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Music Business English with Rumblefish CEO Paul Anthony

Music Business English with Rumblefish CEO Paul Anthony English, baby! Video Lesson
与 Rumblefish 首席执行官保罗·安东尼学习音乐行业英语

Date: May 22 2012

Themes: Music, Work

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Music is everywhere. You hear it in businesses, movies, TV shows, and all over the Internet. How did it get there? Paul Anthony and his company, Rumblefish, might have had something to do with it.

Rumblefish is a music licensing company. They help artists earn money from their recordings by selling the right to use the music. They have licensed millions of songs to everything from major films to YouTube videos.

We recently met with Paul at Rumblefish headquarters. The office is filled with instruments, but we weren’t there to play music. We came to learn English vocabulary from the music industry.

音乐无处不在。您可在商店、电影、电视节目以及几乎所有互联网站上听到音乐。这是如何做到的呢?保罗·安东尼 (Paul Anthony) 和他的公司 Rumblefish与此相关。

Rumblefish 是一家音乐专利授权公司。他们帮助艺术家制作唱片,然后出售音乐使用权来获得收入。他们已经将数百万首歌曲授权给其他公司使用,其中包括大型电影、YouTube 视频音乐。

近日,我们在 Rumblefish 公司总部采访了保罗。办公室里摆满了各种乐器,但我们来这里不是为了演奏音乐。我们此行的目的是学习音乐行业的英文词汇。

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Jason:  This is business English on English, baby! I am Jason here with Paul Anthony, CEO of Rumblefish. Can you tell us a little bit about what your company does?

Paul:  Yeah, Rumblefish is a music licensing company. So we get soundtracks into movies, TV shows, video games, YouTube videos, anybody that needs a soundtrack for a video.

Jason:  What is a license?

Paul:  license provides you with permission. A license for a driver means you can drive. A license for a soundtrack means you have permission to use the song in a movie or in your YouTube video.

Jason:  What is an independent artist?

Paul:  An independent artist is someone local, that may live near you. Think about if you have a guitar player that lives near your house or someone that plays piano. When they write their music, they own their music and they’re independent, as opposed to someone who sold their music to a larger corporation. They really care about the music first and about the money second. But that said, when you send an independent musician royalties from their music being a soundtrack in a movie, it means a lot to them and all they care about is taking that money and buying a new guitar or buying a new drum set or instrument so that they can make more music. It’s more fulfilling.

Jason:  What are royalties?

Paul:  When someone buys a music license from us, they pay a fee. A royalty is the percentage of that money, a piece of that money that goes to the artist.

Jason:  What is user generated content?

Paul:  Not even seven, eight years ago, the only video that we saw was video made by professionals. Now, if you have a phone, you’re a filmmaker. You can always make video content. And now amateurs, like you and me, when we make a video, we need a soundtrack too. So they come to our website, friendlymusic.com, and get a soundtrack for any video.

Jason:  Why did you choose this business?

Paul:  I’ve been a musician ever since I was a kid. I’m a drummer, and I learned how to write music for piano, and I just watched a lot of my friends struggle writing music, and tried to find a way to license my music. So I started to license my music into movies and ads and such and really enjoyed it. So I started licensing my friends’ music as well. I’d license their songs and split the money.

Jason:  Thank you so much for talking with us.

Paul:  English, baby!


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Paul Anthony owns Rumblefish, a company that sells music licenses that give people permission to use music in videos. They specialize in music by independent artists and enjoy helping these musicians earn royalties on their work.

Rumblefish can even help people get permission to use a song in user generated content, like YouTube videos. Paul is a musician and got his start in the music business by licensing his own music and music by his friends. Now his company has licensed millions of songs!

What kind of music do you like to hear in videos and movies?



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Anybody interested to practice English and to share knowledge.. add me at skype.. We will have chating, voice calls, conference calls.
skype id: cruiser40403

11:49 AM Jan 19 2013 |




I always love & wait for Ebaby’s lesson with artist, sportsman, important people conversation within!! Laughing

11:12 PM May 28 2012 |

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08:55 PM May 28 2012 |

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 I like old songs. They’re more uplifting, optimistic sung with feelings, energy. So, let’s all mess around. :))Tongue out



12:27 AM May 23 2012 |




Kudos to Rumblefish  that  is  licensing his music  and those of  independent artists as well. I am doing a leap in time  and  singing  a song that  i couldn´t forget   :” three coins in the fountain ”    Smile

12:05 AM May 23 2012 |

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i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually I don’t like an specific kind of music I like any  song reflect  about the love and the humanity between each other , For me I prefer the classic music when you hear to this kind of music Really you feel an comfortable in your life , specially If you were living near of the sea , I sometimes listen to my favourite singer after finish from listining I truly became in a good mood , when you get on amazing relax .

In my opinion we should urge All singers over the world to helping poor people , must to any work has an humanitarians  message , we should sympathies with any effort seeking for change our lives to forward .

The music Industry has become a specail part in our lives as the same time the music spread very fast over the world .

The music is the most thing make us feel happy .

09:34 PM May 22 2012 |



Of course it obviously totally depends on what kind of movie it is. I personally like music that moves you and touches your heart. It should be music that’s appropriate for whatever movie you are watching. For example fast, exciting music when someone is running away from someone etc.. The music is supposed to make you feel like you’re part of the movie- like you’re actually IN it.

08:03 PM May 22 2012 |

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For me the music that really touches meWink

02:33 PM May 22 2012 |




i like  all kind of music but i prefer pop rock music “all what makes the world moving ;))

12:44 PM May 22 2012 |

siberian tigger


It is an interesting way to make money, specially when you are enjoying what you like to do. In summary, make money can be fullfilling in some cases.


Have a nice day fellas

12:38 PM May 22 2012 |





10:19 AM May 22 2012 |




Hi,i didnt care of music,but i love aromantic & slow ones.like”GO ON” in titanic film.

08:16 AM May 22 2012 |




Technology is being progress. But, I can not listen englishbaby audio lessons on IPad . Dear Licenser of Englishbaby, Could you reorganize these audio files for IPad . Thanks.

07:45 AM May 22 2012 |

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