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Learning the American Accent - Lesson 6

Learning the American Accent - Lesson 6

Date: Dec 25 2012

Topic: Pronunciation

Author: andylu2


Hey guys, 

This is an easy but VERY important lesson.  Whenever you see two "T's" somewhere in the middle of a word, the pronunciation in American English is very much like the "D" sound.  Here are some examples.  It's ALWAYS true with standard US pronunciation.

"Little" should be pronunced "Liddle"

"Butter" should be spoken like "Budder"

"Better" should be pronounced as "Bedder"

These examples are never quite "perfect" but they are very close.  Learn these lessons and also listen carefully to the way Americans really speak. Then you'll really know EXACTLY!  I hope this helps.  Love to hear your comments as always.

Here is my Previous Lesson 

Go here to Learn more great stuff about American Pronunciation 

Remember to ask me any questions and I'll make a lesson about them.

Thanks everyone!


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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thnx andy..great and useful as always..

07:12 PM Dec 26 2012 |

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