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Long-Distance Relationships
Long-Distance Relationships

English lesson about Love

Date: Oct 22 2012

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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So you meet a great person that you want to date, but there’s just one catch: he or she lives in another city, or another province or state, or even another country. But you really like the person, so what are you going to do? Start a long-distance relationship!

Long-distance relationships can have their benefits, like allowing each person to be independent, but they also have plenty of drawbacks. Can they work out in the long run? Hear Dale and Amy discuss the pros and cons of long-distance relationships.




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Dale:  I think it’s very difficult to have a long-distance relationship.

Amy:  Really? I had one for a while once, and I kind of liked it, because I had so much freedom and independence, you know?

Dale:  Really? I always felt that I needed to be close to the person. How do you think you make it work? How did you make it work?

Amy:  Well, I think you have to be really clear about what the terms of the relationship are. Like, are both people going to be exclusive, or is it going to be more of a casual thing? You have to be very trusting, though.

Dale:  Do you think the amount of distance actually will be damaging to the relationship?

Amy:  Like if you live just in the next town, that might be easier than if you live across the country?

Dale:  Correct. Do you think so?

Amy:  When I was in a long-distance relationship, it was about a two-hour plane ride, so it wasn’t really far, but it was far enough that it was a big deal for us to see each other. Like I said, it worked for awhile, and we definitely talked every day and kept in touch and stuff, but I guess ultimately we both wanted someone who could be there all the time, because it didn’t work out in the end.

Dale:  So I guess I’m right.

Amy:  I guess so.


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Dale is definitely not interested in having a long-distance relationship. He prefers to be in the same place as the person he’s dating.

Amy, on the other hand, thinks long-distance relationships are not all that bad. She likes the independence she was able to maintain when she was in one. She does realize that maintaining this kind of relationship requires great communication, and lots of trust between the two people, however.

Amy’s long-distance relationship wasn’t easy. The person she was dating was a two-hour plane ride away. In the end, even Amy admits that a long-distance relationship is difficult to maintain in the long run.

Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship? Did it work out? Why or why not?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

that’s terrible!when you fall in love with some one and you cannot be with him it bothers you!

02:15 PM May 28 2014 |


South Korea

Considering my experience, It’s too hard to maintain good relationship each other. But if we want to keep in touch for a long time, it’s needed endless tolerence and love. 

12:50 AM Dec 29 2012 |

Gabriel Freitas


It’s hard, of course, but not impossible!

04:59 PM Dec 27 2012 |

Irene Forever


8312016, I am sorry, the question was asked to Asala.:)

As for your case, the result depends on both. So you were not lucky that time.

I believe in love whenever , wherever or with whoever. No matter anything, if it’s  true love. All other relations can be just a game.

04:25 PM Dec 27 2012 |

1 person likes this

Son of English

Hong Kong

It’s okay if you can see the other person at least twice a year. If you can’t then you’ve got a penpal, not a lover.

Mina seven – you keep in touch every day for five years? Don’t you run out of things to write/talk about if you’re not in the same place?

03:02 PM Dec 27 2012 |



Luckily,I have been in a distance relationship for more than 5 years and we are still together. It was hard in the beginning,because you want to see each other everyday when you guys are passionately in love.A couple of months later ,I adapt to the situation,we keep in touch everyday and make calls if we want ,you can be informed everysecond.Trust is really important and communications is essential!

02:49 PM Dec 27 2012 |




me irena? yes but was bad result

02:02 PM Dec 27 2012 |

Irene Forever


asala , have you ever loved?

01:57 PM Dec 27 2012 |




iam agree with u walkingsad trust at first solve many problems but honestly is important in the next steps

01:54 PM Dec 27 2012 |


Hong Kong

i think that the word ’’Trust’’ is very important, the biggest thing in this kinda relationship is trust…but having said that many of us can’t do that~

03:49 PM Nov 11 2012 |

ambar pujiyatno


I think  the long-distance relationship is exciting. cos I’d ever experienced it. it worked well. and we really enjoyed it

01:47 AM Nov 08 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


It’s not my kind of topic, but I just want to share some thoughts..

at first, don’t forget, people that the heart is an organ like any other organ in the body. It can be harmed over the time, and with more harms, it can die”and I don’t mean stop beating by my word die”..

So, we must be careful while choosing life partner, and yeah he/she must be a husband/ wife.. And I’m talking about your partner that was and is and will be your only love in your life..

Love is not wrong, but straining your heart of course will harm you and affect your life very badly.. And that will end up either to a miserable life with a partner you don’t love or have any feelings towards, but you just married to settle” or you just think you will settle” or you will live the rest of your life alone with no family, lover.. Only with your sad broken heart..

It’s not just to love and break up, love and break up, love and break up.. come on, it’s not that easy at all.. it is much more than this.. 

Distrusting is the only result out of rotating broken relationships..

True love can’t be broken easily… so, these temporary relationships can’t be called love.. 

I’m not against love before marriage, but I say that we just must becareful..

If a person likes another for some reason” and this reason must be incorporeal.. External beauty doesn’t last”, this person must take a positive step towards engagement, then love comes step by step over the time.. The most important thing is that you have an absolute reason makes you ready to live your life entirely with this person…. And I’m sure that mostly works, but it is rarely done…

Ah, of course the first positive step towards marriage must be from a man.. The start must be taken by men… 

I just wanted to say” make love comes just when you make sure you will never be heartbroken from the one you have liked “not loved”... Keep your heart safe until you find who deserves it and you will certainly find him/ her..

I know I can be mysterious at some parts and maybe most of my words are not obvious, but I’m sure you will get the general idea of all that at last :)..

10:58 PM Oct 29 2012 |

Jay chen

Jay chen


I havent been in a long distance relationship because i like being single,i feel freedom and independence…

10:36 AM Oct 29 2012 |




I turley belive in a long distatnce-relationship

01:31 PM Oct 27 2012 |




i’m against the long-distance relationship , because all the time when  you pass in difficult moments  you need your love to make everthing that going to make u happy and pass through all your troubles , and the long-distance relationship is kind of miracle and i don’t think will mantain in the long run , they will get bored of each other so i don’t agree with it!   

05:38 AM Oct 27 2012 |




I was in a long – distance relationship time ago. It was difficult because I did not see her for long periods of time and when she came back to the town che just stayed two or three days. in fact, it was more a cell phone relationship than a real one. I think that in the long run both persons will get bored.

02:45 PM Oct 25 2012 |



Russian Federation

It a great subject to discuss! I may say that a log-distance relationship definetely works out when you have a child already. Because you have someone dear to take care about here and someone who loves you and helps you there. You always miss each other sooooo much so when you meet each other you have no time nor wish to quarrel – just time to love and enjoy the moments together! It is a big deal but if you are trusty you can maintain it in the long run.

02:34 PM Oct 25 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Really This topic very dear for me I Had a wonderful Relationship with the most woman attractive in my life , I’m admit My life has become different when I recognized about her Because Really I lived with her an amazing story , We were suffering from a long distance Relationship , for Me I didn’t feel any regret with here , Only my blam was on the Life Because we can’t achieve what we want .

All love to her and All respect to her , I’m sure She will see my words .

10:31 PM Oct 24 2012 |




The long-distance relationship is miracle of love. It’s not easier to maintain in the long run. Because that’s need to have much trust and understand in life to each others. It’s very hard but possible  :) I want to have it. Just only keep me in touch. Don’t touch with hands but touch with soul only. 




@MUSTO don’t give up loving someone that is just a test on how long can you take the consequences. If you failed then try again there goes the saying “try and try until you succeed” . how can you find the right one if you dont want to open up your heart again?. 

11:56 AM Oct 23 2012 |

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