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Celebrating New Year's Eve
Celebrating New Year's Eve

Learn English with this holiday English lesson

Date: Dec 31 2012

Themes: Holidays, Party

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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Three…two…one…meh. New Year’s Eve is supposed to be lots of fun. It’s the biggest party night of the year. Everyone gets dressed up and goes someplace special to count down to midnight.

The problem is, the expectations are so high for New Year’s Eve, that it’s easy to be disappointed. What if you’re stuck in traffic at midnight? That’s no way to start a new year. Or what if you didn’t get invited to any parties?

In this New Year’s Eve English lesson, Jason is excited for the holiday, but Vanessa is preparing for the worst.





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Jason:  Hey it’s New Year’s Eve tonight, what are you going to do?

Vanessa:  I always get so excited for New Year’s Eve every year and it always turns out to be kind of a let down.

Jason:  How could it be a let down? It’s the biggest party night of the year!

Vanessa:  Well, I don’t know, I see all these holiday advertisements where there’s beautiful, sparkly gowns and glasses of champagne, and I just always really want to go to a glamorous party or something on New Year’s Eve. Have you ever been to anything like that?

Jason:  I guess I so. You know, it seems like whatever you do is sort of glamorous in your memory after the fact. I spent New Year’s Eve 2007 in a dive bar but for some reason, since it was New Year’s Eve, it just seems like it was a magical evening, even though I’m sure it wasn’t.

Vanessa:  Really?

Jason:  Yeah!

Vanessa:  I don’t know, I guess I always pictured myself on the arm of someone dashing in a tuxedo, in a beautiful ball gown, like New Year’s Eve in the movies. But, yet again, no glamorous ball this year.

Jason:  There’s got to be a glamorous ball somewhere! Maybe you can even have one at your house.

Vanessa:  No, I already have plans for New Year’s Eve.

Jason:  What’s that?

Vanessa:  I’m babysitting for my three-year-old niece.

Jason:  OK…well…I hope you guys ring it in in style.


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There are often lots of parties happening on New Year’s Eve in the US. Jason is excited for the holiday. Vanessa, however, feels that since the night is supposed to be so fun and glamorous, it’s often a let down.

This year, Vanessa is staying home and babysitting her niece. She wishes she was going to a ball, but she doesn’t want to end up at a dive bar or something and be disappointed. Jason thinks ringing in the new year is fun no matter where you do it.

How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve?



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New Year is important in we China,too.Schools can let students have a rest 4 3 days.

01:44 PM Jan 20 2013 |



this holiday is for chrishtian

02:17 PM Jan 06 2013 |



ball is the…....lol

01:52 PM Jan 06 2013 |


YuciSuper Member!


A happy new year, everyone.

I always live alone so sometimes I miss my family. But since New Year’s Eve I have returned to my hometown and relaxed. It is very nice to spend holidays with my parents, brothers and sisters.

10:55 PM Jan 02 2013 |



Every year, every moment  just think it and do it the right way and believe me you will always be pleased.

10:55 AM Jan 02 2013 |

Andressa Holland


I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you all use this year to make the things different, to be a better person. If you made mistakes in 2012, I hope you make everything different in 2013. Hope you enjoy that new opportunity that is given to we keep living to become better and to make the small world around you be better to.

“The most important second of our lives isn’t the second before the midnight that will give the new year to us. The most important second is now, ‘cause is the second we have to made the differece in the whole year and in the whole life”

07:52 AM Jan 02 2013 |




happy new year to of u guys.. wish u all the best , emmm.. wish ur dreams will come true this year..

love english and love u all

07:40 AM Jan 02 2013 |

1 person likes this




Happy new year ! Hope everything is good in 2013 ! ps: how many holidays in your new year’s festival ?

07:17 AM Jan 02 2013 |



Hello every body,we’re in a new year2013,i went to US to my father’s family’s house,in US was very snowy,that was wonderful trip,after new year and after a big celebrate we came back cause we missed our mother’s family,we had one week for celebrate with them:)

Happy New Year my all friends in all the world:D 

06:42 AM Jan 02 2013 |




happy new year for every one, hope best for every body

02:26 PM Jan 01 2013 |

Irene Forever


I’m the first here with my comment in 2013!

HAPPY 2013!

11:46 AM Jan 01 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

happy new year guys….hope the best for you all :D

01:32 AM Jan 01 2013 |

dead sea product


happy new year i hope for you all the guys 

01:30 AM Jan 01 2013 |

1 person likes this

Yong Liu

Yong Liu


Happy new year…

12:55 AM Jan 01 2013 |




Julito, Happy 2013! I’ve got a feeling this year will be a good one! :))

11:11 PM Dec 31 2012 |




Dear OLA,  happy new year♡

11:06 PM Dec 31 2012 |

1 person likes this




Happy New Year, English, baby friends!! Have as much fun at this night. Get the whole year charged by today’s celebration spirit!! Hooorayyy! 2013!!! Welcome! Leap Year, goodbye!



Costa Rica

For New Year’s Eve the most important for me is to be with the people i love, and that they all are healthy and happy. That’s my wish for you all guys, i hope you achieve all your goals and that this new year brings you just good stuff! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and GOD bless you all!

10:42 PM Dec 31 2012 |



lol…..it was better that i said : happy new year ….but all guys who commented here said that….....so i dont say that again…hahahha

09:23 PM Dec 31 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hello and happy new year my all friends in all the world i hope u have a better time in this new year and all the days be happy and stay with your family:D

07:27 PM Dec 31 2012 |

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