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Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey

How to Use "Used to Do" and "Be Used to"

Date: Aug 20 2012

Themes: Music

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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The internet has made it easier than ever for wannabe celebrities to get their 15 minutes of fame. But what happens when those 15 minutes are up? Many musicians or performers with popular YouTube videos fail to turn their internet fame into just plain fame. But the singer Lana Del Rey has managed to go from being a YouTube star to topping the music charts with her number one album, Born to Die. Hear Amy and Jason talk about this up and coming musician.

互联网让“名人梦”从未像现在这样触手可及,15 分钟就会让你成为焦点。但 15 分钟过后会出现什么?很多在 YouTube 视频中被“疯传”的音乐人或演员,没有能将这些网络人气带到现实世界里。但是歌手拉娜德雷凭借第一张专辑《难逃一死》(Born to Die),成功地从一名 YouTube 视频歌星转身为一流的音乐人。请听艾米和詹森谈论这位后起之秀。


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Jason:  Did you see Lana Del Rey on Saturday Night Live?

Amy:  Yeah, she sounded terrible.

Jason:  It was terrible!

Amy:  I know. It’s so funny, because she was such a sensation on YouTube.

Jason:  Right. I mean, that’s this interesting side effect of this path to stardom.

Amy:  Right, like, can a YouTube star live outside of YouTube?

Jason:  It used to be that you would have to work your way up somehow, so you would play shows and release albums, and you would hone your craft. But now you can kind of become…you can literally become a sensation overnight.

Amy:  Right.

Jason:  And are you ready to play Saturday Night Live yet? Maybe not, Lana Del Rey.

Amy:  It’s true, if you have very little experience playing in front of live audiences.

Jason:  It fortunately doesn’t seem to have killed her career though.

Amy:  Well good for her.

Jason:  Yeah, her song is great, the “Video Games” song. She calls herself a gangsta Nancy Sinatra, and I can see that a little bit.

Amy:  Yeah. I like the kind of ‘50s and ‘60s references.

Jason:  It’s an interesting thing she has going on. So maybe it was just a bit of a reality check. It wasn’t a complete death sentence.

Amy:  You know, she’s not the first person who ever had a bad show.

Jason:  Just the biggest show of her career so far. But whatever.


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Jason and Amy discuss the popular new musician, Lana Del Rey. She is a singer whose music is influenced by music of the 1950s and 1960s. Her song “Video Games” is blowing up.

Lana Del Rey first became famous when her YouTube videos became extremely popular. Recently, she performed on an American TV show. Her live performance wasn’t nearly as good as her music videos, which has made some people criticize her. But Jason and Amy don’t think it will ruin her career. She just needs to practice performing live.

What musicians do you like to watch on YouTube? Would you ever want to perform in front of a live audience?



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I don’t use to watch videos on youtube it’s rare. But sometimes I like to watch classical music and opera, they’re the bests to calm down. However I’ve never gone in a concert such as them.

01:32 PM Aug 23 2012 |



I listen much different genre of music, because I love this Art. So for me it’s enough hard to answer about this question. However, for the time I like listen Emmy Curl’s music on Youtube. She is a portugese singer, her music si so special. And Andreya Triana, a english singer of soul music. <3

I’m a Lana Del Rey fan, I have her album Born To Die, and it is not bad, her Radio song is my favourite! And I agree with Jason and Amy, She really needs to practice performing live. Her career just come start! She must gets of the experiences. :)

However, I don’t would want to perform in front of an audience, because It’s very stressful! 

04:29 PM Aug 21 2012 |

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MallannaSuper Member!

Russian Federation

My first reaction to Lana Del Rey live show was the same: “what’s a terrible performance, her singing and the music are separate”. Then I watched a couple of her live shows, because I hadn’t stopped thinking that she had something unusual in the way she performed. May be it’s just her style?

Her career starts very early, at the age of 18 – she was singing in Brooklin clubs, so she shouldn’t have the stage fright. But who knows…

04:59 AM Aug 21 2012 |

1 person likes this



Syrian Arab Republic

who is Lana Del Rey?

how she could be a famous singer and  dont  know her?Laughing

10:50 PM Aug 20 2012 |

1 person likes this

marija luiza


I love to watch on youtube Coldplay and Bruno Mars. I would like to perform in from of a live audience. It would be so funny. 

10:22 PM Aug 20 2012 |




hello i think this subject could become better if chose a better and more famoys singer for example celine dion although here we want talk about bad singer.

i download some music and clips from youtube but i dont want to download  Lana Del Rey. some singer change her or his sound with computer that i hate it.

perform alive is hard becuse u must arrange  some musicians also spectators and singers must assist. i wish in the next subject we talk about another things.

thank u adminWink 

07:29 PM Aug 20 2012 |

1 person likes this




I just listened to Lana. Well, she’s popular. Her singing is not awesome but it’s tolerable. It’s not that pretended sweet happiness of Rebecca Black singing that was a total flop. She just sings in a calm voice, it’s doesn’t grate on ears. For the second time, I wouldn’t be listening. But she’s a looker and has good video clips. There’s something that makes you to stop and get to watch her show. 

07:26 PM Aug 20 2012 |

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I believe that some people are born with some talents and skills enable them to use it in their career and some just are’not but i also believe that we can gain those skills over time and because Lana may have gotton used to performing on YouTube where she can sing freely without being under pressure that’s why she found it difficult to perform in front of people. All she has to do is to practice pracice practice practice makes perfect and over time she’s gonna get used to it without making much effort especially she is a good singer.

02:17 PM Aug 20 2012 |




i think her name is lana del Rey! =)

11:20 AM Aug 20 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


Hmm… To perform ahead of a live audience seems a difficult idea for me, I’m sure I’d be red-faced and I’d look so worried and uncomfortable, besides I have nothing to show to the audience… Oh.. I don’t even have a suitable voice to sing..

I like listening to some people like Miss Papaya and Backstreet Boys..

11:10 AM Aug 20 2012 |




Well, I think that bad shows is not that bad if it involves the elements of bizzare tricks. Like I just had a look at the shows in Russia and it was a reallity check for me. The host was fighting with the invited guests, was giving them hard time, insulted them.. Then he smashed a bottle on his forehead and was all in blood saying that’s how the show should look like! I think Russian people would recognize a hero :) I understand it was a set up. I think it’s popular right now, the bad shows—attract people. As in general people want something light, not too much think about, some jaw -dropping actions.

I like So you think you can dance, Imerican Idol, Judge Judy shows :) and documentaries – that’s what I watch on YouTube.

About live performance. Not for me. I have a nervous laughter when I look at the seriously looking at me audience that expecting me to give a decent perfromance and I feel like that don’t meet their expections and getting kinda nervous about it. But playing with the orchestra is totally different. I love it. If I screw up, nobody will notice :)) 

03:19 AM Aug 20 2012 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do enjoy the subject.

03:07 AM Aug 20 2012 |



United States

I never had heard lana del rays songs or seen her perform. In fact, I have never heard of her even before this lesson. I usually don’t watch youtube so I don’t know what musician I like. well, Lana del ray’s life isn’t going to be ruined even if her live shows aren’t as great as her music videos. I bet her music videos are great. if they are not , then why does every one like her? :)

05:10 PM Aug 17 2012 |

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