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Learn about Comparatives and Superlatives

Date: Jun 15 2012

Themes: Family

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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A sister can be your best friend. Sisters who are close love to share secrets, and sometimes even clothes.

But sisters can also become enemies. Jealousy and sibling rivalry can put a strain on sisters’ relationship. Some sisters compete for their parents’ attention; others compete for friends or achievements at school. Hear Devan tell Mason about her relationship with her sister.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  I have an older sister, and I feel like we have this constant sibling rivalry going on. Do you have a sister?

Mason:  I have a younger sister. I don’t know, I feel like there’s obviously some stereotypical differences between brothers and sisters, and two sisters, right?

Devan:  I think so. I think that, you know, when…like with me and my sister, there’s a lot of jealousy maybe sometimes, because if she has a boyfriend and I don’t or she’s getting better grades than me, there’s a lot more comparisons to be drawn there. And also it’s harder for me too, I think, being the younger one, because I’m supposed to be like her. She’s supposed to be the role model.

Mason:  Now, has that relationship evolved over time? Like is there still that element of rivalry but you guys are also really close, or has it kind of stayed antagonistic?

Devan:  No, I think that the older we get, the more she’s evolved into my best friend, whereas before, she was my enemy.


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Devan has an older sister. Even though they are close, there is still a rivalry between them. Mason has a sister, too, but she is younger than him and they do not have any sibling rivalry. Mason thinks there may be more jealousy and competition between two sisters than between a sister and a brother.

Devan agrees. She says it is also difficult being the younger sister, because she feels like she is supposed to be just like her older sister. Her older sister is supposed to be the role model, and Devan is supposed to follow her example.

Even though there is still some rivalry between them, Devan and her sister are no longer enemies. In fact, now they are more like best friends.

Do you have a sister? Is there any sibling rivalry between you? Is your sister more like your enemy or your best friend?



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Viet Nam

i have three older sisters. they are good girls and i love them so much. but i don’t live with anyone of them. it’s boring but we often talk or chat… 

09:50 AM Jun 15 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t have any brother and sister and it;s very bad but my all friends are my sister :)Laughing




I have 3 sisters & 4 brothers.All of them are step brothers except one sister.I love all of them & they too.My sister has intellectual disabilities,so we didnt have any sibling rivalry between us.I love her so much, & try to take care of her.I hope Allah would satisfy me.

07:39 AM Jun 15 2012 |




I have two sisters .we are conflict as a kid.But they’re my best friends now.I love they so much.Smile

07:17 AM Jun 15 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think sisters are angels from god!Innocent

06:30 AM Jun 15 2012 |




i  have three sisters but she elder than me,i want to say one thing i love my sisters and she loves me ,god bless her,

06:27 AM Jun 15 2012 |




i have a brother , he affected  my life when i was younger.he was my best friend as a playmate beside my parents ,so most time i played with boys following my brother, a little naughty always be criticized by my father ,but it make me face up the difficulty bravely for my  growing .and as a role model ,i always liked something which he loved ,example: play chess ,play guitar ,draw pictures,reading,get a high score about studing at school,we competed together ,just like sibling rivalry,sometime he was jealous about my talent about painting,anyway we had a good time ,so it is importent about my personality which have a brother as a role model when i was younger.

05:23 AM Jun 15 2012 |

Kabeer Jan

Kabeer Jan


I have no sister, so i am totally unaware the feelings between brother & sister. But i think sister is the second mother of any brother.

04:42 AM Jun 15 2012 |

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