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Learn English with this transportation English lesson

Date: Apr 29 2013

Themes: Work

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Taking a train, riding the bus or subway, driving a car, walking, and cycling are the transportation options that people in land-locked areas or areas with a lot of bridges have. However, for people that live in areas surrounded by water, another option may exist: ferries! A ferry is a large boat, or vessel, that transports people and maybe even their cars or bicycles across short distances in the water.

For those people who rarely get to take a ferry, it may be an exciting adventure to get on board the large vessel and sail majestically down the sea, river, or lake. On the other hand, for those people who rely on ferries for their daily transportation, taking the ferry may lose its charm after a while. For some people though, taking a ferry will never get old. What do you think about taking the ferry? Join Sara and Marni’s discussion on taking the ferry in this English lesson.




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Marni:  Sara, the other day I had to take a ferry to where I was going, and it was so amazing. I haven’t taken a ferry in so long. It was great.

Sara:  What did you like about it?

Marni:  Well, first of all you get to drive on this giant vessel. And then you’re moving slowly, cause I get kinda seasick, so you’re moving super slowly, and it was just very majestic and, I don’t know, it was a lot of fun.

Sara:  I think it’s really cool that some people actually use ferries to commute to work.

Marni:  Wow. Yeah, I hadn’t thought about it that way. I think if you were commuting it might lose it’s charm, and it’s kinda slow, so it might feel like it takes awhile, but if you’re just going for a scenic ride, it’s pretty majestic.

Sara:  I guess it could get kind of old, but you know, you get dressed for work, and you walk out to the end of the dock, so you’re waiting along the river, or the body of water for the ferry to come. It just seems like a really lovely way to start your day.

Marni:  I hadn’t really thought about it that way. You’re right. It does sound kinda nice. Maybe I’ll try to get a job where I have to take a ferry to work.


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Marni recently took a ferry for the first time in awhile. She loved being out on the water in a giant vessel. She’s glad that ferries move slowly, because she gets seasick.

Sara likes ferries, too. She thinks it would be very cool to commute to work on a ferry. It might get old just like all forms of transportation, but it might not. It might just be a lovely experience every day.

Marni thinks that’s such a great idea that she might try to get a new job where she can take a ferry to work.

Have you ever taken a ferry? Do you like ferries? How do you commute to work?



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omar saidi

omar saidi

Tanzania, United Republic Of

Actually I live at smallest and very beutifully Island (Zanzibar).so always traveling throught ferrry but we had twice dissaster at the same year , many people died because of mising liufe jacket as well as the resque boot this is because of bad leadership we have .

Now days people worry about traveling by ferry .


07:23 AM Apr 29 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Certainly, for starting day and commuting to work it seems very dreamy and exciting, but I think about coming back, when you are tired after work waiting for a ferry to come with huge people in queue, what do you feel then? A dull sea in the boring silence of evening!! It makes me more anxious that I forget my lovely morning!! One thing else I’ve been thinking since read this passage, if one day ferries can’t come  for any reason and people want to go to work, what happens??They should swim whole way in body of water or such a day becomes public holiday?! :D

05:38 AM Apr 29 2013 |

abdu al-rhman


that’s good lesson lol

05:22 AM Apr 29 2013 |

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