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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Date: Feb 15 2013

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Adjectives


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Any list of the best trilogies of all time includes The Lord of The Rings. These hugely successful films are a tough act to follow, but filmmaker Peter Jackson decided to try with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The film is the first of three prequels set in Middle Earth 60 years before The Lord of the Rings. But the technology used is far more futuristic. The images are very high definition, and the film even shows twice as many frames per second as a normal movie.

Some say this technology makes classic characters like Gollum more real. Others think all the detail actually reveals flaws in the film and makes it seem fake. Jason loves The Hobbit, but Vanessa isn’t so sure about it. Listen to them discuss the film in this English lesson.

影史上最佳影片三部曲的任何榜单都包括《指环王》(The Lord of The Rings)。这些成功的鸿篇巨制都难以被超越,但电影制片人彼得·杰克逊 (Peter Jackson)决定尝试《霍比特人:意外旅程》(The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey)。

该影片是三集前传的第一部,故事发生在中土,时间比《指环王》 (The Lord of the Rings) 早 60 年。但使用的技术更为超前。画面质量非常高,本影片每秒钟放映的帧数甚至是普通影片的两倍。

有人评价说,此技术使得诸如咕噜姆 (Gollum) 的经典人物更加真实。而另一些人则认为,所有细节暴露了影片的缺陷,使影片看似粗制滥造。詹森喜欢《霍比特人》(The Hobbit),但萨拉对此却不是如此确定。在本节英语课上,听他们谈论此部影片。


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Jason:  Do you want to go see The Hobbit? I’ve been waiting to see it for what seems like forever. I’m so excited.

Vanessa:  I actually saw it last week and you know, I wasn’t too crazy about it.

Jason:  What? How could it not be good? The Lord of the Rings, the whole trilogy was amazing.

Vanessa:  They were. I loved The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I found in this movie…You know how they’ve been talking about the really crazy high-definition technology?

Jason:  Yeah, I guess everything was state of the art for this movie.

Vanessa:  It almost made it look worse somehow.

Jason:  What? How?

Vanessa:  Well, the movie just seemed like you could tell they were costumes and instead of making the pictures look more real and exciting, the high definition actually revealed the flaws and the fact that it wasn’t real.

Jason:  Wow. So it’s so clear you can almost just see behind the scenes.

Vanessa:  Yeah. It almost just looks like…It almost makes everything more fake. It’s very bizarre. It’s not what you would think, but I felt distracted by that.

Jason:  Maybe I’ll just not wear my glasses when I go.

Vanessa:  That might help.


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Since he is a big Lord of the Rings fan, Jason wants to go see The Hobbit. He is surprised to learn that Vanessa already saw the movie and didn’t like it.

She says that the futuristic technology used to make the film created a picture that was so high definition it revealed flaws. The state of the art images distracted her. She was thinking about what was going on behind the scenes instead of watching the movie.

Jason suggests maybe if he watches the movie without his glasses on, it will fix Vanessa’s problem.

Do you like the Lord of the Rings movies? Do you think high-definition technology can be distracting sometimes?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

wow i love the movie .i watched it and enjoyed and also i watched the second part.it was fantastic i’d rather watching such movies instead of movies like LUCY.

and also i am intersted in knowing what was going on behind the scenes.

03:00 PM Aug 06 2014 |




i didnt see it ,is it really wonderful?

11:10 AM Jul 13 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I saw ‘The Hobbit’ & I like it


09:26 PM Jul 12 2013 |


South Korea

Could be distracting.

However, we are always in the process of going towards the state of the art technology.

What’s important is how we get impressed by that.

I think people often like it when the technology really moves human.

04:42 AM Feb 21 2013 |




Actually no i don’t think high-definition technology is distracting to me, quite the opposite, The more the merrier.

08:58 AM Feb 17 2013 |


South Korea

I’m not good at seeing a high-definition technology movie. Sometimes I used to enjoing a  drama like a Friends which is an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which aired on NBC from September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004. In my opinion, It’s more fun and friendly than that of Lord of the Rings. If any movies and dramas cannot give a clear message to audiences because of high-definition technology, the value for which I choose movies will not be there. And also,  a high-definition technology movie is not always good. It sometimes distracts our interest and intension about movies due to abusing visual effect.  

01:27 AM Feb 17 2013 |




i  love smeagol:)

10:12 PM Feb 16 2013 |




The buzz today is The Hobbit and Jason was not immune  to it, but it looks as though Vannesa threw  a bucket of cold water at Jason by telling him that the technology has flaws  . Poor Jason , I don´t think that he will ever invite  her to a  movie again.  lol

03:11 PM Feb 16 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

its a good and i love it 

but lord of rings was unique and very very good

02:49 PM Feb 16 2013 |




well..with all due respect for “The lord of the ring” lovers..I don’t really think it’s that good!!!..and I haven’t seen “The Hobbit” yet..but I’m not very excited about this kind of films..!!!

As far as I’m concerned, High-Definition Tech. (HDT) is awesome..I don’t need something to tell me that the film is unreal or that there are some flaws in it..I already know these stuff..but I don’t let that put my mind away from the film….there are more important things in the film to focus on..!!!

12:24 AM Feb 16 2013 |



I haven’t seen The Hobbit yet. And I am a big fan of high-definition technology. It surely doesn’t distract me.

10:00 PM Feb 15 2013 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

hi ,everyone
good lesson

07:16 PM Feb 15 2013 |

1 person likes this




First of all I want to say that I don’t like Lord o f the Rings:) I know that somebody would like to kill me now for that, but I really don’t like Tolkien story. So I have seen only first part of trilogy, It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t incredible too. I have seen much more interesting films in my life:)

HD is now a standard. And I agree in this area with Cclearnenglish:P

This is a big problem of present people. They want to see beautyful images, HD videos, 3D movies, clear voices and so on… I almost no one cares about a plot. The same is for games. No matter what is the story, the most important is that graphics is incredible. That is sad. 

In the end I would like to add that I am a big fan of futuristic technology in all branches of our life, but sometimes we should overlook on technology and focus on other staff. Don’t consider whether HD is good or not, just take a step deeper and think about plot and characters for example:)

06:47 AM Feb 15 2013 |




A spectacular movie to watch absolutely ;)

06:34 AM Feb 15 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes that is agreat movie about good and bad.I enjoyed from watch it

06:23 AM Feb 15 2013 |



I don’t agree with the woman. The advantage of high definition pictures overtakes the fake feeling, which I don’t really understand because I never felt that way before.

01:35 AM Feb 15 2013 |

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