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Snow White and the Huntsman
Snow White and the Huntsman

Learn the Second Conditional

Date: Jul 23 2012

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Great stories get told again and again. New twists might get added to them to grab the attention of a whole new audience, but there is something special about them that makes them last.

Snow White is one of those stories. First, it was a fairytale written hundreds of years ago. Then it was made into a classic children’s movie by Disney. Now it’s a thrilling adventure story starring Kristen Stewart called Snow White and the Huntsman. In the new version of the film, Snow White is a lot less helpless and a lot more fierce. Hear Jason and Amy talk about a wild new interpretation of this classic story.


白雪公主就是这类故事之一。首先,它是几百年前的童话故事。之后被迪斯尼制作成经典的儿童电影。现在,克里斯汀·斯图尔特 (Kristen Stewart) 领衔主演《白雪公主与猎人》(Snow White and the Huntsman),向人们讲述惊险的冒险故事。在新版电影中,白雪公主不再那么无助,而是更加勇猛。听听詹森和艾米谈论该经典故事的全新演绎。


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  If you were one of the seven dwarfs, which one would you be?

Amy:  Probably either Sneezey…

Jason:  Yeah, I’d be Sneezey. It’s hay fever season right now.

Amy:  Yeah, hopefully not Lazy, but I don’t know. Or Dopey.

Jason:  Have you seen the new Snow White? It’s not very dopey or lazy at all.

Amy:  Yeah, it looks crazy.

Jason:  It’s very intense, yeah.

Amy:  It’s interesting, there have been a lot of these kind of edgy fairytales of late.

Jason:  Right. There was Red Riding Hood before. Yeah, this is the same deal. It’s an action movie version of a fairytale, with Kristen Stewart as the central character, which…I’m not sure if this is the best role for her. Snow White is a character that makes sense for her.

Amy:  Because she’s pale?

Jason:  Yeah, and she can be sweet, kind of. But this Snow White is like the leader of a revolutionary army. And she just doesn’t have the passion, I think, that this version of Snow White needs to have.

Amy:  Well, what about the evil queen?

Jason:  That’s who you end up rooting for. Charlize Theron is fun in almost everything she does, and so, since Kristen Stewart doesn’t really draw you in, I kind of ended up rooting for the evil queen.

Amy:  There’s actually a lot of stories where you end up rooting for the villain, I think. It’s kind of more fun to root for the dark side.

Jason:  Yeah, maybe that was the idea.


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Jason tells Amy about the new movie, Snow White and the Hunstman. It is an action-movie version of the classic fairytale, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

The actress Kristen Stewart plays Snow White in the new film. Jason thinks it isn’t the best role for her. This version of Snow White is the leader of a revolutionary army, and Jason feels that Kristen Stewart isn’t passionate enough to play this part.

On the other hand, Charlize Theron does a great job as the evil queen. Amy thinks it’s common to root for the villain in films.

If you were an actor, what kind of character would you want to play?



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Disney made prettier the fairytales, I think that the real Little Red Riding Hood speaks for itself, it was very strange before the new version with Amanda Seyfried. However, the new interpretations always are insteresting, and, that’s why I want to watch Snow White and the Hunstman, moreover there is Charlize Theron! (I like this actress)

If I were an actress, I would love play a villain character, a character very gloomy as the evil queen of Charlize Theron. xD

I find the bad characters are very fascinating, because if the actor/actress is excellent, when he/she plays a villain character, we stay speechless in front of his/her performance. It’s very strange, when you aren’t a bad person to play a gloomy character. 

But, I would love play a character of action movies too, like Lara Croft for exemple. xD 

04:38 PM Aug 26 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi dear friends

I addition to you controversial conversation I have to say

When GOD decided to creat human being devided it to two defferent parts. one of them from the other. It does not mean that one of them is better than the other , however duties were shared between men and women not only for sexual ability but also for emotional and phisical capabilies.

My dear saeedsirte  with childish inoccent face I have to say “If your mother did not a good woman you would not be sucessful person”

I mean wemen are the main resources of each community and it does not mean they are only babysitter.

However men are able to do in worse situation and they are toughter that wemen. and If wemen were look like men ,we would always had war and invade

If in this cruel world someone has abused of wemen it is because of weakness of theirs undrestaning about philasophy of human creation.

11:05 AM Aug 18 2012 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in the name of god

hi dear Ryo from united arab…. i never wanted to imp the female, just only for having fun….don t take it seriouse..of course it is a big mistake to compare men and women…coz both are diffrent….

women also is good and also in my religiouse eslam respect a lot for her, especially that time (when prophet mohammad come) some selling girls or killing little girls, but he prohibt them from this…and in my oppinion female is usefull for world, but can be harmfull for men and familly if they don t save theire beautifullness from other men except their husband….

09:51 PM Jul 30 2012 |




Kristen Stewart is really so “Snow White”. I can not believe that how pale she is. I think she needs sunbath :)

Charlize Theron is very beautiful and attractive actress. She looks very delicate. It is difficult to believe that she is evil. But she is a good actress so she can be everything she want.

I like sitcoms. If I were an actor I would like to play in a sitcom.

08:36 AM Jul 26 2012 |

1 person likes this


United States

haha! Insects? no Ryo we dont see you as insects (althought some of you are very annoying) 

supposedly you want the sexes to be in peace but you continue to say that men are stupid and bad and that women are more intellingent, I dont see equallity in that I just see your feminists ideas. I quit….

01:29 AM Jul 26 2012 |


United States

AT RYO: stop complaining RYO!

09:01 PM Jul 25 2012 |

Dukhtare ziba


In the name of Allah
This movie is great for learning english

11:15 AM Jul 25 2012 |




If i was an actor i want to play snow white.Because this movie give snow white a new interpretation as a leader of revolutionary army that was different from the snow white as we used know.But the queen is still a bad charactor in this movie.So how to change a kind and a little bit weak nice girl to a strong and independent one must be a challenge.

10:42 AM Jul 25 2012 |




if i was an actress  i would be evil character because that will be a huge challenge for me, and i think that for all actor on actress ;)

03:25 PM Jul 24 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in the name of god…i think if they put about snow white and seven dwarf it was more  fascinating …...

and be sure men is always better than women except in babysitter job…

10:43 PM Jul 23 2012 |

Luis Cardozo


I believe that be a good actor, involves the ability of the personality unfold, to enter or play a character with strength, conviction, strength and determination convinced that you are really the character you play. Able to convey emotions to the audience.

08:45 PM Jul 23 2012 |


United Arab Emirates

Any character that I feel it suit my abilities and will make people believe in me as an actress, As long as the whole script has a meaningful story. 

06:42 PM Jul 23 2012 |

Irene Forever


“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

From Shakespeare’s As You Like It, 1600

04:25 PM Jul 23 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

If I were an actor I would play any performance reflecting about the Humanitarian things specially If my role was talking about what should I do for poor people .

It would be nice If we work for each others , For me I prefer that’s kind of movies which related our lives , I don’t like emotional movies because mostly of them are Imagination .

Mostly of artists  these days helping  many people over the world specially in Africia, from the other had we should know any work any file should contain  a good message for All ages .

I have never seen this movie , but I will try to watch this movie next time , I don’t know what does this movie means .

If I Have the right to choose what like I want to do during my life , I want to be a good person with All people my God created me for helping others .

I disagree with any opinion talk about we are looking for the money n more , we are here for feel with each others , we should try to find a lots ways in order to resolve our problems .

04:03 PM Jul 23 2012 |



Its a kind of a feel good one!

03:22 PM Jul 23 2012 |




I love the story of the snow white & the seven dwarfs alot,& I told it to my kidos at school.Actually I want to play the role of the snow white,& marry the Winkrince.We can learn alot from this story,& the important things which we can learn r how to be helpful to other pple ,fight the evil,dontbe afraid of anything in the life except allah,& spread the love & the peace all over the world.

03:02 PM Jul 23 2012 |




I havent seen that movie yet but I might see it when it will be one day on TV. I am not big fan of Kristen Steward but I wish her best like in her career. I think many of u saw this movie, did u like it? I actually can recommend one with her, its a bit older movie but its worth to see it. Into the wild – my fav one

02:57 PM Jul 23 2012 |



Oh really nice story about the Snow White,and Huntsman:D 

02:54 PM Jul 23 2012 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I love the snow white and a friend of mine is like me too .

02:40 PM Jul 23 2012 |




I love the beauty and the beast so much, everytime i see this movie i just can’t take my eyes off it, what i like the most about this movie is the relationship between both of them and how she treated him in a very kind way unlike everyone else because she saw the beauty inside him so if i have the chance to play any role i would definitely choose this movieSmile

01:39 PM Jul 23 2012 |

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