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Learn English with the health English lesson

Date: Apr 19 2013

Themes: Health

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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“Just snap out of it!” If you have ever complained about feeling sad, chances are someone has told you to try to change your mood with your willpower or by eating a favorite food such as chocolate ice cream.

People who are not in the medical field don’t always understand the difference between a temporary sadness and true depression. Some people think that depression is a bad mood that can be cured with a funny movie or a positive attitude. However, most people in the medical field believe that depression is a serious illness that may require medication to treat. Hear Lily and Mason’s thoughts about depression in this health English lesson.





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Mason:  I am so excited to be heading out of the winter season soon.

Lily:  Oh, yes.

Mason:  Because the gray outside. The cold, it kind of gets me down a little bit.

Lily:  Yeah, that’s actually a real thing. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Mason:  Yeah. So I don’t know that I suffer from that in any sort of clinical sense. But certainly not, like, a true depression.

Lily:  Mmm hmm. That’s a very serious issue. True depression.

Mason:  You know, I certainly know some people who’ve struggled with that. You know, and they take meds and whatnot and and I am a believer that it certainly works. I tend to find my fairly naive perspective, though, is that, like, I just wanna believe you could do it without the drugs.

Lily:  That you could raise yourself out of your melancholy and your bleak outlook on life just by your own sheer will force.

Mason:  And I’m probably wrong. Like, I’ve talked with these people enough about it.

Lily:  Yeah.

Mason:  That it’s a chemical thing, so literally you’d like to think it’s just your mood, but there are very biological things happening that kind of contribute to that so.

Lily:  Yeah, there are actually drugs, pysch drugs, for chemical imbalances in your brain that cause these mood swings and funks and things like that.

Mason:  Whereas I just wanna believe that you know you can snap out of it, have some chocolate ice cream, you know, watch a good comedy, and you’re good to go.

Lily:  Chocolate ice cream solves a lot of things.


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Mason is glad that winter is almost over because the gray weather gets him down. Mason and Lily talk about how some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a kind of depression.

Mason and Lily think that medication can help people. Lily says some people have a chemical imbalance. Mason wants to think that some people can just snap out of their depression.

Do you know anyone who suffers from depression? What do you think helps people with depression? Have you ever had depression?



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Irene Forever


Dear Mess, you are the best psychotherapist ever.

Thanks a lot.:)

12:08 PM Apr 19 2013 |

Irene Forever


No weather gets me down as all seasons have special moments we love. This year winter was a bit longer than usual, but no matter for me. After winter, spring has come, and I’m very happy to see sun beams at last.:)

Depression is not a good helper in solving a problem, still  some people suffer from it. We can be disordered because of many reasons, but if the weather makes us sick, it’s really bad.

I’m against any medication connected with depressive condition, but if a person really feels sick, he or she needs it in order not to fall in a serious disease. There can be a strong addiction to such kind of medicines.

I don’t often meet people sufferring  from depression, and it’s really great,  as such people make others unhappy easily.

omar saidi

omar saidi

Tanzania, United Republic Of

By my side , I always don’t care about it (not concentrate ) .

12:01 PM Apr 19 2013 |




usually it is when you are mentally and emotionally disturb that will be the time you will feel depress and feel ill about yourself

11:32 AM Apr 19 2013 |


Saudi Arabia

actually it depends on the reasons which kind of the reasons that can keep you all the time depressed forexample it was story happend with me i was love a girl and i want be close  from her and i told my family they said ok we will tell her family i said ok when they told her sister it was problem between us and i felt depressed all the time i also can not sleep all the time i still thinking about her but unfortuntely what we can do when the reason out of our hands just crying that what i did still now i thinking about her but must forgot her even dont fell all the time depressed this is my story with the love ..

11:17 AM Apr 19 2013 |




no i have never been in depressoin thanks my god

11:02 AM Apr 19 2013 |




You need to be quite a doctor to determine a depression course. There’re deffinitely some things that makes you sad and depressed like swearing, for example. Your family, real face to face communication, sunshine is a good medicine. About  pills. Think me naive. I think they only make the case worse. If a person is depressed, be with him. Don’t say, oh you’re depressed, buddy, you should do that that that and that.

Spend time and enjoy it not giving advice. Just Carpe Diem.

10:45 AM Apr 19 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Every One Felt This Kind Of Feeling Many Times In His or Her Life .

Is There Anyone Who Wanna To Say That He Hadn’t Such A feeling In His Life ? :O

OMG ! Impossible ! ... I Felt Depressed Many Times In My Life , Bcause Of Many Reasons.

We Can Do Many Works That This Bad Feeling Doesn’t Hurt Us So Much !

Woks Like : Don’t Thinking About That Problem Or Say To Our Thought : Stop !

Doing Any Work That Makes Us To feel Better , Listening To A happy Song ,

Trying To Close Our Eyes & Sleep , Going To Outside & Walking , Talking To Nice Friend

& Etc. I know Some Problems R So Big That We Can’t Stop Our Thought , But If We

Want , We Can Control It . Hope That All Of Us Control Our feelings In A Best Way :) 




Thank you so much . I have never been in depression.

08:08 AM Apr 19 2013 |




I have never been in depression but like every other person, there are times that I tend to have mood swings and it is generally dependent on the weather. If the sky is covered with dark clouds and the rain is falling like crazy, I feel sort of down, and do not want to do anything, but if it is sunny, phew, yeah, I feel extremely energetic and feel like doing a lot of things. So weather plays a significant role in shaping our moods but depression is a totally different issue and I strongly believe that it cannot be get rid of without the help of a doctor.

Having had some sort of mood swings, I came to learn how to cope with feeling down. Here are my suggestions to boost your mood :

1- Exercise. Go for a walk, go for a ride, swim, run… It will totally raise your mood to an outstanding level.

2- Eat your favorite meal or fruit. Cook something that you love most or order pizza, Chinese food, or whatever you wish.

3- Watch a movie that made you laugh hard before. Watch it again even if you saw it before.

4- Write your feelings down. Whatever you feel, anger, resentment, hate, sickness, etc. Release all those negative feelings on a piece of paper, and hide it in order to go back to it some time later and laugh. :)

5- Take a shower or a bath. Consider each water drop pulling one negative feeling out of you.

6- Apply make-up if you are a woman. Seeing yourself pretty and attractive will totally boost your mood. :)

7- Get out of the house. Staying indoors makes you think over many things, mainly triffle things that put a lot of burden on you, so be headed for a place where you feel happiest, like a cozy cafe or the beach.

8- Go with spontaneity. Stop planning your day. Take your hands off everything and go with the flow. Do whatever you wish without thinking twice. Consider it a gift. 

9- I am naming it last, but on top of all this, call a friend of yours or write an e-mail to your friend. Share your genuine feelings with him/her without feeling shy or timid. Pour it out. You will be amazed at how good you will feel afterwards. 

All is tried and tested. Good luck! :)



United States

I think Meditate,listening music and doing some exercise, should be very good to people who suffer depression.

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Medication is not bat at all if u r visiting a good doctor. It may be a hereditary factor also.

On the other hand, there is a saying in Mexico: “Who controls the mind, can rules his/her life”

I strongly believe yoga can helps a lot :)



that reduce ur power

12:22 AM Apr 19 2013 |

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