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Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Learn the Imperative Form

Date: Jun 04 2012

Themes: Family, Party

Grammar: Imperative Form


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Having a baby is exciting, joyful, and…expensive. That’s one reason why baby showers are great, at least for the soon-to-be mom and dad. At a baby shower, friends and family members of the parents-to-be show their love and support by throwing them a party and bringing them baby gifts. It’s also a chance for those who have already had children to share what they know with the new parents.

Some baby showers are just for women, but it’s now becoming more common to invite both men and women. There’s no reason why a baby shower can’t be a fun party, too. Amy is throwing a baby shower for a friend of hers, but she has never been to one before. Hear Dale give her some advice.



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Amy:  Dale, I know you have a couple children, so maybe you can help me with this. I’m supposed to throw a baby shower for a friend of mine, and I have no idea what that’s even supposed to involve.

Dale:  Well, I can be honest with you, I don’t know either. But I’ve been to at least one of them. I’ve been to my first child’s baby shower. And I know that there’s quite a few others that are happening, that are specifically for women.

Amy:  Right, and I think that’s what this is going to be. It is just going to be women. And I guess I understand why it’s really great for the couple having the child, ‘cause they get to have their baby registry, and they get gifts to help them get started. Because having a baby is so expensive, so it’s nice to get some diapers and just get that support from your friends.

Dale:  And usually it is done only on the first child. In my family, my brother and myself, basically it was a family event, and everybody was participating, while most other groups are just geared only to women, and all of them just talk about getting ready for the baby, how everything’s going. People kinda give their advice on both sides, while the other one’s a party. So I guess that would be your decision, if you want it to be a party or more of a get together.

Amy:  Bring the boys if you want it to be a party.

Dale:  Yeah, exactly.


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Amy is planning a baby shower for a friend of hers who is pregnant. She has never been to a baby shower before, so she asks Dale for advice.

Dale says he has only been to one baby shower, for his first child. Both men and women were invited to that shower, but often, baby showers are just for women. The pregnant woman receives gifts, advice, and support from her female friends and relatives.

Dale says that if Amy wants the shower to be more of a party, she should invite both men and women.

Have you ever been to a baby shower? Is it common to have baby showers in your country? Do both men and women attend, or just women?



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well, in my country, mexico this kynd of celebration is very common, people use to have a party to congratulate the next parents, specially if they are begginers, in this event asist both men and women and generally get fun about it, the family support the couple too.

01:26 PM Jun 04 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

ThanQ my DEAR DEAR Mahtab!:) it’s of ur kindness sister!:)
So…Julito…does that mean that ur people are trying to act like American people?! U know…to tell the truth it’s happening to the whole world! ‘Cause they’re teaching every one their habits by media! So people would become interested in following them! As Mahtab said this fact causes ‘Cultural invasion’’!! & I don’t really like that! I still would like to celebrate our own cool festivals & traditions instead of Halloween or Thanks giving or….! ;)

01:03 PM Jun 04 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Interesting Julito!

We say that “Cultural Invasion”!;)

11:20 AM Jun 04 2012 |




In Argentina, so far, baby showers are  not celebrated but as many Argentines tend to copy the american culture it wouln´t come as a surprise  to me that soon-to-be mothers start throwing a party . Now in my country is widely celebrated Saint Patrick´s day and  halloween. Baby showers the next?????   hmmm.

10:56 AM Jun 04 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh Thanks for more explanations Dear Mania!your English is very good!;)

09:45 AM Jun 04 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well! As my friend Mahtab said,we haven’t got such tradition over here & it’s a total American one! Here we celebrate the birth of the first child of the family 40 days before it happens & every body bring the parents gifts & they thank God ‘cause we firmly believe that the birth of a child means a great mercy from dear LORD! & after the baby was born,we celebrate it again!

08:50 AM Jun 04 2012 |




Dear, Olya and Mahtab I support your comments with both my hands Smile

07:17 AM Jun 04 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh well!

At first I should tell I love those pink cute sweets!:P

We dont have baby shower in my country and I’ve just seen The baby showers in american movies!Then I ve nevere involved with them so far!

Everyting is after borning of babies here!

Mothers invite women after childbirth to their homes and friends and relatives bring their gifts!

Having baby is expensive here too and many people bring some gifts for helping parents ( But never diapers!!! ) Gifts are like Children’s wears ,toys or other necessary things!


Viet Nam

I learn more & monre new words every day. Thank to English baby.

But, I usually forget them soon :(

04:43 AM Jun 04 2012 |

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Baby shower is a very American tradition. I don’t know if Russia or Ukraine have adopted this kind of custom now but 10 years ago we used not to tell anyone about the expecting baby. Only close friends were involved and could give something such as a stroller, some clothes and etc. but without a party.. Nobody celebrated or getting excited before a baby was born. A party usually was held when a baby was 6 months. Then all the relatives, friends were welcome to come and they usually asked what gift to bring.  So they came, looked at the baby, gave some compliments about how cute a baby is.  Then we had a big party, were talking about something different :) a baby was piecefully sleeping and all was having fun Smile



Thank you!

01:25 PM Jun 01 2012 |

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