so important but with nice product…I promised you can see the difference when you buy the vegetable from big supermarket than a vegetables shop.

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