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Facial Hair
Facial Hair

Learn English with this fashion English lesson

Date: Jan 02 2013

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Mustaches, beards, goatees, soul-patches. There are many options for men who want to sport some facial hair. Facial hair has become so trendy that there are even contests to see who can grow the best mustache or longest beard.

Not every man wants to go the hairy-face route, though. Some men find beards itchy. Others don’t like worrying about getting food caught in their mustache. But it’s not as if shaving’s all that great either. Find out Mason and Jeff’s thoughts on facial hair in this fashion English lesson.




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Mason:  Jeff, have you heard of the Movember tradition?

Jeff:  Uh, what is that? It sounds familiar.

Mason:  Well, it’s where many gentlemen will agree to grow mustaches, ostensibly to support awareness for male cancers, but mostly it’s an excuse to grow a mustache.

Jeff:  I noticed it looks like you’re in on that.

Mason:  Yeah. But I feel like my mustache isn’t really that great.

Jeff:  I’ve tried the same thing before. Not for Movember, but I don’t know, I have pretty heavy facial hair…

Mason:  Yeah, you look like you could grow a mighty beard.

Jeff:  I can grow a beard, but the mustache is a little lacking. I have grown a beard, but let me tell you, I don’t like it.

Mason:  Why not?

Jeff:  It’s uncomfortable. I don’t know.

Mason:  You can’t get past the itchy phase?

Jeff:  I’ve gotten past the itchy phase, and I’m not a fan. But I also hate shaving. Isn’t it a pain?

Mason:  It’s a total pain. And yet, have you ever gotten a shave, a professional shave?

Jeff:  I have not. But I’ve been looking into it.

Mason:  Let me tell you, my friend. There is no greater pleasure for a man on this earth than getting a professional shave from an old dude in a dingy barber shop.

Jeff:  That’s a bold statement.

Mason:  I know it sounds terrible, but it’s amazing.


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Mason asks Jeff if he’s heard of a tradition called “Movember.” It turns out that it’s a combination of “mustache” and “November,” during which men are encouraged to grow a mustache for a month. Jeff notices that Mason is participating.

Jeff has grown facial hair before, too, though not for a particular reason. He’s had a beard, but he doesn’t really like it. He finds it uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, Jeff doesn’t really like shaving, either. Mason asks if Jeff has ever gotten a professional shave. He hasn’t. Mason strongly encourages Jeff to get one. He thinks it’s one of the best experiences he’s ever had.

If you are a man, do you like having facial hair? If you’re not, what do you think of facial hair? In your country, is it popular for men to have beards or to be clean-shaven? Do you like having a professional shave or haircut?



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Irene Forever


Sajjad Monti

Lenin? ahaha What about goatee?

09:55 AM Jan 02 2013 |

Irene Forever


 Hello Mojtaba, good for you. :)

09:53 AM Jan 02 2013 |

Irene Forever


As a woman, I can say that I don’t like facial hair on men’s faces. Moreover I don’t like too hairy men. They look like bears:)

In Ukraine men prefer to be clean-shaven. It looks very attractive and there is a hope  that a man washed his face too. I think that some food is always left in the moustache and beard. To tell the truth I feel  fastidiousness and disgust  to it.




Firstly, some men look good with facial hair. And then this is ok to not shave them everyday. But many guys have “something” on their faces. It is not a beard or moustache, but some kind of moss or something like that:) In this situation they should shave themselfs. I think in Poland it is not very trendy to have facial hair. I rather see that the most grils preffer to have boyfriends without any hair on their faces:) I agree that facial hairs are uncomfortable and itchy. I feel dirty and unattractive with them, so regardless I hate shaving I do it every single day. I think there is no men in Poland who got proffesional shave. It is not popular here and all guys shave their faces in home before a mirror:)



United States

Facial hair makes a man look manly.

I like men with facial hair but better make it look clean and tidy. _

09:02 AM Jan 02 2013 |

Sajjad Monti

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think It’s different from man to man, some men like to have facial hair, some don’t like, But I like have facial hair, something between Lenin and Johnny Depp :)
That’s cool! I will try to make it soon :))

08:54 AM Jan 02 2013 |




i love this moustich ok i and al so i have this kind moustich you know the beast poeple put his moustich by by

06:34 AM Jan 02 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t like have facial hair at all I try shave tham each other they. but it is popular in my country to have facial hair  

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