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Date: Jan 04 2013

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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If you’ve ever seen American money, you know Abraham Lincoln. His face is on the penny and the five dollar bill.

Lincoln was President during the American Civil War in the 1860s. Without his leadership, the US would likely have split into two countries. He is also the President who ended slavery.

With his very tall, thin body and beard, Lincoln is a legendary figure who any actor would have a hard time portraying. But in a new movie called Lincoln, Daniel Day Lewis becomes one of the greatest Americans to ever live.

Listen to Mason and Jeff discuss Lincoln in this movie English lesson.

如果你见过美国货币,就会知道亚伯拉罕·林肯 (Abraham Lincoln)。1 美分硬币和 5 美元纸钞上都有他的头像。

在 19 世纪 60 年代美国内战期间,林肯担任美国总统。没有他的领导,美国可能会分裂成两个国家。同时,他还废除了奴隶制度。

林肯身材高大,身型瘦削,蓄有胡子,他是一位传奇人物,任何演员在塑造这个角色时都感到费劲。但在一部名为《林肯》(Lincoln) 的新电影中,丹尼尔·戴·刘易斯 (Daniel Day Lewis) 生动地演绎了这位最伟大的美国人。



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Mason:  Let me tell you what’s on my holiday gift list, two tickets to see Lincoln, which is going to be the must-see movie of the season.

Jeff:  Oh yeah, that’s the one with um…what’s his face...

Mason:  Daniel Day-Lewis!

Jeff:  I like him.

Mason:  By Steven Spielberg, who…what was even the last movie that he made? It’s at the point that when Steven Spielberg steps out to make a movie, it’s an event. And when Daniel Day-Lewis does a movie, it’s an event. So, I hope that they don’t cancel each other out or something.

Jeff:  Well, I mean, yeah, that’s going to be an interesting one to see. Lincoln’s a big deal! That’s a pretty touchy subject.

Mason:  He’s probably one of the foremost mythic people in American culture.

Jeff:  I’d say.

Mason:  And yet I don’t really know much about him. Like, “Oh yeah, Lincoln! He was great, everything was perfect for him, he got rid of slavery and died a terrible death.” So I’m actually kind of curious to go and get some information from the film, which is probably a big risk because if there’s one thing you can’t trust Hollywood to do, it’s give you the story straight.

Jeff:  Yeah.


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Mason and Jeff agree that Lincoln is the must-see movie of the moment, not only because of who is in it and who directed it, but also because of the subject matter.

Lincoln is one of the most famous and well-respected American Presidents. Jeff says Lincoln is a touchy subject though because some people in the US still wish the Civil War had ended differently.

Mason says he actually doesn’t know that much about Lincoln. He knows that he ended slavery and was murdered, but he hopes to learn more from the film.

Have you ever heard of Abraham Lincoln? Who is the most famous leader from your country’s history?



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La Princesse de la vie


I didn’t know about Lincoln before, but I want to know more about him.. I respect all the leaders that work for the sake of their country and sacrifice for it, unlike those who just want the power to use it for their sake..

In Egypt’s history, there are many great leaders from the Pharaohs time till the modern time.. 

Maybe one great event in the history of a leader can make him great in his people’s eyes.. So, I can say that Al-Sadat was a great leader ‘cause Egypt could get victory under his leadership in 6th of October War in 1973 and could get back the occupied land of Sinai.. 

Also Gamal Abdel-Nasser was a great one due to his respected decisions he made for his people during his leading of the country until he was dead, like the Contract of Evacuation of the English soldiers that were occupying the country and it was in 1954.. And the Nationalization of Suez Canal and so many other decisions that got back the rights to their people…

Also I won’t forget that both Abdel-Nasser and Al Sadat were of the called Free Soldiers that lead the revolution of 23rd of July in 1952 that set Egypt free of King Farouk, the last Ottoman ruler in Egypt, and also it was the end of the monarchy in Egypt and it was the start of the Arabic Republic of Egypt..

11:00 PM Feb 13 2013 |



Russian Federation

I  intend to see this movie. I like to watch and to read about outstanding people.

06:50 PM Jan 13 2013 |


YuciSuper Member!


His Gettysburg Address is a famous speech here. I learned it when I was a child. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” He is really a big deal historically.

Now In my country there are no politicians who have great leadership. It is annoying the people. I want them remember the word “for the people”

03:32 AM Jan 11 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

my family know him but i don’t know who was him but i’m sure he was very famous cause english baby wrote about him,and 2 days ago i saw in a comerciall was this. that was a new  movie and had alot of famous actor but i don’t know them my mother like them;)

11:43 AM Jan 10 2013 |

Miss Afsaneh

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh i really didnt know him!

but i was familiar with his picture.

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

As we know when your country exposed to the occupation and the injustice and Genocide you should have lots of leaders in your country .

In Palestine we have lots of leaders has become a good example to well- respected as the same time they have a good reputation
We have the most Important person during the Arabic History his name is Yasser Arafat , He was an amazing  person , He spent mostly of his life without love and the Marriage  , He only have one daughter .
can you Imagine when someone spent his life with struggle against the occupation and injustice , what we can describe him , All words didn’t enough for him .
He was very friendly and he has a big heart , Really we miss him very much , we have never seen anyone like him , My God give him All mercy .

I guess we should remember All leaders who are made our history , Really without their sacrifices   we can’t have much opportunities to live .



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i know about lincoln he is a famous man in all over the world and he is a humanitarian so i respect to him always and we have a very mythical leader in our country his name is Kourosh or in english Siruse he is a big man in all over the world and he wrote first nations law and nowadays is a simbolic installed in front of UN bulding i think iranians in all over the world never see again some men like he!




Of course i know Abraham Lincoln and i think he is very good character to talk about in a movie since he is very an interesting person. when a guy like Martin Luther King took responsibility to end slavery is an expected thing but when Abraham Lincoln did it showed how a wonderful man he was, the most famous leader in my country is Qasim Amen he was so supportive to women at the time when the majority of people didn’t understand that, he was a great man.

04:56 PM Jan 05 2013 |

Irene Forever


Everybody knows who Abraham Lincoln was. To make you smile,I’m coming  back to the previous lesson about facial hair.  In 1860 a little girl named Grace Bedell from Westfield, New York, wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln asking him to grow a beard. She told him the beard would help him be elected as President of the United States. By the way when he was elected President he had a full beard. Lincoln was the first   President of the United States to wear a beard.:)

I don’t even know who to name to be the most famous leader from Ukraine’s history as we have had lots of them.  On July 16, 1990, the Parliament of Ukraine – Verkhovna Rada adopted a historic document titled the Declaration of Nation Sovereignty of Ukraine. It was the beginning of the new period in the Ukraine history. On August 24, 1991, the Act of Independence of Ukraine was proclaimed.

That day will be always  rememebered by Ukrainian people.What can be more precious than freedom.? So for me, the most famouse politician is L.M.Kravchuk, the first President of Ukraine. 

Viva Ukraine!



Russian Federation

As for me, begging for Amercans’ mercy on me)) , I’d say I’m not really into either Amercian culture or history. Though, I’ve heard of this name and have always suspected him to be a great politic figure. Maybe, if to search Russian history for some paralells, I guess Peter The First was of the similar value for russian people introducing a whole lot of crucial changes in their lives




First, i can’t wait to see that great movie about that great man. He is an  inspiration for all people who feel aggrieved and also for all people who want to lead their countries like the way he did, i think he gave us a wonderful  lesson about how to believe in humanity no matter who you are you should be respected and appreciated.



i’m sure every single person must hear it up to now.he saved US .it’s a really big deal for US people go and see it.at least individual or whole family must-see it.in our country there was a hero who is name Mustafa Kemal ATATURK. he did many important things to save this country.we got freedom thanks to him.i’m very appreciated to have such a leader was lived among us.i think every citizen must respect these leaders which are havent done bad things in the past.



this is what really happened:

konor is my hero!

10:25 AM Jan 05 2013 |

1 person likes this


South Korea

I’ve heard of Abraham Lincoln since childhood from my mom. I’ve read his story several times in a book. It was an amazing story to me because he saved his people from the war that cannot stop fighting each other for a long time.

There is an president of the republic of Korea. His name is LEE SEUNG-MAN. He had fought with Japan and communist until he died. He contributed to protect our country from the enemies. If he didn’t show a good leadership during Korean war in 1950’s, we would be lost our freedom like north Korean.

Some people still complain about his wrong decision about political issues. He used the people who were given their royalty for Japan to govern our country during the World Wars. After we achieved outstanding growth in many ways, It became a touchy subject issue. However, I respect him as a legend leader of our country. In my opinion, many of us will acknowledge his contribution and efforts in the future.

Thank you for your reading! If you find any syntax error, correction will be okay.




Yes, I have. I had read about him in my history classes at school and last year I watched a movie called “Lincoln the vampire hunter”, and it made me feel like reading a little more about him. 

I think the most famous leader in Brazil was Tiradentes, he was a leading member of the Brazilian revolutionary movement known as the Inconfidencia Mineira whose aim was full independence from the Portuguese colonial power and to create a Brazilian republic. When the plan was discovered, Tiradentes was arrested, tried and publicly hanged. Since the 19th century he has been considered a national hero of Brazil and patron of the Minas Gerais (a state in Brazil) Military Police.




realluy i havent had any information about Lincoln but heard he was one of the great leader man in histury. leaders make or bone؟

03:51 PM Jan 04 2013 |



    Abraham Lincoln, so great that many people hope the one likes Lincoln to coming in the future! For me he likes our leader Mao Zedong, he help us drive away the aggressors. we can go back with our brothers,parents,sisters, and so on. So in my country we never foget him. In offical language “he lives in our heart!”

03:21 PM Jan 04 2013 |



I’ve heard of Abraham Lincoln. I respect him and waht he did for his country. I read his life story in a book called “Great Success Stories” I will see that movie hoping it shows the truth…

I agree with Sajjad Monti, everyone has their beloved leader. Mine is Fatih Sultan Mehmet, The Conqueror. He conquered Constantinople, created Istanbul, a wonderful city and he united Turkish lands.




Besides,I have read lately that Lincoln was rather unhappy in his marriage.I think it is a touchy subject in the life of such great person.


01:53 PM Jan 04 2013 |



Also learned in my middle school textbook named Abraham Lincoln . I still remember my english teacher’s reading style with local accent decades ago

01:26 PM Jan 04 2013 |

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