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clothes horse

clothes horse

Date: May 31 2012

Themes: Fashion


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I’m a bit of a clothes horse. My girlfriends go shopping in my closet.”

- Jennifer Aniston, on her love of shopping. (Us Weekly)

- 珍妮弗·安妮斯顿 (Jennifer Aniston) 谈她的购物爱好。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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someone who loves clothes and has a lot of clothes

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Horses aren’t known for their incredible fashion sense. So why would anyone call herself a clothes horse?

The expression clothes horse comes from a device people use to hang wet clothes up to dry. It is made out of wood and wire, and it looks a little bit like a horse. After you do a load of laundry, your clothes horse might be covered in clothes.

A clothes horse as Jennifer Aniston uses the term, might also be covered in clothes, simply because she has so many of them. When you call a person a clothes horse, it means she loves clothes and shops a lot. Jennifer Aniston has so many clothes, she says her friends can go shopping in her closet! She must really be a clothes horse.

Are you a clothes horse? Where do you like to shop?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Jessica is such a clothes horse, she goes shopping once a week.”

“I don’t care about what I wear, but my sister is a total clothes horse.”

“Melanie used to be a clothes horse, but she’s cut back on her shopping.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

alexa1 he has a lot of clothes
by alexa1
a2020 a person who has shopping addiction
by a2020
Manu4 To have a large clothes collection?
by Manu4
A person whose chief interest and pleasure is dressing fashionably.
by candycandice

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Mahtab > ;)

01:56 PM May 31 2012 |




I own a clothes horse but it’s used only for hanging my towels to dry.

 I’m certainly not a clothe horse. Actually,  I don’t keep a lot of clothes at home, and that to a degree  has  a lot to do with the fact that I hate ironing, and some of my clothes have creases so  they require more than just a lazy ironing, you have to press them religiously. I don’t have that kind of time in the morning because I rarely iron my clothes beforehand. One morning I was in such a hurry that I had to iron my pants while I was wearing them ;). Luckily, I’ve found a solution to my ironing dilemma in the morning; I get wrinkle-resistant clothes for work.

I have an unconventional sense of style. I don’t like to be the guy with the latest trends on, to me, that’s unnecessary pressure. I wear what I feel comfortable wearing, if that happens to be my 4 years old faded, plain black t-shirt, so be it, but I don’t go gaga over anything new just because it’s what’s “in” now. Maybe my fashion habits had taken root back when I was living with my guardian? I was the hand-me-down kid, always had to wear my brother’s clothes he’d had grown out of ( Thank God I never had to wait very long ;). As I grew older, he and I used to share the clothes he’d purchased- he usually breaks them out, then I can get the second wearing, I didn’t mind that : ). I feel much better in my skin after I have worn a pair of jeans, shirt, or what have you, on many occasions or until the outfit grows on me ;). I even have developed a fetish for some of my worn out and beloved clothes. Don’t you have this one shirt; you feel your best in and don’t want to get rid of? I have a lot of those shirts and I believe they’re irreplaceable ;). If it’s not unbearably cold or if I don’t have a job interview coming up, the last place on earth you would find this seasonal shopper is in a clothing outlet ;). Also, some events like funerals or weddings could have me rush to the stores and purchase something suitable for the occasion. the possibility of me having too much clothes is very slim.  My closet however, holds a lot of shoe boxes; I think fashion sneakers are my guilty pleasure. I guess I could coin a new term just like Poenix and call myself a “shoe horse” :)

I know of some people who would fit the clothes horse profile and some of them are untamed horses and can’t help themselves ;) my total opposites.  I remember I was a concierge for an apartment complex, one tenant; a clothes hoarder ,was living… I suppose, every woman’s dream …she had a two-story apartment and lived downstairs with her tiny puppy, and upstairs was like Alibaba’s sister’s cave ;)…. the whole floor was packed with all kinds of outfits, some are hung, and some are boxed and labeled “clothes” for whatever purpose. All of her visible dresses looked brand new; the astronomical numbers of shoes that littered the place were also in sterling conditions. I wanted to ask her what was wrong with her for buying all of those clothes, but I was called over to assess a dripping faucet, not to be her financial advisor. Later, I had been told that certain persons find collecting clothes just as fun as collecting stamps, antiques and any other prized possession. They get a form of gratification just by looking at the clothes they’d gotten. Keep in mind that some people may become clothes horse due to a lot of personal issues and reasons. So, now I have become more tolerant and have a better understanding of them. Some people indulge in shopping because they’re obsessed with clothes, they’re rich, or maybe just because they have some types of terminal illness and their shopping for clothes provide them with comfort- a form of therapy like Julito mentioned. So if it’s not your money they’re spending and they can afford to cram their closets with clothes without endangering their financial independency, let them be what they feel happy being, clothes horses. 

 Now if you can’t resist the urge to intervene, you can always talk them into donating some of their clothes, this could help drive their passion to compassion Smile

Some people want more clothes, others just need one. : (


01:49 PM May 31 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well!I try to keep a balance in everything also in clothing!;)

I’d like to have good appearance but I dont think that I’m a clothes horse!

I love being stylish but not so much and I dont follow the fashion!
I always think that simple is beautiful and branded clothing or expensive clothes are not important to me.

I buy everywhere or everything for giving good feeling to myself but I dont wear clothes to attract others!;)

01:33 PM May 31 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

nfratary , have not u ever tought of having a different appearnce? i dont know , for me , i like to be up with the latest trends .although my wallet doesnt help me sometimes .hhhhh

12:56 PM May 31 2012 |




OHHH ,Jennifer Aniston i looooooooove you 

and about the lesson i am not clothes horse and i haven`t any senes of fashion , at my life alwayes the people called my my apperaance like the nerd people jejejejej but i don`t give ashit of that nonsense statement i feel like i am happy and comfortable when i wear like that so i move on to be myself ….

12:33 PM May 31 2012 |




I’m not a clothes horse, I don’t know, but I don’t like seeing a lot of unnecessary clothes on my closet, might as well give them to my younger cousins. I like shoes and slippers better. I’m not a celebrity anyway, hehe.

11:47 AM May 31 2012 |




For women to reach the status of a clothes  horse might be a necessity or a therapy , whatever it is, they keep the textile labor force  on the go.  I, personally like what  Tutor Heather   said that she is not trying anymore  to impress others peoples with her outfit .Smile  

11:39 AM May 31 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

This our hobby girls when we feel bad Wink

09:25 AM May 31 2012 |




My closet is not overcrowded with a lot of clothes. I have every sort of dressing in my closet but not that much. I love going shopping as every other women do, but I curb my wallet, too. I believe it is wiser to keep a few quality clothes in my closet, and not every piece of clothing has to be bought from luxurious boutiques. If one can match clothes and has his/her own style, he/she can create a perfect trend and make others admire him/her. This is what I do. I have a quality wardrobe and my clothes are upscale but I am easy on my purse.  Smile  

06:28 AM May 31 2012 |




i am a little just like a clothes horse,i have many clothes in my closet,and every year i will buy news or send olds which some of them i maybe never wear.sometime i buy clothes ,not always i need it very much ,and it is a good way which release some pressure on myself.when i am unhappy i will go out for shopping , maybe it is not good for the others opinion.

04:38 AM May 31 2012 |

Quynh Mai

Quynh Mai

Viet Nam

My sense of fashion sucks, and I’m not a clothes horse.

My mother is, though.  Tongue out

03:57 AM May 31 2012 |



I  like  beautiful  colthes, but I’m  not  a   clothes  horse.

02:30 AM May 31 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

When I was much younger, around 14-20, I was a bit of a clothes horse. I was quite focused on my appearance and hoped to impress people with my looks/clothing, etc. As the years have passed, however, I’ve learned that focusing on my appearance is a shallow quest. Now, when I wish to make a positive impression, I hope that the person will respect my character and work, think I’m funny and enjoyable to be around, see my kind heart and my genuine dedication to global education. One of the benefits of getting older, at least for me and many of my friends, however, is that other people’s perceptions, comments and opinions mean less than ever before. That gives a litte bit of freedom that feels refreshing!

Now, I worry about “impressing” myself. I want to make sure that I am happy with the woman I am becoming, as well as my roles as daughter, aunt, sister and teacher. I reflect on the quality of my work, the progress of my students, and the overall contributions I make to the lives of others.

To me, those things are more significant than cotton, wool, silk and satin, buttons and thread; plus, they’re cheaper and easier to maintain. I do agree, though, that wearing a new outfit feels really nice – but that’s not quite in my budget these days!




She or he likes shopping and has lots of clothes in her or his closet.

01:03 AM May 31 2012 |




I like shopping but I’m not a clothes shop!!!

12:13 AM May 31 2012 |




I’m not a clothers horse though I like clothers and always care about my appearance. I like when my clothes match each other by style and colour.

I’m not a superb fashion lady with huge wardrobe – not at all. I do not collect clothers. What for? 

11:34 AM May 30 2012 |




I am not a clothes horse, still normal. I always shopping at mall.

11:57 AM May 29 2012 |

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