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Learn English with this food English lesson

Date: Feb 06 2013

Themes: Food

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Red, green, golden. Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji. Whatever your favorite kind, there’s nothing like a crisp, fresh apple, especially when apples are in season. In most of the United States, autumn is the best time for apples, but they’re available in most grocery stores year-round, too.

For people who love apples, a trip to an apple orchard is a real treat. At orchards you can try many varieties of apples, and sometimes even pick your own. Find out what Marni and Mason think about apples in this food English lesson.




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Marni:  Mason, one of my absolute favorite things about fall is apples.

Mason:  Is that a fall thing?

Marni:  Well, it’s when they’re in season around here.

Mason:  I’m so bad at keeping track of when fruit is in season, or when we just get it from, you know, Brazil.

Marni:  Right. The taste of a fresh apple, and there are so many different varieties…

Mason:  I never understood that, like what the difference is between all the different types of apples. Are they genetically engineered? Are they different locations?

Marni:  I think it’s different locations, different soil, different temperatures.

Mason:  What’s your favorite kind?

Marni:  I have several favorite kinds. But what I’m going to tell you is you should go to an apple tasting. They’ll have like 30 different varieties, and they’ll cut them up, and then you can really kind of savor and really experience the different tastes that are out there.

Mason:  I never knew that was a thing.

Marni:  There is. There’s a thing. You go to these orchards and there’s an abundance of apples, so you can pick them yourselves, and that makes them more cost-effective. There’s often tastings associated with that, so you can get the subtle nuances of the different apples.

Mason:  Well, you picked the right profession then, I guess, being a teacher. I’m sure the kids adorn your desk with delicious apples.

Marni:  They do. And to answer your question, my favorite apple is the Pink Lady.


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Marni is excited to tell Mason about one of her favorite aspects of fall: apples. Mason doesn’t know very much about apples at all. He doesn’t know when they’re in season, or what the difference is between different types of apples.

Marni’s surprised that Mason knows so little about apples. She thinks that a great way for him to learn more about them would be to go to an apple tasting at an orchard. He could try the different varieties of apples that the orchard grows, and even pick some apples himself.

Mason jokes that Marni picked a great profession for an apple-lover. Marni is a teacher, and, traditionally, students brought apples to their teachers as a gift.

Do you love apples? What are your favorite varieties? What kinds of fruits are native to where you live?



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Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do like apples. my favorite type is golden. guavas,mangos and bananas are plenty in my country.

04:59 AM Feb 06 2013 |




I love apples.The place where i live is rich in apple.There are many orcharts out of the city.My favorite type is FuJi

02:49 AM Feb 06 2013 |

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I’m not a huge fan of apples and don’t know anything about their differents varieties. I live in Brazil, and one fruit native of here is cashew. This fruit is specially common in Northeast of Brazil where I live.

02:48 AM Feb 06 2013 |

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