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Looking for a Job
Looking for a Job

How to Use Verbs with 'ing'

Date: Jul 13 2012

Themes: Work

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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When looking for a job, it isn’t enough to just want one really bad. You have to go out and try to sell yourself. This often means doing more than just sending out your resume or applying to some jobs online.

Sometimes, finding a job requires networking. You need to meet people in your industry who can tell you where to focus your search or put a good word in for you. Hear Mason and Amy’s tips for finding a job.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Thankfully, I don’t have to be looking for a job right now, but I know a lot of people are, and I end up getting an email or a phone call probably about once a month from someone who is either a friend, or they’re trying to get connected. I always feel like I have to help them out, you know?

Amy:  Yeah. Like they’re just networking, trying to reach out and get to know someone in the industry?

Mason:  Yeah, a lot of times it’s someone…a friend of a friend, and someone gets connected. My mom is notorious for doing that. And she always tried to instill that in me, that you just need to go out there and meet people.

Amy:  I think that’s true, and I also think you have to swallow your pride and just ask people for things. Like you have to be a little bit more aggressive about trying to find a job than you might be comfortable with because it’s so easy to just send out your resume and your cover letter. Everybody can do that, so you need to do that extra thing that kind of makes you stand out, I think.

Mason:  Yeah. I mean, it’s just not enough, right? And I had to learn that the hard way. I spent, in my first big job search, like the better part of half a year just sending out emails and whatnot, and thinking that that was enough.

Amy:  I actually once waited for somebody outside their place of work and essentially stalked him, and ended up cornering him in a stairwell in order to get him to talk to me. And you would think that he would not want to hire me after that, but it actually worked.

Mason:  Wow.


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Mason says that a lot of people email or call him for help with their job search. They want him to help them get connected and find a job. Mason says he always tries to help them out.

Amy thinks it is important to be aggressive and make personal connections with people when looking for a job. It isn’t enough to send out your resume. You need to do extra things in order to make yourself stand out.

Mason agrees. He says it took him half a year to find a job. At first he was only sending his resume out, but then he realized he needed to do more.

What advice would you give to someone who was looking for a job?



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Baset : good job , I understood very well !!

As I  can see, it is necessary to be well prepared for the job interview. Having the answer ready, being properly dressed, and being on time can all help to make a good impression on the interviewer.

Baset ; If you follow these steps here in Japan, you will soon find yourself sitting behind the desk at that coveted job.

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What should you  do to make a good impression at a job interview?

1-      Arrive Early : Arriving 10 or 15 minutes early will allow yourself the time to compose yourself and find the interview room.

2-      Presentation  : Dress smartly and try to look confident. Don’t smoke or chew.

3-      Create a good impression with everyone you meet : Make good eye contact, sit alertly and look confident. Speak pleasantly and politely to the receptionist or secretary who greets you.  The interviewer may well ask for his/her opinion later.

4-      Research the company : Knowing about the company that you want to work for . Before you go in for an interview you should know what the company does .

5-      Have the obvious answers ready : Not all interview questions will be the same but some will be along the same lines. Be prepared for questions such as “Why do you want to work here?”, “What makes you a suitable applicant?”, “What can you bring to the job?”. Many interviewers will relate the questions to the person specification so read it before the interview and prepare some answers.

6-      Don’t give one word answers and don’t babble : Yes and no answer may make an employer think that you are not interested.

7 – Be prepared to ask questions : At the end of the interview most interviewers will offer you the opportunity ask questions. Keep your questions positive. You may wish to take in a list of questions that you would like to ask.  Use your questions as an opportunity to show your interest in the company.




Baset : soooooo beautiful !

What should I  do to make a good impression at a job interview?

12:41 AM Jul 13 2012 |

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How do you fill in application forms :

1-      Make sure you’ve got the right form : If you are applying for a number of positions make sure that you use the right form for the right position.

2-      Read the form first : Read the form thoroughly before you put pen to paper, that way you can make sure that you put the relevant information into the most relevant sections

3-      Presentation : Write clearly in quality black pen. The employer may want to photocopy the form. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Ask a friend to read your draft copy before you copy the information into the real application form.

4-      Gather all information together : Get together all the information you may need before starting your application.

5-      Complete all sections : Make sure that you complete all the sections on the form .

6-      Photocopying the completed form : This will come in handy when invited for an interview to remind yourself what you wrote and the requirements of the job.




Baset : soooooo great !

How do I fill in application forms?

12:34 AM Jul 13 2012 |

The Last Joke



How do you write a Successful  CV  ?

•           Presentation : is very important. Employers can get hundreds of applications for each job and untidy or tatty CV’s are easy to throw out.

•           Covering Letter  : always include a covering letter with your CV. You should include skills and experience that are important to the job that you are applying for. 

•           Positive statements : keep all your statements positive. Don’t add anything into your CV that signals a failure.

•           Length : try to keep your CV to one page and an absolute maximum of two A4 sheets.

•           Spelling and Grammar : ask someone to proof read your CV for you. If using a word processor use the spell checker and the grammar checker.

•           Keep it up to date  : keep your CV up to date. When applying for a position just  remember to add any recent achievements, such as training you may have received.




Baset :You said ; when I’m applying for a position , all I have to do is to write CV , My Q is : How do I write a Successful CV?


12:25 AM Jul 13 2012 |

The Last Joke




Joy : good morning !

From where do you look a job ?

1-      You can find  job advertisements  at :  local job centre , job websites , magazines ,  newspapers and TV  . These places hold information about a large number of jobs in the local area as well as giving help and advice when looking for a job.

2-      Also You can find  job   at Employment Agencies :You may wish to register with an Employment Agency, this can be a good way to find temporary or permanent work. 

3-      Or Use internet (Facebook , hotmail or yahoo ) to let your friends and family know you are job seeking: If you don’t mind your internet  being a channel for people to find you on.

When applying for a position :All you need to do is to fill in your details and your CV will be created as a rich text file which can express about you then send it to any company  .







In case , if I’m looking for a job , from where do I look it ?

12:07 AM Jul 13 2012 |

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