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Learn English with the health English lesson

Date: Apr 19 2013

Themes: Health

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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“Just snap out of it!” If you have ever complained about feeling sad, chances are someone has told you to try to change your mood with your willpower or by eating a favorite food such as chocolate ice cream.

People who are not in the medical field don’t always understand the difference between a temporary sadness and true depression. Some people think that depression is a bad mood that can be cured with a funny movie or a positive attitude. However, most people in the medical field believe that depression is a serious illness that may require medication to treat. Hear Lily and Mason’s thoughts about depression in this health English lesson.





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Mason:  I am so excited to be heading out of the winter season soon.

Lily:  Oh, yes.

Mason:  Because the gray outside. The cold, it kind of gets me down a little bit.

Lily:  Yeah, that’s actually a real thing. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Mason:  Yeah. So I don’t know that I suffer from that in any sort of clinical sense. But certainly not, like, a true depression.

Lily:  Mmm hmm. That’s a very serious issue. True depression.

Mason:  You know, I certainly know some people who’ve struggled with that. You know, and they take meds and whatnot and and I am a believer that it certainly works. I tend to find my fairly naive perspective, though, is that, like, I just wanna believe you could do it without the drugs.

Lily:  That you could raise yourself out of your melancholy and your bleak outlook on life just by your own sheer will force.

Mason:  And I’m probably wrong. Like, I’ve talked with these people enough about it.

Lily:  Yeah.

Mason:  That it’s a chemical thing, so literally you’d like to think it’s just your mood, but there are very biological things happening that kind of contribute to that so.

Lily:  Yeah, there are actually drugs, pysch drugs, for chemical imbalances in your brain that cause these mood swings and funks and things like that.

Mason:  Whereas I just wanna believe that you know you can snap out of it, have some chocolate ice cream, you know, watch a good comedy, and you’re good to go.

Lily:  Chocolate ice cream solves a lot of things.


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Mason is glad that winter is almost over because the gray weather gets him down. Mason and Lily talk about how some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a kind of depression.

Mason and Lily think that medication can help people. Lily says some people have a chemical imbalance. Mason wants to think that some people can just snap out of their depression.

Do you know anyone who suffers from depression? What do you think helps people with depression? Have you ever had depression?



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Russian Federation

I totally sympathize with Mason as my own feelings are practically the same. I feel really sick of this freezing grim bleak weather outside. As for medical part of this issue , I can hardly assume a pack of wheels to be a means to an end. For sure, a bar of chocolate, few bananas, etc can rise up the level of endorphine in you body inducing a short state of happines for awhile. So that, unless you’re a desperate psycho lacking of medical stuff in your brain, you’ll be able to snap out of it by yourself. Cheer up!))

08:09 PM Apr 20 2013 |

thewaytoyourhartSuper Member!


I might have suffered from a kind of “light” depression, but not in a clinical sense..

I’d rather call it as a sort of tiredness, when u feel moody o grumpy. Well it appears mostly this time of year when the long winter ends and the spring comes with an early sunrise.

Depressions, of course can be cured with drogs , but I dont think its the best way to snap out of it. First u must find the reason of it and try to think more optimistic about future. Go outside to the nature and set your eyes on this beautiful world u’ve been surrounded by (trees, plants, animals..) Let ur pain, grief and frustration go away, leave them behind. Think that life is just a game, – sometimes dramitic though – but it will teach u to change positively, be a better person. Just take it easy and deep in the hole u would see the way out shining.

03:06 PM Apr 20 2013 |




Depression is a knd of boon comapny that has the ever-incresing concern of hampering our progress!!!

01:41 PM Apr 20 2013 |




Depression, is a felling.I fell very sad and alone,because I can’t live well without him.Many people  encourage me to be happly,but I am depressed by this thing all the time .I have no idea  how to do.

12:50 PM Apr 20 2013 |


South Korea

Depression is a type of mental illness that causes long periods of unhappiness. Many people are suffering from this illness. It is able to destroy our good relationship with families, friends, and co-wrokers. To overcome this illness, you had better use drugs with official prescription. Some people recommend psychological therapy to reluctant the patient’s pain. However, I don’t like this kind of medical method because of the difficulty which helper is suffered from. If you are suffering from depression, please go to see a doctor as soon as possible for your happiness. 

12:01 PM Apr 20 2013 |




Errr…I always hated it when I was feeling down and tried to talk to a relative or friend about my problems and he just said “Oh, come on! Just snap out of it!”, “There are a lot of people who are far worse off than you are!” When I was younger people were driving me nuts with statements like these and I know I’m not the only one. According to a scientific report I once read, since I’m interested in psychology, most people don’t feel better at all after hearing things like these. On the contrary they are feeling even more blue, because now they feel misunderstood by the people they trust the most. What really helps – according to the very same scientific report – is to at least try to change your life.

For example: You think that other people don’t show you the kind of respect you deserve. Well, you could try to work on your personality and become more authoritarian. Not oppressive, but authoritarian!

Or another example the author gave: You are unhappy with your boyfriend/ girlfriend. You don’t love him /her anymore, but you’ve become quite interested in someone else instead. If you have feelings like these, the author suggests that you perhaps should at least talk to your partner about finishing this relationship.

I was feeling down when I went to high school and some kids bullied me. There even was this teacher who “always” made kind of mean remarks about me and thus humiliated me in front of my classmates…But then again this may be also my fault. Nowdays I’m sure that maybe I could have prevented this from happening. Anyway I was at the lowest point I could possibly be at this point, I was almost constantly frustrated and sad – I was nothing but a young girl -, but I found comfort: Back then I started to collect stories – especially true ones – and movies that are supposed to give people hope! This helped me through these harsh days and nowdays I’m doing much better. This experience of mine even inspired me to share these stories and movies that are supposed to cheer people up with other users from englishbaby.

For example when I read this forum about the suicidal friend of this user from englishbaby, it immediately came into my mind that most of the people who would visit this forum either are suicidal themselves or know someone who is. Thus I made a forum post that maybe would make them reconsider… (see also: http://www.englishbaby.com/forum/LifeTalk/thread/453035?page=6)

On my own profile I even posted a photo called “This photo is meant to depict hope: As you can see the beginning of this bridge is very dark, but when you just walk far enough you can see a beautiful sunset that englightens your way.” under which I posted all kinds of true stories that are meant to cheer people up and another photo called “I Like Movies And Books That Cheer People Upunder which I named some books and movies that partially are based on true events and that also are about people who were able to get out of a seemingly hopeless and extremely problematic situation. After a while however I became rather egoistic…I thought I should rather care about ameliorating my rather bad Spanish than my at least tolerable English. So, if you speak Spanish, I also wrote some other true stories that comforted me back then into Spanish.   (see also:Question Of A Spanish-Learning Person)

The moral of this story is that maybe feeling down or even suffering mentally isn’t “that bad”. According to the two examples given rather at the beginning of this comment it can give people the strength to change their life for the better. In fact some languages even use the expression “the courage of the desperate” to describe this phenomenon. Another thing this comment states is that stories of people who just were able to solve seemingly hopeless situations and who finally got their “happy ending” usually help others who feel sad and hopeless.

09:24 AM Apr 20 2013 |




Nobody is suffering from depression arround me.But I hear that some boys or girls kill themselves because of depression after breaking up.There is a famous lake in the university near our college,and some sad students jump into it.I think suicides are very sad and stupid things.

I liked a girl a lot in middle school,but I never told her that.Then after graduation we went to different colleges and she fell in love with another guy.I suffered from depression at that time,and I felt regretful and helpless.But I knew that is not ture depression.After talking with my roommates I felt better and I knew I couldn’t do anything and should give her best wishes in my heart.

I think we should chat with the people with real depression,and make them know there are some persons caring them and be not worried about darkness and loneliness.For some patients with depression seriously,medication is useful and important.

09:24 AM Apr 20 2013 |




Depression is one of the most common disease in the whole world. People with this illness have many symptoms both physically and mentally. even though there are some alternative way of cure for this disease, meds are the best for getting rid of that. In some conditions like minor depression which seems is a mood swing, they are able to snap out of it with their willpower. Nevertheless, in major depression eating regular meds are essential for patients. Since this issue is induced with chemical imbalance in human body, drugs is the best treatment for them. If a patient with this disease avoid eating their meds, his /her semptom will be wose which commitment to suiside is the biggest issue with these people.

04:37 AM Apr 20 2013 |



South Korea

I have depression these day because I feel lonely.

I kind of disagree that both Mason and Lily’s opnion.

I think I can get over when I come back to my country and meet the people who I love after finishing my study.

If things are change, you can overcome the dpression.

03:53 AM Apr 20 2013 |


Viet Nam

I had depression long time ago. It was at the very first year of me in high school. My boyfriend betrayed me and one of my close friends turned out such a liar. She even set up some terrible stories about me with other people that hurted me a lot. So I quickly fell into my own crisis trying to creat a tangible glass around me to protect myself from everyone. I didn’t want to communicate. So soon I became an boring, unapproachable girl who was too vulnerable and easy to cry though. 

I would have not able to get my smiles back if my best friend hadn’t been there with me. She have never lost her trust on me. She reminded me how cool I was and drove me out of the city and we eat chocolate cake together. Believe it or not but as soon as my tongue tasted the sweet but also a little bitter of chocolate and the soft cake, all of my ‘illness’ was dispelled. 

I got my life again. 

So for me two best things to help people with depression are a TRUE FRIEND and a chocolate cake. 

Thank you for reading my story. 

03:49 AM Apr 20 2013 |

Gentleman in Ebaby

Saudi Arabia

these people suffers from depreession because they are out the law of allah ??

12:38 AM Apr 20 2013 |




People suffering from true depression(severe depression) definitely require medical help. Of course, it’s totally impossible just to snap out of depression for those who have chemical imballance of their brains.

Even in past people made efforts to treat this illness. But in past, people believed that evil spirits caused this illness coming into a body. People used herbs to cause convulsions to shake the evil spirits out. Later the electricity was widely used for treatment of depression known as “electroconvulsive therapy”. And nowadays medicine uses well known antidepressant drugs. This advancing steps in medicine show that true depression is not just a mere mood swing and should be taken seriously.

I love sunny days, they are my panacea for positive outlook on life and staying energetic. Thus, I’m prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder. Spending time outdoors and regular exercising help a lot.

Sunny days have arrived, no time for depression, it’s time to begin making summer plans:)



Saudi Arabia

depression from my point i consider it illness .becuse it makes one without 

identity. i met some people who had deprression thy act some time as thy

dont have brains. sometimes  i feel as that when i cant achive my wishes.

05:01 PM Apr 19 2013 |




I almost be depres  when pepole dont rely on me

trust is so important issue for me.at the first of secions i am Depression

have fuuuun every one 

04:58 PM Apr 19 2013 |




when it’s raining, or weather is grey, I feel more sensitive and emotional than usual , maybe which is called the depression. Once I suffer from the bleak , I intentionedly to stop the feeling by enjoying some lively music, doing exercises , calling to my good friends, and other ways which can make me snap out of it.

04:50 PM Apr 19 2013 |




really i hate this feeling because already i was depressed 

03:15 PM Apr 19 2013 |

2 people like this




well….its kinf of depression when u really want sth to happen but it didnt…..so….when we really need sth we grt depreesd…so i believe that we cause depression to ourselves…..if we make things easy i think this is gonna make us away from depression…...i sometimes had depression…but i can deal with it by reading io doing what make me happy…..like…do sports…..

01:28 PM Apr 19 2013 |




Yes Inspirational_Girl, I hadn’t such a feeling and hope I will never have.

Apparently you have no idea what you’re talking about.  Depression isn’t that feeling, which You had many times, it’s something more and this is a long-term process.

Your advices are good but for people,who just tend to fall into depression. You completly confuse the term. Sadness, bad feelings and anger are not symptoms of depression. If we could control our every feeling it woludn’t be something like a DEPRESSION. A

Someone in my family has experienced it and I know what is it. It was difficult period. Our support for this person is very very important but I don’t know if it enough,without a medical help…

I hope nobody of you will ever experience this.

01:03 PM Apr 19 2013 |




That’s actually talk about me.I suffer from depression usually,it’s not linked to season,just results from bad mood.I know everyone probely suffers from depression due to many kinds of reasons,when it comes to me,i don’t know the specific reason that get me down,maybe someone,something…...luckly,i can snap out of it by myself,just listening some mellow music or taking a walk alone…..as far as i am concerned,the best way to snap out of depression is self-adjusting.

12:57 PM Apr 19 2013 |




It could happen   that   winter greyish days  affects my mood  in a negative way , a real drag to me .  Is what Lily rightly described as Seasonal Affective Disorder  or SAD , but sadness is one thing and sometimes  can be cured with chocolate,dancing, or going to the mall  but coming out of a depression is  an uphill battle  that  i wouldn´t like to  take part of it. I have seen people that although  were on meds  couldn´t  get out of the bed . Chemical imbalance, deep rooted  traumas?  whatever might be the cause  ,this is a serious  medical condition  and  no will power or pep talk will easily get you out of the inferno you have sunk in .. .. sooooo sad.           

12:17 PM Apr 19 2013 |

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