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Learn the Zero Conditional

Date: Aug 17 2012

Themes: Family

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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When you are a little kid, grandparents are awesome. They love you so much, and they think it is fun to spoil you. When you get a little older, it can be hard to relate to your grandparents. After all, there is a pretty big generation gap separating grandparents from their grandchildren. But your grandma and grandpa may still have a lot to teach you. Hear Mason and Amy talk about their grandparents.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  Do your grandparents live close to you, Mason?

Mason:  I have one remaining set of grandparents, and yes she does live close to here, so I actually saw her last weekend.

Amy:  Nice. Do you like hanging out with your grandma?

Mason:  You know, it’s interesting. My grandma is a very metropolitan grandma. And I call her my nana, too. So nana is, like, she travels all the time, and she goes to the theater. So there are some things, if I want to go shopping, she’s a great person to go shopping with. If I want to go see a play, she’s a great person to go see a play with.

Amy:  That’s cool. So she doesn’t act like a little old lady. She’s still really active.

Mason:  Exactly, right. And she grew up in New York, and so she’s just really fast paced. Like there are traditional grandmas where it’s like they want to do all the kid’s stuff and collect teacups and whatnot. That’s totally not her bag. So it’s just all about finding the right thing to do, just like with any friend. What is the stuff you like to do together?

Amy:  It’s true. When I was a kid, my grandparents loved to spoil me, and I loved to be spoiled. But once you get older and you’re adults, you kind of have to learn how to interact with them, in a new way. And it can be hard. I mean, I really love my grandparents, but there is a generation gap there.


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Amy asks Mason about his grandparents. Mason talks about his nana, who lives close to him. He sees her a lot. She is not a typical grandma, because she is very metropolitan and fast paced. She likes to do things like go shopping and see plays.

Amy says that she sometimes finds it hard to relate to her grandparents. Because they are so much older than she is, there is a generation gap between them. Her grandparents have different interests and ideas than she does. But Amy loves her grandparents very much. She has happy memories of how they used to spoil her when she was a little kid.

Are you close with your grandparents? Do they like to spoil you?



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i have lost my both grandmums and one grandpaa from my dads side, may Allah keep their souls in heaven. i love them all very much. my grandmums were the world best mums ever. there was nothing like generation gap between us we were like close friends.they loved to spoil me and i love being spoiled. life was great with them. we went shop togather had parties and picnics. i have learned many things from them i called them both nanimaa and dadi maa. my grandpaa from dad’s side had passed away when my dad was even not married, but i miss him too alot. i have listend alot about him, he was a brave and strong man of his time. my grandpaa from my mum side is alive thanx of Allah, may he live long happy and healthy life. he is a great person and best friend of mine he loves me alot and i love him so very much.

03:57 PM Aug 17 2012 |



hey friends, every body commented so well today. feelings and experiences are great awsome guys.

03:20 PM Aug 17 2012 |

marija luiza


Fortunately I am very close with my granparents. They are so special for me. Sometimes is hard to deal with my granmother but I think this is part of the proccess when people get older and older. If we are talking about spoil haha I think that everyone loves it. Of course you will enjoy it more if you are a kid. When I was a child, I really enjoyed that, but right now I now that I have responsability and I have to be safe about life and enjoy it.

02:58 PM Aug 17 2012 |




i really really love my grandpa Smile

02:56 PM Aug 17 2012 |




Really great lesson. 

I loved my grandparents… but they died a few years ago… It was very difficult for me.

I can’t meet with them nowadays but I still love them so much… And I know they’re close to me. 

So never forget about your grandparents. They should be important in our life.

02:37 PM Aug 17 2012 |




Physically I’m not close to my grandparents but in spirit I am.

I never had the grandfathers.

The grandparents by my father’s line passed away long before my birth because of cancer.  The terrible circumstance is the parents of my father died within a week ;( My father and his 3 sisters stayed the orphans at the relatively young age :(

My grandfather by mother’s line was killed during the Second World War. As you can guess I never met him in person.

During my childhood, the only one who was close to me even more than my mother  was my grandmother :) She was my true friend. No generation gap, just love, care of each other and trust. 

My grandmother was very strict parent to my mother but what is strange she was never strict to me. My mother still wonders how such severe mother could be such tender grandmother? Paradox!

Anyway, grandparents is a gift and we should give all our love to them.

The picture of today’s lesson reflects the ideal model of grandparents I think :) Good choice of picture, dear English,baby!Smile



Czech Republic

I really love my grandparents! Now i’ve only 2 grandmother, my grandfathers passed away many years ago. I want to tell you about an interesting event in my life. 

When my big family celebrated a grandfathers birthday , my mam was in hospital she was pregnant and  i should born soon. And it happend ) doctor from the hospital called to my father and told him about  this  very happy event. My birth was most lovely present for my grandfather :))) Since , in my family celebrate two birthday in one day :))))

12:23 PM Aug 17 2012 |




I love my grannies I grew up with them and I can’t imagine if they will be gone. They’re the one who understand me and im not close with my parents. I super love them. And I hope their life is unlimited. 

11:48 AM Aug 17 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

they are the best pepole one the earth

10:34 AM Aug 17 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh they are realy kidness. they reads story for you and take care of you:D

10:18 AM Aug 17 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thanks God for giving to me easy going grandparents. I have lost them one by one until now. however their dreams are always with me ….

Last year was a last goodbye of my last grandmother. She was devoted to her sons and daugters and their babies

She used to spoil all of her stuffs for her babies and eveytime of rest of  my life her kindeness will be in my memory

08:35 AM Aug 17 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like my grandpa. he is a calm and lovely smiling man with grate memories of the past. he has a collection of old books that you never can find them in any libraries or bookstores.

it would be perfect if we had their knowledge & experience beside our youth-power  

08:18 AM Aug 17 2012 |


Viet Nam

This story reminds me of my grandfather. when I was a little, I usually closed to him and he also taught me lots of child songs. He alwways grapsed me when he saw me. Once I was only his  granđaughter so I felt lucky because I had a chance to close to himbut my grandfather was away however all things will be alive forever with in any cỉcumstances.

07:41 AM Aug 17 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

im not into old peaple …i think i dont understand them or maybe they dont understand me..

i act so  formall  with them & it makes me feel uneasy…i dont know what shuld i say to them  after : hi, how r u? how do u feel today…?!!!

i do respect them  but i think i cant be so close to them….  ohow  ..!! im kind of strange person!!

07:36 AM Aug 17 2012 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i dont know why but i really love old people.not only my grandparents but also sterangers.when i see them im eager to help them even if they dont ask me.unfortunatly i lost all my grand parents but when they were alive i liked to listen to their stories &memorises carefully because it showes our willing ,notice &favor to them

07:01 AM Aug 17 2012 |




almost every one like his grandmothers. i only have a grandmother. unfortunately one of the my grandmother died many years ago. i didnt remmember she. but i hear she loves me and its enough fo me to love her.

anyway now its important we love our grandparents. and spend our time with them. they need us and we need them for use their experience.

i wish have a good time with ur grandparents. 

06:44 AM Aug 17 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

I look to my grandmother’s husband as a grandfather of mine, i love him so much ,but he is no longer available among us . i was fond of his sense of humor and his upbeat outlook on life .when i joined the university,my relation with him started to drift apart ,i dont know why that happened,maybe glamour of university life took me away from him or living in another city away from him was the reason .when i was in the second degree of university ,he got sick many times and stayed at hospital for weeks .I planned to visit him,but unfortunately it was very late .May Allah dwell him in paradise ..

06:21 AM Aug 17 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


I have my grandma and I love her so much and she shares the same feeling with me, but when I try to take a tour with her, I touch the generation gap between us..

I love these moments when I sit with her and try to catch up on everything in her past life… I like hearing her stories and I do remember the songs that she were singing for me when I was a kid.. 

My grandma doesn’t stop spoiling me with presents even until now when I’m already an 18-year-old girl… But I like this though..Smile

02:22 AM Aug 17 2012 |



It is a pity that all my grandparents died before i was 2 years old, so i dont have any memory of them. while i wish i can have them and be spoiled by them, that is the non-accomplishment i can do now :-(

01:48 AM Aug 17 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

My grandparents don’t live with us , and my grandma died :(

I love her so much ..

I wish she comes back .

I always make Dua’a for her.<3


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