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Date: Oct 26 2015

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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There are 50 states in the United States, but few have as much mythology attached to them as California. California is one of the largest states in the nation, and it was the site of the Gold Rush and other scenes from the wild west. It’s also the home of Hollywood and celebrity culture. Plus it’s also where Disneyland is located!

California has cities, deserts, mountains, ocean, and more. Is it as great as it’s cracked up to be, or is it just as good or bad as any other place in the world? Find out what Greta and Lily think in this geography English lesson.

美国有 50 个州,但像加利福尼亚一样有这么多神话故事的却寥寥无几。加利福尼亚是美国面积最大的州之一,这里是淘金热发生地,也有着其他西部地区的独特场景。这里还是好莱坞和名人文化的诞生地。另外,这里还有迪士尼乐园!



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Greta:  So Lily, what do you think of California?

Lily:  It’s big. It’s really big. Like, the whole country big.

Greta:  It is. But there’s so much tradition and lore around California, like Hollywood, and the glamour of Los Angeles, and the rugged wild west.

Lily:  It’s the essence of the American Dream. There are so many people that have come all the way from the east coast, like say New York, driving across the country to go to California. It’s one of those things that you have to do.

Greta:  It’s true and I think that often people feel like it doesn’t live up to the hype of the mythology surrounding California.

Lily:  Yeah. But I think it’s good to give California the benefit of the doubt, because it’s such an interesting state geographically. It’s so varied. There are mountains, there’s ocean, there’s a desert, rain forest… it’s crazy.

Greta:  That’s true. And they do have such an agricultural impact on the United States. It’s where we get our avocados. Who could live without that? And it’s beautiful, I have to say. The sun. It’s always sunny in LA and San Diego and that is wonderful.


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Lily and Greta are talking about the state of California. It’s one of the biggest states in the nation, and there is a lot of mythology and lore associated with it, from Hollywood to the wild west.

Lily thinks, too, that California plays a role in the American Dream. Many people leave the east coast of the US thinking that their dreams will come true in California. But does California live up to the hype?

Greta and Lily both think it does. California has a varied landscape, and produces lots of fruits and vegetables, including avocados. And, best of all, California has lots of sun.

What do you think of when you think of California? Have you ever been? Is there a place in your country that has a lot of mythology associated with it?



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California is one of the states I want to visit when I go to U.S. Its history is interesting, specially the missions part.

03:41 PM May 15 2013 |




I have never been there before. I know there are white beaches, coconut trees, surfers and sunbathing-bikini girls near the sea in the south of California. There are also a lot of big cities, such as Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, where a lot of Chinese Americans live.  Hollywood has made so many great movies. I hope one day I could visit this great state.

I used to listen to the song of Hotel California by Eagles when I was in high school. I introduce this great song to you all friends, and you should have a try!

02:23 PM May 15 2013 |

Ya Nina


I’ve never been in California. So it was interesting to know that California is the biggest state in U.S. Also I don’t know that California includes so many sights which associated with America in whole: Hollywood, Los Angeles, wild west, Gold Rush and others. Of course, when I hear about California, I think about wonderful ocean and white sunny beaches.

If say about my country, we have some places which surrounded the various mythology. However I’m sure that every country and even small town have such places. For example, not far from my city there are desert, canyons, cave drawings, fantastic mountains and etc. Every place has its own history which always will be interesting for the next generation. 

12:55 PM May 15 2013 |




I have been many times on the west coast. California it is the most populous U.S. State. The california gold rush beginning in 1848 led to a dramatic change with large scale inmigration from the U.S. and abroad and acompanying economic boom. Hollywood is the center of the entertainment industry . I love to visit  this state,: the incredible pacific coast  ,  the San Francisco bay area, such an amazing display of nature:  oceans , forests mountains. I  usually go in summer  ,my cousin´s house is in the San Fernando Valley  and it is too hot  in July and August , I avoid the sun , I prefer a shady spot.   lol

12:20 PM May 15 2013 |



i like it

10:18 AM May 15 2013 |

omar saidi

omar saidi

Tanzania, United Republic Of

It’s quit expensive for me to afford to get there but I heard some reccomandation from friend of mines that it’s really nice place …...... But almost I like my home best couse ” HOME IS HOME

Thank you .

09:46 AM May 15 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

So, I heard California is a dangrous state and i think maybe yes,Califrnia  live up to the hype! but i think  it’s very special country too and very different to another states of U.S.

it’s very clearly all countries in all over the world has sth good and sth bad on it and many problems too. we shouldn’t say just Clifornia or another states in America are dangrous!

and about HollyWood, i wanna say i’m creazy about it:DI love LA just for HollyWood:D

08:06 AM May 15 2013 |

Arlinrat Aui


I think Golden Gate Bridget ,hollowood and disneyland of California. I have never been before, but if impossible i want to visit their. .

For my country i think of province The Pattaya;there’s a lot of mythology associated with it; The Pattaya’s amazing of Thailand. Logo: The City that never sleeps

Have you ever been?  Welcome to Thailand ^^


07:53 AM May 15 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

can any one explain this please:often people feel like it doesn’t live up to the hype of the mythology surrounding California.

07:08 AM May 15 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

god bless u America

07:00 AM May 15 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in my country we lots of fruits and vegetables too…

in North of iran we have a lot of green Forest

in Center of my country we have beautiful Desert

in South of iran we have a nice Ocean and nice Island like Kish Island…

I’ve never seen California but a love this city just for mytholog…

06:12 AM May 15 2013 |


NuriaRuizSuper Member!


I have been in Disneyland and I would like to return with my childrens. It’s a nice place.

06:05 AM May 15 2013 |




California is one of the beatifull places in USA,I think ,though I havent ever been there.The nature is varied and it is rich of sightseeings .At last there is Holliwood there and it raises its value

05:55 AM May 15 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

very facinate.i get some more knowledge.tnx

05:31 AM May 15 2013 |



United States

Carlifornia Love is one of my favorite song of 2Pac, and LA it’s a place i really want to visit one day. 

04:16 AM May 15 2013 |

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