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Violence in Schools
Violence in Schools

Learn English with this current events English lesson

Date: Jan 07 2013

Themes: News

Grammar: Adverbs


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Recently, a man in a small town near New York shot and killed 20 young children and six adults at a school. That same day, a man in China stabbed many students at a school.

These events are very hard to understand. Many people who were not directly affected by the violence still feel hurt and scared. Schools are supposed to be safe. How could someone do this?

Attacks like these are hard to prevent, and people disagree about what should be done now. Find out how Jason and Vanessa have coped with the violence in this English lesson.

最近,在纽约附近的一座小镇上,一名男子在一所学校内开枪杀死了 20 名儿童和六名成年人。就在同一天,中国的一名男子持刀刺伤了学校中的许多学生。




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Jason:  You grew up pretty close to where that terrible school shooting happened in Connecticut, right?

Vanessa:  Yeah, I grew up in Connecticut, and it was just such a horrifying thing but I think it was especially hard to hear because it hit so close to home for me.

Jason:  Yeah, I think it hit close to home for a lot of parents in general because the children were so young.

Vanessa:  And then to hear so soon after about the violence that happened at the school in China was doubly heartbreaking.

Jason:  I know! That’s so insane that that happened on the same day. I mean, there was the Columbine shooting years ago and it seemed like that was this thing that just couldn’t be topped, it was so horrible. But now it seems like we have a new school shooting all the time, and this one especially really surprised me with just how terrible it was.

Vanessa:  It’s almost frightening…It was shocking to hear about, of course, because of the magnitude of the loss of life and also the ages of the people involved, but what I think is most frightening is how commonplace stories like this are becoming.

Jason:  Yeah, definitely.


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Vanessa grew up near a school where many young children were shot recently. She says the shooting hit home for her because she knows the town where it happened. When she learned that children were attacked in China that same day, it was extra heartbreaking for her.

Both Jason and Vanessa are saddened and horrified by the recent violence in schools. Vanessa says that the worst thing of all may be that this sort of news is becoming commonplace.

How did you feel when you heard about the recent attacks at schools in the US and China? How can we stop these things from happening?



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I have google” Morgan Freeman on the Connecticut  shooting”   , a very interesting and short  report that maybe  others members would like  to  read. 

Morgan Freeman is an American actor. 

11:05 AM Jan 07 2013 |

Sajjad Monti

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

well, everybody feel sorry after hearing these stories and I feel saddened too.
But after hearing that, in the first I asked myself: why someone must do that? his problems would be solved with killing other people? with killing young children at school? :((
I have no answers for these questions!!
I think the solution is limiting weapons, any kind of weapons (Rifles and even knives),  It will stop many of frightful events like this.

09:46 AM Jan 07 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

the recent atacks is the result Dictatorship laby gun and get away people from spiritual if carring gun be banded a lot of this even not happen

09:14 AM Jan 07 2013 |

single juan


We have no more good scenario for these things ,but something nessecery shoule be done by government or other people who concerns.

In China ,many of these things happened, so i think we should know the root of these events , next to find the best way to cope with them , In China , gap between the rich and the poor  may be the most important reason , but in America, the law to control guns may be most important!

No matter what reason, we should take more care of the people around us, someone in society cannot feel love and they definitly can’t feel warm from the society , maybe that why someone attact children! We should make effort together!

08:09 AM Jan 07 2013 |




In most cases a scenario is like this: someone kills many peaople and finally kills himself. I think he should think about himself first. So he should kills himself and after that think about killing rest of the world.

06:45 AM Jan 07 2013 |



okay we feel bad that it happened in the US this violence attack in school but the US governament should thing about the other poor country that there is allot of war such as afghanistan surai iraq and others many chilldren were being killed bye these wars

04:39 AM Jan 07 2013 |




How to stop these things from happening…

I would put it – how we could reduce that from happening..

First let’s see the reasons why it’s happening. The weapon of killing is guns the possession of which are allowed in America, but there’re countries where guns are banned and it’s still happening, like 2011 Norway attack or 1989 massacre in Montreal or in China where the guns were not used but a knife. So, it’s not the only reason – the guns. There’s some other things to blame as well. But the possession of guns should be limited and controlled especially in a house with a mentally sick person.

The first culprit of the killing, I think, is the negetive news that intersperse the papers driving people crazy. Take the newspaper, open the first page – killing here, killing there, killing everywhere. Even a healthy mind will get depressed from all those news, let alone somebody who’s got problems. They say unemployment rate in America is 7,5% and they’re panicked, it’s a disaster. In Canada, such a rate has been for years and nobody talks about it. 

Another reason is Internet that has an access to all the possible information – how to make a bomb and all that negative stuff. Internet games with lots of violence also affect the brain negatively making people aggressive.

So the bottom line – to reduce the possession of the guns per houshold, to put the negative news on the last page of the papers, to ban violent information on the Internet like how to make a  bomb and all those “advice” that make people kill themselves and others.

04:00 AM Jan 07 2013 |


South Korea

In regards to Connecticut tradgedy,  Someone said. “Know if your child’s friends have access to guns and keep any guns in your house locked up and away from children of all ages.”

What are the keys to solve the fundamental problems regarding gun violences in school? First of all, all countries made an assault weapons ban for civil not to use gun under government control tower. Secondly, we have to change our school environments. Many school management prefer women teachers to care childrens not men. If it is possible to employ ex-military officers as a school teacher, we can use them to control male students effectively. Thirdly, we have to educate public continuously. Even though a person follows the regulation and guidelines, if public do not abide by social promises, it is no use making any law and regulations against criminals.

In the event that government bans public from carrying guns in public and gives a roll to ex-military officers as a teacher and edcates people continuously using mass media,  we may live without any worries about gun violences in schools.


05:32 PM Jan 06 2013 |




  The national Rifle association   is so powerful   and  its lobbyst  exert such an influence at  the  House of Representatives   that is impossible to pass a  law  to regulate  the marketing  of  powerful  weapons  to the citizens as a whole.

 This is what my cousin wrote the day of the tragedy

 My prayers are with the family of those murdered in Connecticut. As a teacher  at a Los Angeles school, a mother and  grandmother  I think is time for us to get involved.Teachers ,we know the power we have when together we fight for our rights, I propose we march to make sure gun safety is part of the discussion in Wash.   I was in my room preparing for our holiday party when I heard the news. As the children came back  into the classroom  from recess I couldn´t  hold back my tears. Those tragedies need to be stop.     

11:04 AM Jan 05 2013 |

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